Hey folks,

Well, it had to happen sooner or later we suppose!  The website and the stream has been hacked and we’ve been experiencing foul-ups for the last 24 hours or so.  We offer our apologies to Michael Cremo, our guest tonight, for the difficulties we’re dealing with.

We’re experimenting with solutions, and thank many of you tech-savy folks for your help.

Whatever happens, happens.  We’ll make it through!

Thank you for your patience,

Rob and Doyel


  1. I’m sure the hackers are proud of themselves. If I get to my IT classes in school, Ill be sure to take IT security and learn about hacking so I can hack these damn hackers

  2. I was having a problem yesterday, the HOTT website kept Redirecting to some Chinese Sex site, but today it seems OK. . . So nothing against Chinese Sex just glad it’s fixed….

  3. Of course there’s nothing wrong with having sex with Chinese chicks! I can personally testify that they are just wunnerful!

    Yellow ones, red ones, black ones, white ones–I’ve had ’em all and loved every single minute of it! Yahoo!