Cowards abound!

Hey folks,

Most of you have been so kind in your comments recently, but I thought I’d share an example of a feedback form that I replied to this week. Of course I should have known the person who left this didn’t leave a real e-mail, but I took the time to reply anyhow.

Those who would have us give everything away for free “because the information is so important it has to be out there” completely miss the point.  They’re stating, whether they realize it or not, that Doyel’s time, my time, Bill’s work and all of our efforts aren’t worth paying for.  They argue we should feel compelled to give everything away because the people of the world have to hear this message.  Yet, these same people rarely donate for any research, or offer any help.  Even the Gideons or the Bible Society have expenses, and these organizations SELL Bibles.  Imagine the HORROR!  Kind individuals who agree with their cause, DONATE money to these groups so they can give away Bibles to some folks for free.  But someone has paid for them, somewhere along the line.  The pressman must be paid, the ink supplier must be paid, the prepress layout people and typesetters must be paid.  The lumber workers who cut down the trees to send to the paper mill must be paid. The paper mill folks must be paid.  And the farmer who provides the cow to the leather tanning plant must be paid.  And so on and so on. I really hope some of you who have these ideas in your head that everything the Hour of the Time does should be free take the time to consider all of the costs and time involved.

Consider the fact that we’ve reduced suggested donation levels dramatically in the last few years.  Consider the amount of time and energy it’s taken to convert all of these broadcasts from the analog cassette masters into a digital format that we can share more easily.  Consider that we offer a 24/7 stream freely available to you.  Consider that we offer many podcasts of past programs available for your listening pleasure FOR FREE anytime you please, and will be adding more again on a regular basis very soon.

Again, thank you to all the listeners and friends who have been supportive of us – we do appreciate your encouragement and friendship.  And to those who want everything for free – please consider your words before you speak.

Here’s that feedback form and my reply :

On Aug 10, 2009, at 12:21 PM, freedom@youslave.com wrote:

The form at the following URL was submitted:


This is the data that was submitted:

Name: freedom
E-mail: freedom@youslave.com
Phone No.:
Fax No.:
I would like the Hour of the Time to respond by: Email
My question/comment is:: Your site is still trying to pull money from humans…

are you trying to save us or slave us ?

if your stuff is so good in info. its time to get it to humans to stay free?

do not agree to any of your policy’s, and/or any of your corp..

is this what Cooper died for ?

this site with info should be free to all to know the truth.
May we contact you in future with promotional offers or other information?: no

Dear Freedom,

Sorry to hear you feel that way.   Perhaps Cuba would be a better place for you to live, they have lots of free stuff there.  Oh yeah, right, except actual FREEDOM.

Perhaps you have some suggestions as to how we could get all of our suppliers to give us bandwidth, DSL service, postage, hydro, duplication and computer equipment, DVD and CD media, telephone service and everything else we pay real money for around here, for FREE?

This month alone I will have put over $2000 of my own money into the Hour of the Time – and yet that’s still not enough for you socialists.

And yes, keeping his message alive is what Bill died for.    Fighting world socialism is a worthy cause.

If you were a listener in the past you will know Bill charged two to ten times the price for everything we still offer today.   Freedom isn’t free.  Never has been and never will be.

Robert Houghton
Hour of the Time


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  1. One of the things I learned is that everyone has the Right to make a profit. Even in haggeling, the ethical thing to do is to make sure the Person still makes a profit.

    It is amazing that some of these same people who want things for free go to the grocery store and buy food. You need it to survive and no one is going to give it for free unless you dig through their trash. Then you can get all the free food you want. I just gave you that idea for free, now you wont have to pay for food anymore, just the way you want it.

    Also, some of these people will spend thousands, tens of thousands of dollars to go to college. Shouldn’t that be free? Seriously. Look at the cost of college 50 years ago and look at it today. It has significantly increased.

    HOTT prices have significantly decreased. Think on that one for a while.

    Some people say that other Paytriots give their products away for free. Just go look at their websites and listen to their broadcasts. They are limited in what they can talk about and they have so many adds all over the place.

    Some of them, their goal is to maximize profits. They only pretend to care about the sheeple. Thats why they never have any real solutions and say things like, Its not my job to give you solutions.

    As I said, Bill’s information has been around for a long time. Some of it has even been free online for a long time. And people still demand everything for free.

    What kind of impact has Bills teachings had? Doesn’t seem to be very much since you socialists are still here demanding free products and products at your dictated prices.

    Its sad that Bill and HOTT has been teaching about and fighting socialism for so long, and you come here indoctrinated in socialist rhetoric and you don’t even know it.

  2. I would like to donate a spindle of dvds and a spindle of cdrs.Whith this small 20$ donation of 200 discs you should be able to raise alot of money selling your research.Where do I send these to help HOTT? R.C.R

  3. Reptillian,

    Something for you to consider. It would be more cost effective to send them the $20. (they may not need dvds and cdrs right now) After shipping those items to them, it really isn’t cost effective.

    I cant speak for HOTT because I dont know what it cost them for dvds & cdrs and what their stock looks like.

  4. I just have alot of extra physical dvds,cdrs.Not so much in the moola dept. though.You have my email so just let me know if I can help in this way.R.C.R.

  5. Hey Rifleman,
    Thanks for the offer. It’ll likely cost a lot to post/ship them!
    We use special inkjet printable discs for all of the DVDs we manufacture in house, but we can always use regular ones for backups, etc.
    The US address is : HOTT, PO BOX 940, Eagar, AZ, 85925
    and the Canadian address is : Hour of the Time, 2446 Bank Street, Suite 444, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1A8

    Like others are suggesting, however, it may be cheaper in the long run to just donate the $20. It’s up to you though, and we do appreciate donations of equipment, supplies, stamps for postage costs, and all of those kinds of things. It helps to cut our overhead and that’s a good thing!


  6. Dear Hott. another way for you to earn extra operating funds is to set up a Amazon or b&n, possibly Alibris store. List some of your titles from your vast book library and its automatic funding once its set up properly. Although some titles on my wish list from bills booklist have become unavailable on Amazon lately. hmmmm. As a person whose donated in the past for material from hott it was well worth the cost. Nothing in life come without a cost and education is one of the only things that cant be taken away.

  7. Those 2 companies do not pay very much money if you are referring to an affiliate program.

    If you mean to sell their items on there, there is a 20% fee to sell items and a monthly fee.

    That means they would have to raise the price of the items to cover the fees. Still more upfront money to put out.

  8. Thanks for the address.I can send the spindles for around 6$ usps so be on the look out.Keep up the good work I am glad to help . R.C.R.

  9. It is sad that idiots are everywhere. Personally, I think they are charging a good price for this information. Mr. Cooper’s message is worth a LOT more than what they are charging, let alone all the time & effort they’ve put in themselves.

    Like any free individual, if you don’t like it, you do not have to buy their products or even visit their site.

    On another note, if HOTT is looking to publish stuff, they could look into lulu.com.

  10. People who get chit for free never take it seriously anyway, people whom pay for information will utilize it in such a manner too retain such knowledge.

  11. I like the Alibris and Amazon ideas. Very good stuff you have there. Also I like the idea of using Facebook and MySpace. HOTT could get thousands of hits that way.

  12. Agreed, Freshmeat. Everybody pays. And with the HOTT Crew, you can bet your bottom dollar it is money well spent.

    God bless HOTT!

  13. Philip Nute
    28 Easy St
    Weymouth, Mass 02190-1104

    RE: Risperdal

    To Whom it May Concern,
    In 1996 I was prescribed a psychiatric drug called Risperdal.
    Risperdal is an anti-psychotic. It is a newer drug called a-typical.
    Others include Abilfy, Geodon, Zyprexa and Seroquel.
    My life has been a nightmare ever since.
    In 2004 I began a long series of hospitalizations.
    In late Oct 2004 I ran into a very young girl named Stephanie in Pembroke Hospital in Mass.
    She looked 10 or 11 yrs old. She had a very distant gaze in her eyes.
    It seemed to be permanent. There was a childrens ward in the same building
    but she was on the adult psychotic ward.

    In Sept 2005 I was at another hospital.
    There I ran into two other people with the distant gaze.
    Both young men. At one point someone compared me to these people.

    In 2006 I was hospitalized twice at another place.
    I ran into two more people.

    In 2007 I started trying to find something about these new medications.
    Almost all have a black box warning from the government about stroke in the elderly.
    I eventually typed “Risperdal Cerebrovascular” into Google and found a study that says “Risperdal Irreversibly Binds to and Inhibits the H5 HT Serotonin Receptor”.
    Around the same time the FDA approved Risperdal for Bi-Polar in children.
    That diagnosis has exploded over the past few years.
    No one in the government is interested in this.
    I believe it’s a catastrophe.

    Separate Letter
    Philip Nute
    Weymouth, Mass 02190-1104

    RE: Brainmapping

    To Whom it May Concern,
    In May, 2008 I was hospitalized at McLean Southeast on the grounds of the Brockton
    Mass VA complex. While there I was subjected to what I call “Brainmapping”.
    This is a technology that can both read peoples thoughts and insert thoughts into a person.
    I believe this technology has existed since the 1960’s.
    I believe the Federal Government is behind it.
    This has been widely used in mental hospitals.
    I don’t believe you have to be confined to a building for it to be used.
    I believe it’s in the cell phone systems and you can be anywhere.
    My only proof of this are songs by the English classic rock band Pink Floyd.
    The two songs are “Brain Damage/Eclipse” from the 1973 album “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Dogs of War” from “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”.
    In “Brain Damage/Eclipse” they say “The lunatic is in my head, the lunatic is in my head”.
    In “Dogs of War” they say “You can knock at any door but wherever you go you know they’ve been there before”.
    This has been used for decades as a political tool in mental hospitals.
    Millions of people have perished in the mental hospitals in this country in the last 6 or 7 decades.
    Millions of people are in prisons falsely convicted because of this tool.
    Questioning someone who works or worked in a mental hospital would confirm this.
    This is how they got Illinois Gov. Blagojevich.

    Separate Letter
    Philip Nute
    28 Easy St
    Weymouth, Mass 02190-1104

    RE: H.A.A.R.P.

    To Whom it May Concern,
    I recently watched a movie “The Endgame” by Alex Jones.
    In it he argues global warming is not manmade
    but caused by changes in the sun.
    I believe it is manmade but not by greenhouse gases. The federal
    gov’t has a project in Fairbanks Alaska called H.A.A.R.P.
    It’s sole purpose is to warm the upper
    levels of the atmosphere.
    Some people believe it is used to control the weather.

    Who shot Ciara Durkin the night I went to the JFK building and the Quincy Police station?

    RSA Security Corp. a division of EMC Corp. Cyber Security Initiative launched may 2009.
    Its not cyber-security its cyber-control. We can’t have people like me speaking out
    now can we.

    In light of all this I believe Area 51 is an American Auschwitz

  14. I don’t see what the big fuss is about.
    Even considering all that Robert wrote in reply to that person, Hour of the Time has been working on a project that will archive all of William Cooper’s work online for free. So for those of you who are so inclined to push Doyel and Rob to post all of this information for free, donate to the project and your dreams will come true. Someone has to pay for that, and I think Doyel and Robert have done enough so put your money where your mouth is. This isn’t a commercial broadcast, such as The Alex Jones Show.

    They have already released several of his old shows for free over the podcast. You can also listen to them on the WWFRN’s 24/7 stream. In fact, Every single one of these broadcasts where first heard live on radio and you didn’t have to pay for it, did you? I didn’t think so. It came out of their pockets and from tape sales, membership to CAJI, etc.

    Bill also encouraged you to either write notes, record the broadcast or order the tape. So if you did that, you could have quite an extensive PERSONAL library by now. Either way, if you believe in what HOTT is doing, you should contribute and nobody should have to tell you that if you’ve listened to Bill’s broadcasts and really understand the information he was trying to impart to you. It should be obvious to you that they need support to keep doing what they are doing.

  15. Actually a person named Jonny P. re-posts quite a bit of coopers material on myspace with permissions from the respective owners that is. Like other posters stated it is out there for free, but nobody is going to spoon feed you.
    If you are serious you will search and find it.

    “Every day brings something new … from the nerve wracking to the mundane.” B.Cooper

  16. I don’t hang out at MySpaceCadets and have nothing to do with it. Just thinking that it might be a good medium and generate lots of hits and sales and all that good stuff. That is my only interest in MySpaceCadets. Good to hear that HOTT is getting on there however. Thanks for the tip.

  17. I guess I’ll put in my “2 cents”, if the “people of the world” don’t want to contribute in the war for freedom then they don’t deserve freedom and will get what they deserve by “choice and consent”.

  18. no one can deny the hard work and effort that goes into running a website, especially one with meaning. i dont think that anyone is asking for you to give away your hard work, although i probably cant speak for everyone. the point is, that bill’s hard work and effort reached many ears, and while he was alive he was compensated. Nothing wrong with selling something you put effort into. I encourage you to continue your own journey as you obviously have done for the last 8 or so yrs since bills passing. But to sell somebody else’s hard work and effort seems a bit shady. Im sure the equipment used to massively transfer all the tapes to digital is expensive, and the time spent doing so would definately be considered work. I dont doubt you there, but im sure asking for donations for the equipment needed would sound more logical than saying bandwith is expensive. If that as indeed the real problem, then just simply upload them to any random torrent tracker, problem solved. Also, to say that most people who “want them for free” rarely ever donate is another misleading statement. I’ve donated atleast 50/60 bucks over the last 2 or 3 yrs, granted it wasnt much, but it was what i could afford to give. At this rate i think i might have about 1/16th the catalogue in about a hundred years.

  19. As long as you guys eventually put up the “William Cooper Archives” that you where talking about then im good. When i get back home (im over seas right now) im gonna buy the MB 2 and 3 series and a bunch of other episodes to support that effort. Ive already bought most of the dvds you sell here and i knot that it costs to do what you do.

    As the same time, and i hope this doesnt offend you, the ONLY reason i come here is for Bill Cooper materiel, which you hardly ever post anymore. I started coming back when you had old episodes on every few days, now i dont think youve posted anything from Bill in at least a month. The news posts are cool, i just dont care, the only reason i check this site is because it is (or was) the only remaining site to find the info that Bill put out in his life.

    No disrespect, but i wouldn’t be helping if i beat around the bush. I’m sure most other viewers agree with me but i can only speak for myself. If your serious about posting the William Cooper Archives then ill do everything i can to support that effort, i just hope that effort is happening because nothing else on this site is that important to me.

  20. To tell you guys the truth, the only thing I’m interested in is the Swiss Gold promos. Frankly I haven’t heard what the value of gold was in 1994 for some time now. I’m not saying you guys dropped the ball… I’m just saying, couldn’t we have more Swiss Gold commercials? No disrespect meant fella’s. I just have no need for anything “new,” but I do value the old prices and values.

  21. Most of these commenters “get it”. I get it too. In fact, I’ve been getting it either completely free or at a huge discount from Bill/Doyel/Rob for the whole damn time.
    I teach Tai Chi. I charge for it (whatever I feel like, because that’s America). I once got fussy with my teacher when he raised his private lessons from $50/hr to $80/hr. Then I tried to get the same teaching someplace else…at a discount. I couldn’t. Get it?
    I get it. I’m sending $20 tomorrow.
    Thanks for all, guys.

  22. This reminds me as growing up as a artist in painting & drawing. About the time when I was doing it I first began to do it for free because I loved to share my work with others. Many people and friends always told me they supported my talent and gave me thanks… some said they would buy it if I sold it.

    Their came a time when I notice that I to needed some money because I wanted to do it for a living or some income. This meant I could not always do free work. This meant I needed support from anyone who wanted to buy it.

    Most of the people who said they love my art never really came buy my work. I would try to sell it to them at a very low price and still they never really buy it. Many just do want free things in life.


    Still today I do both free work and some for money.

    Thanks for hour of the time and when I get my pay I will order some of the new dvds that have came out and keep learning along the way.

  23. Doyel,

    While you say Bill charged two to ten times the price for everything you sell here – I’m not entirely sure. Listening to the Mystery Babylon series, Bill clearly encourages his listeners to tape the show and give copies to friends. I mentioned to you in chat that I had downloaded the Mystery Babylon series as a low quality rip from a tape, and you said that it had come from “assholes who stole our stuff”. Basically you told me if I wanted to listen to the series then I needed to pay you $125 US dollars, which, being a poor student studying in New Zealand, is far out of my budget. What I’m getting at is that the only people who will be willing to fork out that kind of money for the series are the kind of people that already think along the same lines as Bill did, whereas the show was intended to wake up the sheeple. Sheeple aren’t about to pay $125 dollars for this information, but being the powerful material it is, it has the potential to wake many many people up to whats going on and empower us collectively to resist the new world order. Putting such steep price on the series effectively fences of this information from the people who can benefit from it the most – the sheeple.

    Just my two cents, something to think about.

  24. Money is necessary. Free trade is good. Trust and honesty, and more importantly, an honest belief that everyone can prosper (don’t become another self-serving asshole) is all it really takes to accomplish your goals. Food is bought with money. Shelter is bought with money. Clothing is bought with money. Money is bought with money now. Who else sees the absurdity of this?

    People are free to be individuals, but money has become an extension of ourselves. You’re fighting for “freedom” and then claiming that nothing is truly free. What are you really fighting for? Respect from your peers? Love from a man or woman?

  25. The pricing structure here is setup with the expectation that not too many people will be buying them, at least that’s what it seems like since many folks are saying the price is too high. They need to recoup their investment so they can have food on the table. Like Rob mentioned, he put up $2000 of his hard earned money to keep HOTT running. That’s my monthly mortgage payment for Christ sakes!

    The information is out there. Do your own research and stop being lazy. Do not criticize what HOTT feels is necessary to charge for the material here. You don’t like it? Do your own fucking research and stop being lazy!

  26. what does “keep HOTT running” mean anyways? 2000 sounds like a bit much whatever it is. really all im saying is that the only thing you should be getting paid for is YOUR OWN work. I actually do agree with you there. you work on something you should get paid for it. converting the tapes to digital and releasing them seems like the logical thing to do, forever ensuring mr coopers voice is remembered by as many as possible and can be heard by everyone, not just people who are already awake and well aware of who he was, like anton pointed out. his message has now been reduced to some novelty item that collectors are after like some faberge egg addiction. his message is kept in tiny dark corners where only the very few even remember to listen to. I think the “truth” movement has doubled tripled or maybe even quadrupled in size since his death, and now with that many people who are somewhat awake, they are now finally ready to hear what bill had to say. alex jones is sadly the top dog now with so many listeners, and just spends his time running everyone in circles and peddling products to them. so sad.

  27. Just a quick thanks to Doyel, Rob and all others at HOTT for all you have done over the years. I honestly don’t know how you do it and sometimes wonder why you continue to bother. Although, I do realise that it must be that you love your country more than most others could ever do, just like Bill. Thank you.

    Jones spreading more b/s about Bill.

    Alex Jones: William Cooper Attacks Me From The Grave – In His Own Words Prison Planet TV 8-10-09

  28. Trust me, $2000 adds up quickly. It’s been an expensive month. We require a dedicated DSL business class service for the stream and we pay once a year for it to save 20%. Anyhow that bill arrived this month and cost almost $700. Repairs on equipment ran just over 300 this month, I paid for the renewal of the Canadian PO box, Canadian phone lines and long distance, and after upgrading some equipment for filling orders it all adds up to about $2000. Next month – who knows?! At any rate, from this point on, I’ll be focusing my energy on those who are grateful for what we do and I’ll be ignoring those who are just out to criticize and create disruptions. Thanks again to all who’ve been supportive!
    Hope you’ll check out the new John Daniel DVD set when you get a chance : http://www.hourofthetime.shoppingcartsplus.com/catalog/item/2569223/7213038.htm

  29. Rob and Doyel – Please accept my apologies if the comment below offends you.

    CigaretteSmokingMan – I agree with you also that Bill’s message should not be some collector’s item novelty. Do a Google search, you’ll find some links that provide them free of charge. I found the Mystery Babylon series also available on newsgroups and torrents.

    Please support HOTT when you can. I know everyone’s budget is tight and we also have other interests as well. HOTT needs to be maintained so that Bill’s legacy and mission stays true. Their current research projects also need funding like all volunteer based research.

    I bought the John Daniel DVD and can’t wait to watch it. That $45 dollars I spent isn’t much but if a hundred folks bought the DVD then you get the idea!