Classic Cooper Freemasonry Podcasts

HOTT is pleased to be able to post these Classic Cooper Episodes permanently online for your enjoyment.

The God of Freemasonry and the 2 part Archeology of Freemasonry series are available right here!

We apologize for the reduced sound quality on the episode entitled “The God Of Freemasonry”.  The original master went missing on Bill a long time ago and we were lucky enough to find a listener who had taped it from shortwave!  If you have a better copy of this broadcast, please contact us.

All of these broadcasts can be obtained in higher quality MP3 format by making a donation at the HOTT SHOP.



  1. i dont have that episode in better quality, but i do have this episode which seems to be another missing from studio masters:
    #1685= 6-Oct-99Paul Revere’s Ride #1 – MISSING

  2. Hey “Smoking Man”,

    That master was accidentally erased by Annie in the tape duplicator and we would love to have a copy of that broadcast!

    Email me with your address and 5 ea., MP3 audios of your choice from the cart and I will trade you for your help.


    • i have William Cooper [Hour of the Time] – Paul Revere’s Ride #1 – October 06, 1999 and William Cooper [Hour of the Time] – Paul Revere’s Ride #2 – October 07, 1999 also if u still need