Broadcast for 06-25-10 – Cooper Classic!

Bill at the AZ studio

Bill at the controls!

Many many years ago, when Bill was the main man here at HOTT, he did this excellent broadcast entitled “The Queen of Sheba”.  We’re fortunate to have had such a great history here at HOTT.

Tune in tonight for a bit of what the past was like!   At 9pm you’ll hear this great broadcast from Bill, and then at 10, please stay tuned in for some great music from John Griffiths.  Some awesome Bill tribute tunes and beyond!  John is a great songwriter and you’ll hear more of him on Mozart’s Basement in the near future!

Hey Bill – we’re not alone without you!  Thanks Bill, thanks John!


  1. I have much respect for William Cooper. I pledge to defend liberty and freedom through the use of tempered reason, pursuing knowledge, and never compromising morals and ethics.

  2. I remember that show! Iam from Israel I heard cooper for some time, and a few years ago i have established the first website in israel which speaks about the mystery school’s and the new world order. I have so much material i would love to share with your HOOT team, I have so much to tell you about the flotilla and many more.

    This cooper Classic “Queen of sheeba”was taken from a very recommended work called “Freemasonry and catholisism” by the rosicrusian Max Hindel. this is only but a part of this work, and its very recommended to anyone who would like to deepen his research into the mysteries and its diffrent streams.

    Please contac me if you want me to share with you information i have gathered, especialy about Israel. the subject of israel concerning the mystery schools and NWO is barely talked about, and if so is misunderstood, and usualy being exploited by disinfo’s and fear mongerers like alex jones.

    hope to hear from,
    and recommened this show, its a true classic.

    For freedom!

  3. yes this is my website, but its in hebrew

    email me


    I would love to answer questions concerning israel and etc. i have also witnessed the new age movement first hand developing here, and many things which correspond to the new world order.

    because of what i have recived from bill cooper, i would be more than happy to help.