Aquarius – The Age of Evil – SOLD OUT!

UPDATE : 01/03/10 – Please note that this item is now completely and permanently sold out.  For ALL inquiries regarding this film, please contact the film’s producer Keith Thompson through his website here.

Hey folks,

The initial duplication run for Aquarius : The Age of Evil is almost sold out.  We will NOT be rerunning this title, as Keith Thompson, the film’s producer, wishes to do a new version of the film at some point in the future.  When these last copies are gone, we will not be producing any more copies.

If you’re interested in a copy of this 2 DVD set, please visit the HOTT shop here.


  1. Yeap. I love messing with the Acharya S. Disciples. Been banned from their board a dozen times already.

    This is a really good vid. A must see.

  2. although ive been tight on funds lately i grabbed myself a copy of this last night. Cant wait.

  3. it would be very wise decision to add this to your research library. at first glance it looks like a lot of work went into it and very professional. do not bank on the idea of a revised edition. secure your copy while it is still available.

  4. What strikes me about the Acharya S. Anti-Christ religion bullshit is not any of her alleged facts about the non-existence of Jesus Christ. What really gets me about Acharya S. has nothing to do with Acharya S. at all, but her followers. Acting in her defense and promoting her ideas, they are as fanatical as any religionist I have ever met in my life. It seems that at one time in their lives they were all messed up on Jesus Christ but dumped that religion — and now they are all messed up on Acharya S. instead.

    Followers. Lol. Ya gotta love ’em. 🙂

  5. I learn all this cool stuff because I am a most excellent liar and infiltrator, i.e., predator. I love rubbing elbows with my enemies — especially when they don’t even know it is I.

    Practice your Predatorship. Learn it, know it, live it. Get close enough to smell their very breath. Find out what their eating for breakfast and learn what time they take a shit. After all, that’s what your enemies do — and their kickin’ your ass all over the place.

    Don’t do what the losers do. Do what the winners do — and you’ll be a winner, too.

    What’s in your killbox?

  6. Maiteiya is a joke…but so is christianity. There are morons everywhere. There is truth in this film but it’s conclusions are OBVIOUSLY tainted by the beliefs of its creators. I don’t really care since I deal with stupid preachers all the time. Just be advised since this information is available elsewhere without the bible blather. Remember folks, freedom is for everyone.

  7. Robert, if you don’t mind my asking, which of the conclusions that you speak are tainted. Be specific, please.

    No, Robert, Freedom is not for everyone. This is why we don’t have any of it. Some people actually enjoy servitude and slavery and practice it ferociously. This is why we’re in the state we’re in.

  8. Freedom should be for everyone. I know Kieth and Eric personality and as much as I like the film being for good intentions.

    keep in mind that people like Eric or these hardcore Christians will confront you then kick you out of a room for having different beliefs, not just by being a Muslim or Catholic.

    I don’t mean to expose anyone but keep in mind that these people is what gives Christianity a bad name.

    I do like the film though, just don’t like the creators.

  9. you guys keep going off subject about the movie and back to the creators. take the information in the movie with a grain of salt and perhaps use it to compare other ideas with. if you think you can resort to name calling to validate your comments its not gonna happen. i havent got my copy yet but it does seem ironic the film sounds as if to expose/condemn “new age proselytism” and then creators are being condemned for their “christianity proselytism”. its not for me to judge them as individuals but if the work speaks for itself and there is some truth in there then just let it be.

  10. I thought it was a great documentary. Its main objective is to examine the New Age religion and the Age of Aquarius and show how these things arise from Luciferian beliefs, which is something that many people don’t realize (but should). To do this, it presents facts, evidence and quotes from New Age authors about their beliefs and plans. No matter what your views on religion, it’s hard to argue with those, and that’s the main point of the movie. It also includes some ideas and views on Christianity and Biblical prophecy, but that’s toward the end and really is not the main point of the documentary.

    I learned a lot from it. I heard so much before about the Age of Aquarius and how wonderful it will be and also started hearing that’s all a lie, so watching this really helped me sort things out.