WWFRN Schedule for the Weekend – 01/29/11 & 01/30/11

The weekend schedule is now airing!  Hour 9 is airing beginning at 3pm EDT on 01/29/11, and when we reach the end of the program list, the entire playlist repeats.  Please enjoy the following programs :

Hour 1: HOTT #660 – 7/24/95 – Aaron Zelman, JPFO

Hour 2: A Healthier You – 2011Jan8 A – Vaccines_&_Autism_Debate

Hour 3: HOTT #355 – 5/16/94 – The Common Law

Hour 4: A Healthier You – 2010Jan01_CO_Poisoning_1

Hour 5: HOTT #361 – 5/24/94 – UN Gun Control, Rights of the Child

Hour 6: The Inner Athlete – Motivation

Hour 7: HOTT #481 – 11/11/94 – 1776 Revolutionary VETS

Hour 8: A Healthier You – 2010Jan23_DryMouth&Flouride_A

Hour 9 + 10: HOTT #1078 – 3/18/97 – Stone of Foundation

Now, while this is a fantastic line-up of great information, do remember – it’s the weekend – GET OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING!  Practice your rope tying skills!  Go to the gun range and improve your accuracy!  Find a coffee shop and read a book!  Have a garage sale and get rid of stuff you don’t need – fund your next trip to a HOTT Conference!  Call up an old friend and tell them all about our website ;)!  Fix something you own that’s broken.

Actions speak much louder than words, so let’s get active!


  1. Just got back from the desert, where I popped off fifty rounds.

    The weather here in the Mojave is magnificent. Anyone not out-of-doors on a day like today is crazy.

    Realized I haven’t cleaned my pistol in a while. Gun cleaning time.

    Earlier today I mounted a bike rack on my car. This way, when bugging out, the bike won’t take up any space in the car or truck. It will hang on the back of the car, out of my way, until I need it.

    When the firearm is clean, I will head out to an old favorite spot for a burger, fries, Coke and some Bluez.

    Happy Destroyer Saturday, Y’all!!!!!!!

  2. I had a great day, got a lot done that I needed to do. Thanks for the inspiration! Go to the coffee shop and read a book is my favorite on the list, I do that all the time. I’m still reading “deliberate dumbing down of america.”

  3. Good counsel, fellas. I’m finishing up “The Virtues of War” by Stephen Pressfield (he wrote “Gates of Fire” about Thermopylae). My brother got stuck in the DC snow storm and was trapped in Dulles airport for 25 hours. Because Mr. Chairman of the Bawwwd was wearing $200 Italian loafers he couldn’t even walk to 2 miles to his hotel. My philosophy: never drive (or fly) into something you can’t walk out of.
    As for stuff to do, especially with the snows coming into the Midwest like they are, here’s a quick list:
    – kiss your spouse, hard and square (who knows what’ll happen!)
    – get yourself a spare handcuff key and stash it either on a leather strip around your neck or (as I do) carve out a niche in the heel of your boot and wedge it in there
    – practice slipping your cuffed hands from behind your back and under your feet so you can reach said key, or practice chewing the leather strip and getting the key in your mouth and catching it in your hands
    – practice defensive maneuvers while cuffed. Tai Chi (and many other martial arts) generate power from the hips and you’d be amazed at how much damage a well-flung shoulder and front kick can do)
    – rubber plastic knives or even blunt sticks with just a touch of lipstick applied makes for excellent close-quarters knife fighting practice (which is why I kiss my spouse – because she has quicker hands than I do).
    – in-the-field rope skills. Nice call, Doyel. Absolutely.
    – lastly and my least favorite, practice your “Get Out of Dodge” skills under adverse conditions: cold, wet, snow, dark, etc. I tried basic 1st aid in the snow and dark with wet cold hands this weekend and we’ll have to call it epic failure…but that’s what practice is all about.

  4. Wait! Scratch that: it’s STEVEN Pressfield, spelled correctly. His “Gates of Fire” was cited by the Commandant of the Marine Corps and his other works such as “Tides of War”, “Last of the Amazons” and “The Afghan Campaign” are equally awesome.

  5. I watched the Emergency First Aid DVD the other day, it was excellent! I actually took an ARC Emergency First Aid class in community college that was extensive, but that was a long time ago. This was a great review (the best since then, and I’ve had a few already) and I learned some new things too.

  6. Way to go on the Pressfield. Great reading material.

    I keep up with CPR/First Aid certification ona yearly schedule.

    What’s the lipstick for on the weapons?