WWFRN Schedule for July 28th, 2009

The Hour of the Time at 9pm will be airing part 8 of our much requested “Survival Series”.

At 10pm, please tune in for A Healthier You.  Tonight’s topic will be “Healthy Fish”.


  1. I only caught the end of it last night but it’s a good show. The whole set is a good investment to consider purchasing through the HOTT shop.

    I work the 4p to midnight shift so I’m always missing out on these show, they ban HOTT at work.

    BTW, Rob and Doyel, I’m sure this comes to no surprise but my work place uses this company called Websense to filter out websites and they classify your site to contain hate and racism. I told my security admin that it was a lie and he agreed too, but then he has people to answer to so he couldn’t do anything about it.