WWFRN Schedule for August 18th, 2009

The Hour of the Time at 9pm will be airing part 5 of Bill’s famous “Lost Light” series.  Please enjoy it, and remember we are listener supported.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy either of our two new DVD releases, The Fourth World, or John Daniel’s 4 DVD set.  Visit the HOTT Shop for more details.  By donating for these DVDs you help to support this cause, plus you get great products!

At 10pm, please tune in for another great episode of David Christopher’s “A Healthier You”.  Tonight’s topic is “Healthy Cookies”.

Podcasts return next week to the Hour of the Time website, so you’ll be able to listen at your leisure once again soon!


  1. Take it from a boy: it takes a real man to ask help from his friends. Donate now, any amount. Consider the alternative. There could be NO Hour of the Time. By all rights this organization should’ve died with its founder. But better rules apply. We’re lucky to have you, Doyel & Rob. I’ll send what I can.

  2. Great stuff. I just bought the John Daniel “Seven Churches” dvd, and the Scarlet and the Beast audio. Scarlet and the Beast is one of my personal favorites, and now I am going to own it finally.

    I was at the HOTT Conference 2008 and saw the entire John Daniel speech. Very powerful and very moving. I bought the entire series of books as well, plus had them autographed by John Daniel. “Scarlet and the Beast” is my favorite. Read it over and over again.

    Thanks again, Doyel and Rob and everyone at HOTT. Great stuff.