WWFRN Schedule for 11/07/11

Please join us tonight for an interview with Victor Chiasson.  Victor has been a friend of the Hour of the Time for a few years now and has always offered well thought out insight and opinion on what it means to be a freedom loving individual.  Some of you will remember Victor from the speech he gave at the Constitution Party Annual Convention in PA this spring.  Rob Houghton sat down with him a few weeks ago and had this highly entertaining discussion which we thought we would share with you!  Tune in at 21:00 EST for this NEW episode of the Hour of the Time.

David Christopher will share his wisdom shortly after 22:00 EST as Rob wasn’t watching the timer and let the interview run a little long this time around!

These programs repeat throughout the evening and into the following day until the next days new programs air.

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  1. In July 2011, U.S. Customs and Border Protection introduced the Single Trusted Traveler Program Application for SENTRI, NEXUS and Global Entry. U.S. citizen, U.S. lawful permanent resident, Canadian citizen, Canadian landed immigrant, or Mexican citizen applicants can now complete one application and receive access to all modes of travel into the United States.

    wtf?? this is first i’ve seen this but wasn’t sure if you all have (i assume you have, but posted in case the odd chance you have not yet seen it 🙂 )

    “global terminals” is a creepy word for them to use: