WWFRN Schedule for 08/30/11

Hey folks,

Due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to play the new broadcasts for Friday and Monday, so today you get a triple dose of Classic Cooper.  These never before re-aired shows start tonight at 21:00 EDT.  Guess you’ll all be up a little late tonight!

21:00 EDT – Broadcast #1749 from our catalog originally aired 09 Dec 1999  – “Richsocia Lists?”

22:00 EDT – Broadcast #1754 from our catalog originally aired 14 Dec 1999  – “FBI Nabbed”

23:00 EDT – 2 Hour Broadcast #1576 from our catalog originally aired 29 March 1999 – “Reichstag ’95”

These programs repeat throughout the evening and into the following day until the next days new programs air.

To listen to these broadcasts on our internet radio station, please click here, or click here for more detailed instructions.




  1. oh man my sides split when that guy said “must be alot of disinformation out there”
    that whole call was hilarious.

  2. This is a really nice surprise. Thank you so much for your hard work in airing these shows for us.