WWFRN Schedule for 02/16/11

Tonight we have another 2 hour classic Cooper episode for your listening enjoyment.  Originally aired in 1997, this episode is entitled “UFOoligy”.

Please tune from 21:00-23:00 EDT for this classic broadcast.


  1. Amazing broadcast, I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

    “PhD in looneytunology”
    “May you find your brain somewhere..and stick it back in your head…”
    LOL 🙂

  2. I thought it lacked texture. No sense of the artistic nor the surreal. I came away completely un-entertained. What am I paying you guys thousands of dollars a month for??? And Bill! He was awful. Sarcastic, nasty, crudely and blatanly honest with no consideration for all the lies I’ve spent countless hours building up for myself.
    I came away feeling raw and corrected like a red-headed stepchild. If I didn’t know better I’d say I was listening to the Hour of the Time!!!
    (that’s my version of “thank you/great show” by the way. I know…I have a long way to go.)

  3. B B B B B Bi Bi Big Big trouble…….HAHA Bill was SOOOOOOO FUNNY! Everytime he starts getting sarcastic it is simply the greatest comedy I have ever heard. I love it. Oh yes and his TRADEMARK “HA HA.” LOL

  4. this was one of the most comical episodes i’ve heard.
    loved the psychedelic music in those two breaks.
    great stuff!

  5. This show really confused me. Didn’t Bill say he saw a craft shoot out of the ocean, do some flips and fly back into the water???

    I realize what most people see are military built crafts. The Michael Schratt interviews on Project Camelot are pretty good.

    Did Bill reach the conclusion that the craft he saw was “OURS”?

  6. @Jon

    Jon :
    Did Bill reach the conclusion that the craft he saw was “OURS”?

    Yes. In the beginning he believed in aliens and investigated documents, photographs related to that, but even then he said there’s always the possibility that it’s all a hoax meant to bring about one-world government (aliens being the hoax, not UFOs which have been witnessed by many people). So in the end that’s the conclusion he reached and he wasn’t afraid to tell people he was wrong and went on to expose all those people’s agendas and disinformation.

  7. @Lana how do I join the Hott Club? OH and how do I listen to the current broadcasts? Here you can email me @ akafresh007@gmail.com I don’t get to talk to many people who are awake….most people think I must be crazy for being in the know.

  8. @Jon yes Bill knew that there are no aliens….they are a creation of the new world order to trick us into the one world government.