WWFRN Schedule for 02/03/11

Tonight’s Classic Cooper at 9PM EDT is part one of an interview with Dr. Gene Schroeder originally aired as broadcast #557 back on 2/27/95.

At 10PM on “A Healthier You”, David discusses “Stem Cells Versus Natural Remedies”. This program was originally aired on 02/13/2010.


  1. This is not really a good place to ask this. What do you think of bill schnoebelen? Is he selling snake oil?

  2. Does anyone have website/ info for JJ Coins? Trying to remember their exact name to contact them but cant find the one Doyel reccommended

  3. @Mudjack
    While Mudjack has expressed our general opinion on Bill S., and we would caution you against putting too much faith in his claims, there is evidence to show that he’s telling SOME truth and SOME lies.
    His claims are not something we’ll be spending any time investigating anytime soon here at HOTT.
    If you are truly interested in what he has to say, would you be willing to do some extensive research on his claims and write an article with your findings?

  4. I keep seeing the guy on a lot of “truther” videos as of late. It’s almost as if he is being advertised in an effort to gain my trust. It just seems out of place, plus something about him irritates me. I’ll just have to look into his claims.