William Cooper Interview from 1992

Hello folks,

We have posted an old interview we found in our archives to our youtube page.  Bill was a guest on “The Metaphysical Experience” in April of 1992.  Bear in mind, this was back before Bill’s research led him to be believe that the “Alien Threat” was in fact, a manufactured threat.  Nonetheless, it is very interesting to note that Bill’s predictions made during this interview were almost 100% accurate.  This video is in 4 segments – watch below!


  1. What’s this?! Behold A Pale Horse Vol. II?!
    Does a manuscript exist?

    Thanks for putting this footage up. Any chance of a DVD? Maybe packaged with the “UFO Connection” appearance? This is historic material. Well known? No. Subterranean? Yes. Historic? Absolutely.

  2. Actually yes, I do have a manuscript for Behold A Pale Horse II, but we will have to mull over the idea long and hard before we publish.

  3. Great archival piece. Thanks for posting this. My wife and I sat in our bedroom together watching it. Somehow, even though it’s early 90’s footage, it still feels fresh. Despite the fashions of the day!

    Certainly relevant and for those few moments when we were watching it a real pleasure. It was great to see Bill alive, doing what he did best. He was a real warrior for the cause of freedom.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to those old shows… (A lot!) Even though I never met the man, somehow, he’s like an old and dear friend. Such was the power of his message.

    Sadly missed and irreplaceable…

  4. I would be willing to support, and do anything I coudl so that the manuscript for behold a pale horse vol II was released. Donations, fundraising, petitions…anything!