November 05, 2014

RIP friend.


There are numerous folks throughout the years who have worked behind the scenes as well to keep the broadcast going, let’s remember some of them as well because many have since passed on while others have just gotten older.  Many of these taken from his scrapbook, some wrote Veritas, some you’ve heard on the broacast and some were just nice…




























































Also, what would today be without a research offer for you to improve your understanding of the issues at hand…

One Year In Hell


  1. I would like to thank Bill, Doyel, Rob, everyone and anyone that has been involved with HOTT. I’ve learned so much in the past few years, I’m very glad someone had been there first, and was able to point me in the right direction. Truth is in very short supply, these days. That’s why I start here to try and find mine. Thank you all again, so very much.

  2. This via email:

    “Dear Mr. Shamley,
    My prayers go out to Mr.Cooper FAMILY.

  3. Thank You Bill…Many evenings passed listening to Your voice, to HOTT Mystery Babyloon series, to all Your broadcasts available on the net…Thank You. You inspired me and i hope many other people as well! Regards to Your family and to Your friends of the HOTT, whom continue to bring Your message forward.
    I hope to be worth to have heard Your words!

  4. RIP Bill. Thank you Bill and everyone at Hott. You have opened my eyes to things I never knew existed. Keep up the great work!


  5. God bless William Cooper, his family and Doyel and Robet for continuing the efforts.

    Thank You for giving the advice that we should look in the mirror (really a true one), for helping us and for calling our attention to the lies and manipulations.

    Thank You.

  6. Rest in Peace Milton William Cooper. He deserves all the credit for “enlightening” me, i hope we can pay him back by restoring this Republic. I pray his family is doing well, as well as everyone in HOTT family.

  7. RIP Bill and a huge THANK YOU for everything you did. I’m sure he’d be very proud of everyone at HOTT who was and is involved in continuing his work and mission. Thanks for sharing the pictures and for the broadcasts.

  8. God Bless Mr Cooper we shall never forget you!! Always in our hearts, souls and minds from England with peace and love

  9. Bill’s broadcasts have seriously changed the course of my life, and all for the better. I owe Bill the deepest debt of gratitude for all of his courageous work.

    God Bless Bill Cooper, and his family. I also pray that we can pay him back someday (hopefully sooner than later) by restoring this Republic to it’s truth. And thank you, Doyel, Rob, and friends for keeping Bill’s work alive and well.

    God save the united States of America, and the Constitution that supports it.

  10. This via email…

    “Dear Doyel,
    My name is Ivis, Thank You for all the information that You have shared with the world, RIP William Cooper I only began listening to HOTT about 4 years ago and so far from that point in time I view the world in such a different way than ever before, sir, I love the content that You and the HOTT staff provide for anyone who wants to seek the ugly truth, I have bought a few items from your catalog on the HOTT shop, good stuff and it has indeed opened up my eyes to everything going around me. I will continue to provide my support to the website and You and everyone else who keeps Hour of the Time up and running. I Love you all, Life to me is much more enjoyable regardless of all the shit going on, with folks like You still around to teach others. 🙂 Thank You so much!! “

  11. My family and I remember Mr. Cooper fondly; we cannot thank him enough for his tireless work, which has been carried on by Doyel & Rob since 2001.

    I hope his family sees the responses here from the people he has touched and take some small consolation from the fact that he has such a positive impact on so many lives.

    If I were a Christian, I would add my “God bless” to Mr. Cooper and his family and to Rob & Doyel; however, all I can offer is a simple and heart felt: “Thank you.”

  12. I am truly grateful for Mr. Cooper’s words, thoughts, and broadcast on this day. Through his work and all those at the Hour of the Time that have carried it on I have been blessed with the opportunity to come in contact with some of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

    Thank You all from the bottom of my heart, he did not die in vain.

    Mathew 5:4 and 5:10

    “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

    “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.”


  13. I agree with everything that was posted previously.

    Though he may be gone “physically” everytime I speak or act he lives through me. Principles are eternal!

    William Cooper: a great American Patriot!

  14. I can say one of the most important events to happen in my life was to hear about Bill Cooper in a random documentary. I was so inspired by his speech on freedom that I decided to do my research and look into this charismatic gentlemen. I am who I am today because of my education from this man and his work. My only disappointment is not finding out about him sooner. Thank you very much Mr. Cooper, your family, and everyone from HOTT. One song that comes to mind is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HagzTRmUBIE .

    R.I.P. William Cooper

  15. I first heard about Bill in a song called “Society is Brainwashed” by Ill Bill produced by DJ Premier and my first bit of research was into Bill himself. I acquired Behold a Pale Horse and read it in 2 days and followed that with the Mystery Babylon series. The world that appeared to make no sense, suddenly became frighteningly clear and turned me around in my tracks. For this I am ever grateful you saved my mind thus you saved me.
    Thank You Bill.
    Rest in Peace

  16. Since Bill’s been gone, a lot has happened, and I am sure he’d be just as angry as ever about the state of affairs here in America. I’d like to say that people are waking up, but that’s not the case. However, I can say that there are a lot of people out there who are awake, and his work has been a key contribution to their understanding of the world around them. I am one of those few who has benefited immenely from the countless hours of broadcasting that Bill and the rest of the HOTT crew have done over the years. I would be lost in the wilderness without Bill Cooper.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you Bill for everything you’ve sacrificed for the sake of freedom. You are truly my hero, and you represent everything that America should stand for. May god bless you, your family, your friends, and this nation.

  17. This via email…

    “Dear Mr. Shamley,
    Here is my original e-mail with corrections:

    My prayers go out to Mr. Cooper’s family.
    From Sharon Brooms

  18. God bless and thanks, Bill. Never had the opportunity to know you , I was asleep when you walked this planet with us. But I am awake now and that is for one reason, the mystery babylon series, and therefore, because of one man. Thank you and I will never forget what you stood for.

  19. I can still recall being a know-it-all teenager when a family friend dropped “Behold a Pale Horse” in my lap and told me to read. After I finished I realized I didn’t know sh*t.

    Thanks Bill for putting me on the right course.

    RIP & God bless

  20. very lucky to have had someone like bill give so much of himself so that others could have a better chance at truth and freedom

  21. coming from from someone who used to believe in communism, bill and the hour of the time has changed my life, now i don’t feel so lost, thanks a lot

  22. RIP Bill. thank you and your family for all the hard work you have done. and thank you Doyle and everyone else for continuing his work and waking up the sheeple.
    i was a sheeple most of my life but am now just beginning to wake up thanks to everyones work and courage to present the truth and fight the good fight.
    I will say a prayer for Bill’s family and friends, may God watch over you always.