Hey folks,

We’ve added a new in-browser streaming player to the website. For any of you who’ve had difficulties listening in the past – those days are over!

Simply visit our LISTEN HERE page and listen in with the new player! (Requires Flash)

You may listen in using the in-browser player, or click one of the links on the right in the player Window to use your favorite player.




  1. @Mudjack
    What OS are you using Mudjack? Windows/OSX/Linux. Also if you don’t mind, please let us know what browser you’re using.

    We have tested Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8 and Mac OS X with Safari 5 and Firefox 3.6 and they all work very well.

    Thanks for helping with the testing!


  2. I’ve got Windows XP and Mozilla Firefox. Before you guys put the new player up, I always used iTunes and never really had any problems with that either.

    [I highly recommend that anyone using the Microsoft Internet Explorer just stop using it altogether. That thing is likely the cause of a lot of people’s troubles, not just with listening to HOTT, but it might be the cause of other problems people might be having as well. IE sucks. Mozilla Firefox and Safari are much better browsers than IE.]

  3. I’d slap the new player right up there on the front page where everyone can see it. Then, all anyone has to do go to the site and push the button and go right into the latest broadcast.

    The tits should always be located on the front page, above the fold, right where everyone can immediately see them.

  4. Killer Dr. Christopher show on Comfrey today! I am getting my SFG ready for spring this weekend. This year I am growing only two items: Cayenne & Comfrey (though I am contemplating growing some Bhut Jolokia, too. They are getting in demand according to some of the restaurants in town. According to them, lots of people want to try the “Ghost Pepper” — the hottest in the world).

    I got my Comfrey seed here: http://www.horizonherbs.com/product.asp?specific=1856

    I get my Cayenne seed from a local nursery here in town.

  5. Tits are great and wonderful, powerful things that have a natural way of making people feel generally better all the way around. Tits are good therapy. I don’t know why Dr. Christopher doesn’t do more to promote the healing and general health properties of tits.

    Always put your tits on the front page, above the fold, where everyone can immediately see them!


    Here’s to great Tits, Happiness and Harmony!

  6. I know, the tits for troops site isn’t the best way to present tits, but people are immature and it is hard to find sites that promote tits without getting all-out pornographic. I love tits and I love nudes — but I can do without the pornography.

  7. Does anyone know how to set up a wireless network on their computer? I started with this thing hours ago and it is not working and it is a nightmare.

  8. Hey Mud, those things are torture. I’d say “follow the directions” but between the router, the modem and the network card you probably have three different books. Here’s what works for me every time, going with the idea that the plug-n-pray stuff knows what to do with itself.
    1.) hook up all the hardware IN THE ORDER THAT THEY SAY (never understood this but it makes a difference)
    2.) turn all that crap on also in the order that they say (ditto)
    3.) after this fails miserably…find and hit the reset button on your cable modem and/or router while warm booting the CPU at the same time
    4.) and after THIS likewise fails (actually I think they have more of a cumulative effect)…and this may be the clincher right here…power everything down, completely. Pull the plugs, pull the batteries; you want all the little capacitors and whatnot to be totally de-fuzzed or degaussed or unelectrolyted or whatever, then fire it all back up again after about 5 minutes, starting with the CPU and working your way down to the modem and/or router.
    Oh and also make sure you have the drivers, which can be way-fun too.
    After you’ve followed all these steps you’ll do a casual inspection and find that mice have been living in your desktop for about 3 years and have built these nice little nests out of wiring insulation.
    Save the dead mice. You’ll need them for emergency food supplies while you wait on hold for customer service…

  9. I love this Cooper episode on asset protection playing today. It is a real kick to listen to Cooper and compare what he said to what is happening in the world right now. We are now in what Cooper warned us was coming.

    Cooper mentions in the broadcast that “privacy and confidentiality is gone”. If it was gone at the time of the original broadcast — it sure as hell is gone now.

    Another thing he mentioned on another episode was all the talk about “green”. Here we are — “going green”. Everything and everybody is “going green”. I love asking others how their “going green” is going. When it comes right down to it, the majority of the public takes the “going green” idea at face value and leaves it at that. This is a completely ignorant attitude, of course, but their thoughts about the matter are innocent enough. They only want to join in on cleaning up the planet, which at face value is not a bad idea at all. “Going green” is just a buzzword that reminds yuppies to be sure and recycle their aluminum cans and plastic water bottles. The fact is, they do not realize what is coming along behind the “going green” movement and the real impact it is having on the world.

    I liked his views on illegal aliens in this episode, too. It wouldn’t be so bad if the illegals wanted to become Americans.

    I would also agree with his remarks on that what is coming is going to make the depression of the 1930s look like fun and games.

  10. Make the new player the HOTT site header. That way it will automatically be on every page. The HOTT Dashboard. Lol.

  11. i like when i load it in VLC because it says the name of the broadcast when it first pops up.

  12. Doyel needs a “Doyel’s Top Twenty” list of broadcasts, because that tonight’s episode definately rates. Killer stuff. Just out of curiosity I did what I would have done minus shows like this and did a google search on “best gas mask on the market”. It’s like wading through a septic tank. Thanks for cutting through the sludge, again.

  13. I was half listening when I heard Bill mention that JFk quote about informing the people about the conspiracy, but I can’t seem to figure out how to rewind if it’s even possible. Not sure if he mentioned it, but does anyone know where I can find proof JFK said that?

  14. @danibel
    Thanks for the help, but that wasn’t the quote I was refering to. I’m sorry, I should’ve been more clear. The quote I meant was supposedly from a speech he gave at Columbia not long before he was killed-

    “The high office of president is being used to limit the freedoms of the American people, and before I leave office I intend to warn the citizens of this plight”