Mozart’s Basement Podcast for 07/23/09

Tonight we interviewed a local Ottawa band, “Kinnexa Cross”.

Please check out their websites here :

Kinnexa Cross Official Website

Kinnexa Cross Blog

Kinnexa Cross on Facebook

Kinnexa Cross on Myspace (free tunes here!)

Be sure to be one of the first 10 people to call the studio line and leave your mailing address and we’ll send you their premiere CD release “Cheaper than a Shrink” for FREE – AND POSTPAID!

Call in at 613-733-4324!

Enjoy this high quality podcast – and be sure to call in to the studio line at 613-733-4324 to get your FREE copy of their latest CD “Cheaper Than A Shrink”.  Only 2 copies left! (7/28/09)


  1. This was a remarkable evening, listening to good music while I typed and read. Thanks!

  2. Wicked band! Deep blue sea is certainly the finest song. Keep up that and you’ll go far!

  3. Not as good as the Fused interview, but this band shows promise.
    I think if Houghton improves his interviewing skills this show might do well. I’ve only heard the Fused interview and this one but it seems like the same questions are asked every interview. Get creative!