Hour of the Time Podcast for 12/11/08

William Cooper Classic – LA Riots – Originally broadcast in 1993 as the third show Bill ever did!

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  1. Dear Mr Shamley, I wish i could express my thanks to Mr.Cooper himself. He slapped me right upside my head and i knew what he spoke and wrote was the truth. He used the truth, which does not change,ever. I am from Canada and am sickened by what has happened both in my own country and in yours. This is not the country i grew up in, where freedom and individuality were sacred and protected. We have all been sold into slavery by unsavoury men who care only for themselves. I wish to help in any way i can. If i purchase MR Cooper’s material can i distribute it to friends and neighbours? I understand if they are copywritted, i just thought i would burn a few hundred copies and start walking my city and dropping them in mail boxes. I also would like to start doing shortwave broadcasts based on the research of myself(though i am no one in particular) and Mr Cooper and Jordan Maxwell, and so on. I would like it if you had any advice as you are well experienced in this area. I hope to hear from you at your liesure, for i know you are busy. If there is anything i could do to help fight this war against our citizenry, please let me know. I feel this is a world problem and people are not focused on the plight of the African nations which are being obliterated as we speak. They are forgetting we are all brothers in this terrible waking nightmare from which most of the populace is still asleep during. The new world order is not coming, it is here; and we must as a people fight like never before. I have written my Prime minister twice to tell him i did not appreciate NAFTA or the N A U, and i am probably on a dissenter list by now, and am proud of it. I will die to preserve the ideal that all men must be free, the alternative is an Aldous Huxley world that my children will be caught up in. I cannot face my children and tell them i just let it happen. I’m sorry just won’t cut it at that point. William Cooper is not just a American hero, he is a world hero. We all owe him a debt of gratitude. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing, you are not alone.