Hour of the Time LIVE Program 11-19-09

Please tune in at 9pm for another live program with Doyel and Rob on Thursday, November 19th, 2009.

We will be discussing events in the news from recent weeks and taking your calls for the last 20 minutes of the program at 613-733-4324.  If you have any questions, dedications or rants, please leave them at this number before 5pm on 11/19/09 and we will address your concerns.  Otherwise please feel free to call in during the broadcast!

We will also be discussing opening up the airwaves to our listeners – do you have an idea for a program?  Would you like to do your own program?   Find out how you can get on the World Wide Freedom Radio Network, and help to support our efforts!

Talk to you on Thursday.

Doyel Shamley

Robert Houghton


  1. These things always happen when I am at work and can’t call in.

    I just finished John Coleman’s book, “Committee of 300”. It would be great to hear him on the show. Maybe you guys could get him on the horn for a conference call. I would love to hear you guys talk to him on the air.

    John Daniel is another one I’d love to hear you guys chat with.

    It would be good to hear you guys comment on current events, etc.