HOTT Podcast for September 7th, 2012

Here we go folks!

We’ll get started here by continuing on our broadcast by broadcast in-order replay of the old classics that we’ve been playing since the beginning of this year.  I know a lot of us are truly enjoying revisiting these almost 20 year old programs, and getting a lot of good information out of them as well.  Today’s podcast is #378 in our catalog from June 17th, 1994 entitled “Phonics, Teaching and Reading with Gail”.

We hope you enjoy it.




  1. Currently getting a “file not found” error.

    Other than that, thank you so much HOTT, you’ll be getting another small donation from me after I get paid this weekend.

  2. Hmm, works on our test machines here. Tried it on iPad, Mac, and a Windows PC running XP Pro. Would you kindly let me know what exactly you are doing and we will try to reproduce the error?

  3. Hello again Garreth,

    I had a friend try it with another Windows machine and was able to reproduce your error. Seems that Windows doesn’t like “#” in filenames and therefore wasn’t able to connect to the MP3 file correctly. Strange! Worked on one machine but not another. In any case, it should be all fixed up now. If it doesn’t work straight away, please close down your browser and then open it back up and reload our page. Once I fixed the filename on our end my friend had to close Explorer and reopen it to get it to work. Could be that Crome or Firefox are smarter than that, but just in case!

    I appreciate the notice that it wasn’t working. We’re going to encounter these small problems from time to time when trying something new, so it’s nice when folks let us know.



    • Yeah it’s working here now on my end. I’m using a Macbook and Firefox, sometimes Chrome. Thanks for the podcast.

  4. Also, I have to thank you HOTT for helping instill in me a bit of bravery. Being young and only knowing about you guys for about 2 and a half or so years now, I used to be afraid to spread your info to friends on the net. The truth shall prevail.