HOTT Podcast for September 26th, 2012

Another podcasts that slides right into the theme we’ve had over the past week or so on the website.  This broadcasts originally aired on July 8th back in 1994.  It’s entitled “Archeology of Freemasonry #2” and we think you’ll like it!



  1. i dont see anyone even saying thanks for the podcasts, so i thought i would take the time to do so. thank you very much guys. I really appreciate it.

  2. This is So exciting! I remember listening to this several years ago. I credit the book by by Ignatius Donnelly on Atlantis (I owned the 1949 Reissue) which Linked Artifacts & ruins in ALL lands, also Similar Words, Letters & idioms in Languages & Customs in ALL Lands! These people (according to “Modern” Science) were Totally Un Connected, There was (Says “Modern” Darwinist) No communication between the Peoples of the World. I am CERTAIN that Darwinism, Evolution, and the Virulent Attacks on Religions, especially Christians, is Direct from the OLDEST “Brotherhood” to Conceal these Truths.

    This book is Rare today, I sold my 1949 First Edition here in San Francisco, in 1999 over $100.00. I have never seen a copy of the First Edition of 1882. Here is a note from http://www.sacred-texts.com/atl/ataw/index.htm which has the Book for reading or Download:

    Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901), lawyer, land promoter, politician and virtuoso author, is today best known for his pioneering work on the subject of Atlantis, “Atlantis the Antediluvian World” (ATAW). Published in 1882, ATAW is one of the best constructed Atlantis theories, as it makes no recourse to occult or ‘channeled’ information. Donnelly’s lucid style and command of the facts (such as they were) make the book readable and compelling even today….–JBH