HOTT Newslinks March 30, 2008

The Smart Way Out of a Foolish War


Obama has the official nod of the CFR and TLC. I could do a Veritas Exclusive on this, but I am sure most of you are quite informed on the matter and realize what happened here. With the following statement from Brzezinski, Obama just got the endorsement of the power elite.

“…destabilizing regional consequences of a war that the outgoing Bush administration started deliberately, justified demagogically and waged badly. (I write, of course, as a Democrat; while I prefer Sen. Barack Obama,…”


Warnings of lead in venison irk hunters


This is part of the current trend in disarming Americans. Knowing that outright seizures will not work, the components are the means to the same end. Currently, there is legislation pending in several states to ban bullets with lead, which will lead to catastrophic ammunition shortages.


Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border


Now it really doesn’t matter which plank of the communist party platform wins the election, they will have an excuse to continue war.


Known this for a long time….



“Shia civil war raised the prospect of British troops being drawn back on to the front line of the Iraq conflict.”
Civil war? Is it civil war to fight against an occupation and it’s puppets?



“But if the British taught the police to shoot straight, they failed to instill a sense of unwavering loyalty to the State.”



“Electrons absorb the energy in shortwave signals, causing radio blackouts …”



“The Fed’s auctions have drawn criticism from some that the central bank, and ultimately U.S. taxpayers, could be financing a bailout for big Wall Street firms that had engaged in risky lending practices.”
Some things never change….and ummm, they’re auctioning money?



Bush Readies Mortgage Aid Plan


Keynesian economics!


Treasury Wants to Reshape Regulation
Overhaul Would Include New Agencies, Powers




No presidential election for a long time has excited so much interest as this year’s, outside and inside America. In personal terms, a black man, a woman and a septuagenarian war hero make most elections in most countries seem thin stuff. And yet the truth is that, while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama slug it out in a popularity contest (or a competition in gaffes that may yet be disastrous for the Democrats), there’s little to choose between them politically.


Many women are beginning to reap the “profits” of feminazism


These pieces about feminism have elicited a bevy of response from women it has damaged and inflamed, authenticating my contention that feminism is far and away the worst of the crimes the conspiracy for world government has inflicted on our people. These are cris de coeur from women around the world. Here as promised are some of those comments, including the experience of women who now understand how they have been tricked. For perspective, I have also included messages to me from a womanoid and a male victim of the horror.



A friend recently turned me on to the CBS television series, Jericho. I watch so little network television that I confess to never having seen the show before this week. Obviously, then, I am quite uninformed as to the overall plot and previous episodes. What I saw Tuesday evening, however, stunned me. Why? Because it very aptly depicted what could become a very real-life scenario for these United States in the not-so-distant future.



Iraq’s Prime Minister was staring into the abyss today after his operation to crush militia strongholds in Basra stalled, members of his own security forces defected and district after district of his own capital fell to Shia militia gunmen.



Rising numbers of Chinese exporters are shunning the US dollar or devising ways to offset the impact of the falling currency as they confront rising labour and raw material costs at home.



A curfew has been imposed on Baghdad amid continuing clashes between Shia militias and Iraqi security forces.
The curfew will last from 2300 (2000 GMT) on Thursday until 0500 on Sunday to “protect civilians”, officials say.



The institution of marriage took another knock yesterday when government statisticians reported that the number of weddings in 2006 were the lowest for 110 years. Marriages made a significant comeback between 2002 and 2004, but fell by 9% in 2005 in England and Wales, when the long-term trend towards cohabitation out of wedlock resumed.


What ever happened to parental discipline and a good backhand?


An Orange County sheriff’s deputy on Thursday shocked an 11-year-old girl with a Taser gun at an elementary school after the girl punched her in the face, authorities said.



In hopes of reducing injuries during arrests, every police officer patrolling the streets will be issued a Taser within months.
San Bernardino police has ordered a $13,000 shipment of 120 yellow Taser X26s, which is a new model. The stun guns will shoot two probes with charges of 1,200 watts.


You need to go to the .pdf file and look up your state and see what schools were affected! Another reason to pull out of the public fool system!


welcome to 1984


Veterans are killing themselves in record numbers



It’s also called Communism, Fascism and any other ism that seems to have any force of power…the power structure will bomb who they can’t buy ….the organization that people liked to claim didn’t exist is now in the news @ BBC.





It’s funny how many people pick things up from Hour Of The Time and never acknowledge the fact. This is similar to some of the so-called talk show hosts around the country.



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