HOTT Newslinks July 6, 2007

OSHA Visits Wonderland


Here is another link concerning that ignorant “rule” from OSHA. Just because it is in the Federal Register doesn’t mean it has any Constitutional power. Remember, agencies can ask for rules (not laws) to be published in the Register and then it only applies within Federal Enclaves. No Jurisdiction, no case.


Key GOP Senator Breaks With Bush



Terrorism’s Hook Into Your Inbox


If this is as accurate as their crime statistics (see previous news postings), than you already know it is more B.S.


This gentleman is also teaching at our Conference 2007 next month so be sure and attend!- Doyel

What’s HAFC you ask? answer; Hydrogen Assisted Fuel Cell, and the ’98 Plymouth Breeze (2litre,4cylinder) modified by my group last week went from 38MPG(pretty good) to 77MPG(wow) after installation.

The ’95 Ford F150 (V8) modded by the other group in the class went from 12MPG to 33MPG.. WOW! is putting it mildly at about 150% increase in gas mileage!!

for more info you can check me out here:


… there are many fascinating items so click around as you please, this is no bullsh*t.
This technology is barely the tip of an enormous iceberg.


National Hurricane Center Staff Mutinies



Environmental Risks Haunt ‘Ghost Fleet’


More environMENTAL propaganda


Al-Qaeda In Iraq Bush’s Creation



This is a link to a great online web based training course on the North American Union.


more links:







This one is to the Canadian Action Party’s web site, and they rock! If you have any Canadian friends, let them know about these folks.



U.S. Pilots Make Daring Escape in Iraq



William Cooper (Bill) read the serial numbers on The Hour of the Time, from the plates that were sent to the Soviets by our own State Department that would be used to counterfeit 100 dollar bills



bilderberg on The History Channel….



“Servant” of the people tells the truth, for once. He will NOT be intimidated by his constituents….




“I think you reserve impeachment for grave, grave breeches, and intentional breeches of the president’s authority,” he said.
Oh, so the Constitution allows for impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors….misdemeanors, even misdemeanors, and Bush shouldn’t be impeached? Methinks OBama doesn’t want to challenge the office of the Presidency and it’s claims of dictatorial control…. because he might get to wield that power someday, and because we are being set up with an imperial Presidency dictatorship, of which he is in favor.



“In his letter, Fielding explained Bush’s position on executive privilege this way: “For the President to perform his constitutional duties, it is imperative that he receive candid and unfettered advice and that free and open discussions and deliberations occur among his advisers and between those advisers and others within and outside the Executive Branch.”
Interestingly, the Executive’s Constitutional duty is to execute the law as established by the Legislature.


“We have no idea what our $19 billion has gotten us,” said Rep. Martin T. Meehan (D-Mass.), chairman of the Armed Services subcommittee on oversight and investigations, noting that the United States investment represents $55,000 per Iraqi recruit.”




Don’t many Americans today favor a domestic policy of ever-increasing spending (which necessitates ever-increasing taxes), subsidies, and economic regulations? Don’t they favor a foreign policy based on an enormous standing army, empire, and intervention? Don’t they favor cruel and unusual punishments and denial of due process and jury trials? Don’t they favor warrantless searches and indefinite detentions? Don’t they favor immigration controls and trade restrictions? Don’t they favor gun control?
Didn’t King George favor all those things? Didn’t those “British insurgents and terrorists” who signed the Declaration of Independence and take up arms against their own government and its troops oppose all of those things?



THE number of US-paid private contractors in Iraq now exceeds that of American combat troops, new figures show, raising fresh questions about the privatisation of the war and the Government’s capacity to carry out military and rebuilding campaigns.
More than 180,000 civilians – American and foreign – are working in Iraq under US contracts, State and Defence Department figures show. Including the recent troop increase, 160,000 American soldiers and several thousand civilian government employees are stationed in Iraq.


A new approach to mind control and brainwashing

In a new study, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, the drug propranolol is used along with therapy to “dampen” memories of trauma victims. They treated 19 accident or rape victims for ten days, during which the patients were asked to describe their memories of the traumatic event that had happened 10 years earlier. Some patients were given the drug, which is also used to treat amnesia, while others were given a placebo.



General Motors Corp. on Tuesday posted a steeper-than-expected 24 percent drop in June sales, as U.S. automakers lost share to Japanese brands and overall vehicle sales sputtered in the face of high gas prices and a weak housing market.