HOTT Newslinks Jan. 19, 2010

U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret ‘Jesus’ Bible Codes


I have had the pleasure of using one of these very sights!

US accused of ‘occupying’ Haiti as troops flood in


France at it again.


FBI broke law for years in phone record searches


Is Israel looking for a new “protector”?


Six months after a clandestine, 10-hour trip to Moscow, details of which have not been revealed to this day, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is planning a trip to Moscow in mid-February, according to Russian sources.



Johnson & Johnson issued a massive recall Friday of over-the-counter drugs including Tylenol, Motrin and St. Joseph’s aspirin because of a moldy smell that has made people sick.



After 40 years of defeat and failure, America’s “war on drugs” is being buried in the same fashion as it was born – amid bloodshed, confusion, corruption and scandal. US agents are being pulled from South America; Washington is putting its narcotics policy under review, and a newly confident region is no longer prepared to swallow its fatal Prohibition error. Indeed, after the expenditure of billions of dollars and the violent deaths of tens of thousands of people, a suitable epitaph for America’s longest “war” may well be the plan, in Bolivia, for every family to be given the right to grow coca in its own backyard.


Can we restore Constitutional Republican Government to the USA? YES WE CAN




SEATTLE—A push to legalize marijuana on the West Coast is picking up steam as Washington lawmakers and pot proponents in California and Oregon propose separate measures.
Pretty soon it will be a crime to even be middle class in socialist Britain. Ohh John Locke if you can only see your country now.


More than £400million a year is being raised by police and town halls targeting minor ‘middle-class’ crimes.



Mr Qasab told a court that three of the four gunmen who stormed the Taj Mahal hotel were from Indian-administered Kashmir, Gujarat and Mumbai.



Certa, a government agency that oversees cyber threats, warned against using all versions of the web browser.