HOTT Newslinks Jan. 12, 2010

Full-body airport scanners may damage human DNA


The forgotten virtue of firearms



Laboratories of Repression

Victory In The Drug War Will Never Happen



Editorial: Forty years of ‘drug war’



Athletes packing heat or Arenas’ gun



What didn’t happen after the D.C. handgun ban ended


A hungry free press doesn’t need a free meal from taxpayers


Fox News On Atlas Shrugged



Tony Blair gave secret promise to George Bush over Iraq invasion

For China, the worry now is growing too fast

Google May Leave China Because of Cyberattacks

As Google Pushes Into China, It Faces Clashes With Censors

N.H. Tax Evader Gets 37 Years On Weapons Charges

Mo. survivalist convicted on 2 weapons charges

The Insanity Called Airport Security

IRS Commissioner: “I Find the Tax Code Complex, So I Use a Preparer”

Democrat assault on homeschoolers looming

Anarchy in the UK (and US, Too)?

Push to Make Same-Sex Marriage Law of the Land Hits Fast Track

The Marriage Penalty in Health Care

Health care bill should hang by a tree until dead

The Next Big Hoax: Ocean Acidification

American Republic replaced by “Council of Governors”?

Iran Blames “US-Israeli Mercenaries” in Assassination of Nuke Scientist

Navy Wants Troops Wearing Brain-Scanners Into War

Kim Jong-il Campaigns for “Arms Control Person of the Year”

As The Swamp is Drained, The Phonies are Exposed

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this article?