HOTT Newslinks for December 13th, 2012

Marxist Harry Belafonte Recommends Obama Imprison Conservatives


Obama’s America Will Become Detroit


Mass. Air National Guard conducts night fighter jet training over NH


Anti-gun Legislator Faces Weapons Chargeā€




  1. On “Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School”:

    “Authorities initially believed that there were two gunmen and were searching cars around the school, but authorities do not appear to be looking for another gunman.”

    – I wonder why…

  2. Thanks for all the books & documents; glad to see the news back, too. Bill’s foresight is proven once again as the shootings continue to grow.

  3. everyone better feel REAL guilty if they dont donate. thats an order.

    come on! we only have 5 days + or – 2 before the world ends.

  4. Wasn’t even aware they were updating on FB.

    Wondered what happened.

    I prefer updates on the site.

    You can always use rss graffiti to push updates from the site to FB.

  5. Gun laws are impotent in preventing crime, because criminals don’t obey the laws. What we need is for more people to be licensed to carry concealed weapons, including at schools. One school in Texas has already done this.

  6. So Adam Lanza’s Uncle has said he was taking a drug called fanapt. Here are the known psychiatric side effects taken from drugs.com :

    Psychiatric side effects including restlessness, aggression, and delusion have been reported frequently. Hostility, decreased libido, paranoia, anorgasmia, confusional state, mania, catatonia, mood swings, panic attack, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, delirium, polydipsia psychogenic, impulse-control disorder, and major depression have been reported infrequently.