HOTT Newslinks Dec. 23, 2009

Hello all,

I usually refrain from making speeches or much commentary with the news links that I send out, because I am sure that all of you can get the gist of the news without my blathering.  But, I feel as I read and look into more and more over the last few months, that some commentary is in order.

I am sure that most of you are aware of the current state of political and economic affairs in this country and can tell in which direction we are heading.  I have always kept a “can do” attitude, hence the HOTT Conference’s, on-air teachings, etc.  However, I am also no slouch when it comes to the stark realities of what is besetting all of us who fully understand freedom and what is at stake.  Therefore, I simply ask all of you who read this to come to grips in your realization that we are being attacked incessantly from all sides and there is no sign of relief in the near future.

Another words, the “writing on the wall” seems quite clear to the point of being painfully true, and I simply have a few things to ask all of all reading this small aside.  Please take heed of the educational tools we have given you here at HOTT, take heed of your station in life, make peace with whatever or whomever you feel is over you in a greater sense, and please insure your preparations for the future are getting the utmost of attention they deserve.

Well, that’s about all for this evening and I’m sure that once again, you get the gist.



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Some wonderful posts about Thieves Oil, which several of the HOTT Conference attendees “work wonders” with.  HOTT also has some wonderful recipes for this.