HOTT Newslinks August 01, 2007

NSA Spying Part of Broader Effort
Intelligence Chief Says Bush Authorized Secret Activities Under One Order



Brown callers clog 911 lines.


A little hype anyone?


New Spring Church – Illuminate



The local TV stations “wetting their pants” over the prospect of Flint turning into a regional hub. The group that is proposing this showed maps illustrating how this could tie into the re-organized road system and hope to have ties with Vancouver as well as the east coast. Why, this will be wonderful because it might bring 600 jobs to the area. It appears that these people are willing to sell their souls for a relatively small amount. Oh well.



“This is not just a violation of a 22-month ballot retention law. It is a violation of a court order,” Arnebeck said.





I covered all this with supporting evidence in the series, “The Second Amendment is an Individual Right”.


This is the USA–these kinds of things don’t happen here



This sounds like a good way to make money don’t you think?



This must mean that the capability was there from the start.



What a great guy.



This is not a very pretty picture is it?



What a surprise!!



Alaska Senator’s Home Is Raided




With the Internet in so many homes, silence is no longer a viable tactic. The idea already courses through the ether, easily accessible to all and not subject to erasure. Moreover, left to its own devices, it can only gain adherents and practitioners, because revitalization of “the Militia of the several States” offers the best alternative available to return this country to constitutional self-government by We the People in the near future.


Instead of spending time at football training camp or the mall this weekend, please take time to read that linked item. Those who bled rivers of blood during the American Revolutionary War gave up their tomorrows so we could have ours as a free people. The least we can do is get fully educated to stop the further shedding of blood demanded by those who are really running our world: “In defense of the world order…U.S. soldiers would have to kill and die,” Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Foreign Affairs, July-August 1995

What??? Is it not the constitutional prerogative of congress to declare war? War was never declared on Yugoslavia or Serbia.


Mr. Chairman, other speakers this evening have said that Kosovo, is a very difficult decision. Well, Kosovo is a very difficult and dangerous place, and we are sent here, after all, to make the difficult decisions. I, for one, do not think that we, Congress, has a role in voting on whether the President should send peacekeepers into a region, so I do not think that this debate is a necessary one, and I think again that the timing of it is unfortunate.

Congressional Record. House of Representatives January 15, 1962 Page 215


You can expect to see a one world government, Communist controlled, under the United Nations. You will see the United Nations run up astronomical debts which we, under the terms of the treaty, are bound to pay.


Scientists may have proven one of Americans’ worst fears: that electronic voting machines can be easily manipulated.
According to several reports, California computer scientists at leading universities were successful at hacking into machines made by Diebold Election Systems, Hart Intercivic and Sequoia Voting Systems. Once they hacked into the systems they were able to change votes.


A group of UN atomic watchdog inspectors will visit Iran early next month to discuss a
framework for future inspections of nuclear sites, the ISNA news agency reported on Saturday.

One wonders if these gang members in the military put their oath to the Constitution and Bill of Rights above their allegiance to their respective gang?


Evidence of gang culture and gang activity in the military is increasing so much an FBI report calls it “a threat to law enforcement and national security.” The signs are chilling: Marines in gang attire on Parris Island; paratroopers flashing gang hand signs at a nightclub near Ft. Bragg; infantrymen showing-off gang tattoos at Ft. Hood.


They only surveyed 125 people–hardly a significant number to draw a conclusion from it would seem.



Wasn’t one of the stated goals of this operation to “bring stability”?



Debts of service



“The bill also establishes a new grant program to ensure that local, state and federal officials can communicate with each other….”

Why do I get the feeling that this is about more than just an English speaking phone call?