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Take a moment to reflect on April 19 1775 when the government sent out troops to confiscate the guns and ammo of the American people. It was the Shot heard around the world when on the early morning of April 19 that 77 men stood in a line against the most powerful army in the world, out numberd by a 100 to 1. Captain Parker gave his men the famous line Don’t fire unless fired upon but if they mean to have a war let it start here.
Take a moment to reflect on what the real “greatest generation” gave and the cost they paid to have the freedoms we have in America, that most people take for granted, don’t know or don’t seem to care about.

The following link have some history about this most important event in American history

Minute Man National Historical Park web site

Excellent sites on American revolution history





brief over view of events


Battle of Lexington & Concord Abstract


National Guard web site about lexington / concord


note the national guard was created under the 1907 dick act and was federalized afterward so it NOT the Militia mentioned in the second amendment, even if they claim they are, its not so historical or legally true.

good article about cost of freedom


pbs site on american revolution slanted but still has some good info


get a piece of history, Coin issue to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington & Concord


one other thing if you are a puke face, socialist, scum bag and don’t like the word Militia I hope you choke on the word every time you hear it or you read it in the Constitution.




Let us not allow the tragedy at Va. Tech to overshadow the heroism that occurred on LexBush and First Lady Mrs. Bush will make an attempt to observe the commemoration of the “shot heard round the world”, if it is still politically correct to do so.





April 22
Lincoln, 2:20 p.m.: The Lincoln Minute Men will assemble at the Pierce House in Lincoln on Weston Road and march to the Town Cemetery on Old Lexington Road. The Minute Men will be accompanied by clergy, honored guests, and a contingent of British Regulars accompanied by a bagpiper.
At 3 p.m., there will be gravesite ceremonies honoring both the Lincoln patriots of the Revolution and the five British soldiers who were killed in Lincoln on April 19, 1775, and buried there. The ceremonies will include prayer, a commemorative speech, colonial music, and musket salutes.

Concord, Hands-on History:This week enjoy a variety of hands-on activities to take home: Make a cocked (tricorn) hat; create a thaumatrope – a simple optical toy with the illusion of motion; design your own powder horn; and enjoy a special patriotic “I Spy” Museum hunt. Free with admission. members free.
Concord, Exploring Concord:The 15-minute Exploring Concord film connects the Why Concord? galleries to five specific landscapes in town, uncovering layers of historical significance. At the riverbank between the North Bridge and the Old Manse, the battle for political independence was witnessed by William Emerson, the patriot minister who occupied the Manse at the time of the Revolution, and celebrated by his poet-grandson, Ralph Waldo Emerson in The Concord Hymn. The ways in which Concord has come to symbolize “standing up” for freedom and independence are reinforced as viewers are introduced to the events which have secured Concord ‘s place in the mythic American landscape.
Concord, 2 (3 p.m. on April 16): Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 14, 15, 16Would You Sign?
In September 1774, after years of quiet rebellion against the impositions of Great Britain , about 80 percent of Concord’s townspeople agreed with, and signed, the Solemn League and Covenant, suspending Colonial trade with Great Britain. Enjoy this special tour and program and discover what led the people of Concord to publicly disobey King George III, what the implications were for signing this document, and, after touring the Museum, decide if YOU would sign it. Recommended ages 6 and up; Free with Museum admission; Members Free, reservations suggested.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dawn Salute, North Bridge Remembrance Ceremony and Arrival of the Sudbury Militia
At the North Bridge, Concord
6:00 AM, 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM
The Concord Minute Men and The Concord Independent Battery observe the opening battle of the American Revolutionary War in a moving musket and cannon salute to America’s past. Following this, at 7:30 join park staff and volunteers at the North Bridge for historical speeches and wreath laying. Around 10:30 join us as we welcome the Sudbury Militia as they finish their annual march from Sudbury to the North Bridge.






The Bath School Disaster



Romney Taps Donors Through Mormon Church



FBI searches Republican lawmaker’s home



Cho contacted NBC News during massacre
Monday morning’s campus rampage was the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. These are the latest details to emerge.

This is the timeline as reported by the local paper from the first reports to the present.



“Virginia gunman ‘had mental care’”


…”said Steve Flaherty, superintendent of Virginia State Police “We’re in the process right now of attempting to analyze and evaluate its worth,” he said at a news conference.”


The national average price for gasoline rose for the 11th straight week, according to a government report released Monday.
The U.S. Energy Information Administration said drivers paid an average of $2.876 for a gallon of regular gasoline in the week ended April 16, up 7.4 cents from a week ago and up 9.3 cents from a year ago.



The master plan, it seems, is to move perhaps 40 million high-skill American jobs to other countries. U.S. workers have not been consulted.
Princeton economist Alan Blinder predicts that these choice jobs could be lost in a mere decade or two. We speak of computer programming, bookkeeping, graphic design and other careers once thought firmly planted in American soil. For perspective, 40 million is more than twice the total number of people now employed in manufacturing.



In reality, the English approach has not re-duced violent crime. Instead it has left law-abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals who are confident that their victims have neither the means nor the legal right to resist them. Imitating this model would be a public safety disaster for the United States.
The illusion that the English government had protected its citizens by disarming them seemed credible because few realized the country had an astonishingly low level of armed crime even before guns were restricted. A government study for the years 1890-92, for example, found only three handgun homicides, an average of one a year, in a population of 30 million. In 1904 there were only four armed robberies in London, then the largest city in the world. A hundred years and many gun laws later, the BBC reported that England’s firearms restrictions “seem to have had little impact in the criminal underworld.” Guns are virtually outlawed, and, as the old slogan predicted, only outlaws have guns. Worse, they are increasingly ready to use them.


A federal judge on Monday rejected prosecutors’ request to close portions of an upcoming trial for two former pro-Israel lobbyists accused of violating the Espionage Act.

The government’s proposal to keep huge swaths of evidence in the case out of public view was unprecedented and violated both the defendants’ and the public’s right to an open trial, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis said.

The defendants–Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, who had been lobbyists with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee–are charged with illegally disclosing sensitive national defense information to persons not entitled to receive it, including journalists and foreign diplomats.


A Utah attorney alleges informants gathering information on Timothy McVeigh or his associates warned the FBI about the plot to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building but the agency took no action to stop the 1995 attack.
Jesse Trentadue also says there were others involved in carrying out the bombing besides McVeigh and Terry Nichols, despite investigators’ conclusion that they were the only ones responsible for the crime.


Over the past six months, American troops have died in Iraq at the highest rate since the war began, an indication that the conflict is becoming increasingly dangerous for U.S. forces even after more than four years of fighting.

From October 2006 through last month, 532 American soldiers were killed, the most during any six-month period of the war. March also marked the first time that the U.S. military suffered four straight months of 80 or more fatalities. April, with 58 service members killed through Monday, is on pace to be one of the deadliest months of the conflict for American forces.



With a view to Monday’s deadly shooting rampage at Virginia Tech, European newspapers are blaming the lack of gun control measures in the United States and implying that Charlton Heston is indirectly responsible for the scope of the killings.


A shooting at a Virginia Tech dorm Monday left one person dead and one wounded, a state government official with knowledge of the case told The Associated Press.
A government official with knowledge of the shooting said the gunman had been arrested.



Another shooting at a Virginia college was brought to a quick end by another student with a handgun.
The lesson from today is simple.
1. The police cannot protect you. The police were at Virginia Tech following the morning’s shooting and still did not prevent the afternoon rampage.
2. Gun bans cannot protect you. There was a gun ban in effect on the Virginia Tech campus. Only the shooter was armed, and he knew his victims were not.


Good timing!!!

Senators postponed testimony by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in the aftermath of Monday’s deadly Virginia Tech shootings, delaying his chance to defend contradictions about fired federal prosecutors that have taxed his credibility.


Text of e-mails sent by Virginia Tech


While advocates of gun control often believe they are improving safety, they are depriving law-abiding citizens from defending themselves in dangerous situations, he contended.
“Had I been on campus today, and otherwise been entitled to carry firearms for protection and been deprived of that, I don’t think words can describe how I would have felt, knowing I could have stopped something like this,” Gilbert said.



Virginia Tech’s recent action against a student caught carrying a gun to class could draw unwanted attention from groups already angry about firearms restrictions on public college campuses.
University officials confirmed that, earlier this semester, campus police approached a student found to be carrying a concealed handgun to class. The unnamed student was not charged with any crimes because he holds a state-issued permit allowing him to carry a concealed gun. But the student could face disciplinary action from the university for violating its policy prohibiting “unauthorized possession, storage or control” of firearms on campus.


A gunman, who is possibly one of the students, is currently on the loose at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. One gunmen has been aprehended and there would appear to be a second one on the loose, according to reports.
The campus of Virginia Tech is currently the scene of at least two separate shootings.


Here is proof that gun control works



Congress is keeping Andrews Air Force base plenty busy this year ferrying lawmakers all over the globe at taxpayers’ expense. Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi took his wife, nine Democrats and two Republicans – Reps. Dan Lungren of California and Mike Rogers of Alabama – on a whirlwind tour of the Caribbean last week. After stops in Honduras and Mexico, they stopped in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the delegation stayed at the five-star Caneel Bay resort.


Obama Top Fundraiser on Wall Street
Big Banks’ Employees Gave Senator $479,000 in 1st Quarter



For Clinton, Even Presidential Politics Is Local
Senator Hopes Attention to Little Things Will Help Her Take Next Big Step



Just remember that “democracy” leads to socialism


Roughly 90 percent of American children attend government schools. That share has not changed substantially in the last 20 years, during which those schools have been under a constant barrage from a variety of critics. Despite growth in home-schooling and presumably attendance at religious schools, there has been no prominent exodus from the government’s system.
Charter schools have made inroads in various states, but I wouldn’t count them as part of an eroding of state education. While charter schools are relieved of some bureaucratic burdens, ultimately they are accountable to the chartering authority: the state. True, parents have the power to desert a charter school, but government has the power to revoke a charter in defiance of the parents’ wishes. Of course, the schools are financed by the taxpayers. Charter schools are one of those seductive ad hoc “creative solutions” that distract attention from the real task, delegitimizing the government’s role in education, which is to say, the raising of children.



Virginia Tech, a state school, prohibits its students from carrying guns onto campus. When someone recently introduced a bill in the Virginia legislature to permit students with state-issued concealed-carry permits to carry guns onto campus, the bill was allowed to die in committee.
So there you have it, once again: Virginia Tech’s gun-control regulation disarmed Virginia Tech’s students from defending themselves against a mass murderer who, having ignored the regulation, could be virtually certain that all Virginia Tech students would be disarmed. Why, just one or two armed students could have taken the murderer out.
How many gun massacres must we witness before Americans finally abandon their devotion to gun control? The best thing Americans could ever do is to abolish all restrictions on ownership of weapons, including registration requirements, waiting periods, concealed-carry laws, et cetera, which would once again permit ordinary, peaceful, law-abiding Americans the unrestricted ability to defend themselves against murderers, who have as much respect for laws against guns as they do for laws against murder.



But let’s use the more conservative estimate for purposes of comparison. One way of making that comparison would be to say that Iraq is currently enduring something equivalent to three Blacksburg massacres every single day of the year. But this comparison doesn’t take into account that the population of Iraq is about one-twelfth the size of the United States.
If we take that difference into account, we might say the Iraqi civil war is producing the equivalent of 35 Blacksburg massacres, seven days per week, 365 days per year.



The controversy surrounding remarks by talk show host Don Imus shows that the nation remains incredibly sensitive about matters of race, despite the outward progress of the last 40 years. A nation that once prided itself on a sense of rugged individualism has become uncomfortably obsessed with racial group identities.
The young women on the basketball team Mr. Imus insulted are over 18 and can speak for themselves. It’s disconcerting to see third parties become involved and presume to speak collectively for minority groups. It is precisely this collectivist mindset that is at the heart of racism.
Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups. By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called “diversity” actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racist.



Can the subject of this song be MKULTRA?



A classic Canadian 80s band “Frozen Ghost” performing “Should I see”.
Although the clothing and hairstyles are a bit dated, the message(lyrics) of the music is not!!!


About $550,000 for a possible open-air, fenced detention facility to hold protesters next to the Ramsey County Workhouse; $1.7 million for overtime, and $62,000 for biohazard decontamination equipment.
These are among the items included in a $4.4 million budget proposal by Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher, who was told by St. Paul police to plan for 3,000 arrests during the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.
Don’t forget to equip the gestapo SWAT teams with automatic weapons, just in case they should feel threatened and choose to mow down the political prisoners indicriminately.


An unbiased observer doesn’t need to look beyond what’s happening on the ground today in Iraq and Afghanistan to conclude the War on Terror has been a brutal, manipulative means to a transparently self-serving end.
None of this is news, however, to proponents of “9/11 Truth,” a worldwide movement that seems to keep growing despite an unofficial media blackout on their questions and investigations. So what are these “Truthers” saying?


Boucher said Iran had played a positive role in the international process to establish a post-Taliban government in 2001 and in fighting the drugs trade from the country.
But he said there had been increasing concerns about Iran’s behavior in Afghanistan in the past year.
Another justification for an invasion of Iran!!!



The tragic murders of Virginia Tech students, apparently by an insane person, will prompt new attempts to ban private ownership of guns. Once guns are banned, crime will explode. Households and vulnerable members of society will lose the ability to defend, which will invite more intrusions and attacks. Knife crimes will rise as they have in Great Britain.
Gun prohibition will create a new industry for criminals–gun running and black market sales. Police will conduct stings by posing as black market gun dealers and entrap innocent citizens driven by fear and threat to secure means of personal protection.
If we lose the Constitution, we have lost our country.


The gunman suspected of carrying out the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead was identified Tuesday as an English major whose creative writing was so disturbing that he was referred to the school’s counseling service.
News reports also said that he may have been taking medication for depression, that he was becoming increasingly violent and erratic, and that he left a note in his dorm in which he railed against ”rich kids,” ”debauchery” and ”deceitful charlatans” on campus.
Were prozac and ritalin on his Px list?



Aspartame is an artificial sweetener consumed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It is used in over 6,000 diet products including soft drinks, chewing gum, candy, desserts, yogurt as well as in pharmaceuticals, in particular, syrups and antibiotics for children. In 2005, the European Ramazzini Foundation published important experimental data demonstrating the carcinogenicity of aspartame. These data demonstrated for the first time that aspartame is a carcinogenic agent, inducing various types of malignant tumors in rats, even at dose levels currently considered acceptable for humans.


Just a reminder how the New World Order has your northern neighbor in a tight grip


The average Canadian family spends more money
on taxes than on necessities of life such as food, clothing, and housing,
according to a study from The Fraser Institute, an independent research
organization with offices across Canada.
The Canadian Consumer Tax Index, 2007, shows that even though the income
of the average Canadian family has increased significantly since 1961, their
total tax bill has increased at a much higher rate.



Until now, the identities of the participants were not publicly known, except for one of the defendants, Steve Rosen, then policy director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. In recent weeks, however, the Forward has confirmed that the meeting featured a briefing delivered by top Middle East peace envoy Anthony Zinni and was attended by Jess Hordes, head of the Washington office of the Anti-Defamation League, and Dan Mariaschin, executive vice president of B’nai B’rith International.
Defense lawyers have sought the testimony of those in attendance to demonstrate to the jury that meetings between administration officials and Jewish representatives were common practice, and that intelligence was frequently shared during these powwows without the participants knowing the information was classified. But, as first reported in the Forward last month, the Jewish representatives who attended the meeting are refusing to cooperate with the defense team.



Brian Rohrbough, father of Columbine High School victim Daniel Rohrbough, spoke passionately Tuesday about the duty of law enforcement and university officials to share, as soon as investigative circumstances allow, honest and complete information about what preceded or transpired during Monday’s tragedy.
Such transparency must occur, he said, even if details of the killings might embarrass Virginia Tech administrators and law enforcement officials.



It was the first time the court banned a specific procedure in a case over how—not whether—to perform an abortion.
Abortion rights groups have said the procedure sometimes is the safest for a woman. They also said that such a ruling could threaten most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy, although government lawyers and others who favor the ban said there are alternate, more widely used procedures that remain legal.
The outcome is likely to spur efforts at the state level to place more restrictions on abortions.


Four large bombs exploded across Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 127 people and wounding scores as violence climbed toward levels seen before the U.S.-Iraqi campaign to pacify the capital began two months ago.
In the deadliest of the attacks, a parked car bomb detonated in a crowd of workers at the Sadriyah market in a mostly Shiite area of central Baghdad, killing at least 82 people and wounding 94, said Raad Muhsin, an official at Al-Kindi Hospital where the victims were taken.




George, I know how you feel about this and I can’t help but think of those two guys who stopped the shooter at your old Alma Mater, Appalachian State. Fortunately they had weapons in their cars, and knew how to use them. It’s so sad that those poor people were denied the right to defend themselves. It is reprehensible that the State of Virginia may “pass a law” that is in direct violation of their own mandate, the Constitution for the State of Virginia. They have blood on their hands, as does everyone who would disarm the good population of Virginia.


The Killing Fields – a good reminder


This film is a must see for any patriot who wishes to prevent America from degenerating into “Amerika” or “Amerikkka”.


Court Backs Ban on Abortion Procedure



A Large Load to Sort in USPS Overhaul



from the Virginia Constitution……
Sec. 13. That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the
 people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe
 defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people
 to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing
 armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to
 liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under
 strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.



“Student Wrote About Death and Spoke in Whispers, But No One Imagined What Cho Seung Hui Would Do”



In a Major Step, Saudi Arabia Agrees to Write Off 80 Percent of Iraqi Debt



Since these school shootings are always done on or around Apr. 19-20 — when the Sun enters Taurus, the bull in astrology, and May 1 Beltane, here are some links.










“Remember the Liberty”






I just heard Fox News say he was taking drugs for depression, of course. Here is a news link on the link between psychiatry, drugs, and suicide.



Investigators believe Cho at some point had been taking medication for depression, the Tribune reported.



“News reports said that he may have been taking medication for depression and that he was becoming increasingly violent and erratic.”

Yeah, no kidding.


There’s some real weirdness here. The Virginia Tech killer had “Ismail Ax” written in red ink on his arm. It might be a muslim connection of even a connection to the “Ismailis”/Hashashim. I’m looking into it, but you might ask your people…


This is the first response that the reader I reference in the next posting has gotten from an official. – Doyel

Though I’m not a politician, I am responding to your e-mail to let you know that it has been send to our director of safety and security for consideration and assessment in implementing such a system. I suspect that the city should implement a similar idea in cases of emergency conditions, i.e., hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

Thanks for the idea.

Vice President, Student Development
Del Mar College
101 Baldwin Blvd
Corpus Christi, TX 78414
(361) 698-1277
Fax: (361) 698-1599


This is from one of our readers. Then look at what I read 12 hours later on the next link. – Doyel

Hello Politicians,

Just wanted to send a letter suggesting something after the terrible things that happened at Virginia Tech. I came from a small town and I remember every week a emergency siren test would go off at the nearby Fire Station and other Buildings around the town.

Why doesn’t every College and University have a Emergency Siren like this ? Some of these schools are big enough to be the equivalent of a small town. This would give the staff and students a little time to prepare don’t you think ? It would also signal a nearby Fire and Rescue station and police station.

Maybe the staff and students could take a course upon entry to learn the different siren warnings and what they mean and what to do? I don’t think it would cost very much to install something like this on top of a Building in every College or University even with a speaker system? Something like this might cause a individual to flee instead of hanging around to do more damage? Just a thought, I will send this out and see what happens?

Thanks for your time,
Kevin A.

*Good idea Kevin, but first we will have to have a congressional oversight hearing and then start a grant program that has 70% of the funds go to administration. – Doyel


Students bitterly complained that there were no public-address announcements on campus after the first burst of gunfire. Many said the first word they received from the university was an e-mail more than two hours into the rampage — around the time the gunman struck again.



“Va. Tech Gunman Was Student From S.Korea”



The suspect has been identified as Seung-Hui Cho.[21] Law enforcement reported that he killed himself inside Norris Hall by a shot to the head and used a 9 mm handgun and a .22 caliber handgun. One official added that the gunman was “heavily armed and wearing a vest.”[22][23][24][25] The authorities said that the gunman carried no identification,[6] but that investigators were trying to trace purchase records for the guns found near the body.[6] The gunman was a student at the school and lived in one of the dormitories.[26]


Article from 2002:

“After two armed southwest Virginia law students stopped a campus shooting rampage in January, a Second Amendment group at a northern Virginia law school decided it was time to change their own school’s ban on guns.”

“Gross and Bridges reportedly ran to their cars to fetch their own guns and returned to confront Odighizuwa, who surrendered after allegedly initiating a fistfight.”




George Bush, the US president, said his administration would do its utmost to assist the university’s community.


It is already apparent from the media coverage and press conference that the media is aiming for the university and their lack of “security.



She said: “He was, I would say, about a little bit under six feet tall, young looking, Asian, dressed sort of strangely, almost like a boy scout, very short-sleeved light, tan shirt and some sort of ammo vest with black over it.”


“He was very silent,” said Sheehan, one of only four students in her 25-student German class who were not shot. “He seemed very thorough about it.”
I saw a young man interviewed on the local feed who said he saw the shooter change out the clip. He said the guy looked like he was “trained”.
“A law enforcement source close to the investigation told CNN a 22-caliber handgun and a 9 mm handgun were recovered at the scene.”
Now which is it? 2 – 9mm’s, or a 9mm and a 22?



“Law enforcement authorities, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the shooter used two 9mm pistols.”
Other reports said one of the weapons was a 22.

This individual knew very well what he was doing.

The gunman, who was holding two pistols, Perkins said, first shot the professor in the head and kept on shooting at the students. Perkins said the student was of Asian descent, “around 19,” and had “very serious but very calm look on his face.”

“Charles Steger, president of the university, said at a later afternoon news conference that 31 people, including the gunman were killed at Norris Hall and two others died at the dorm. He said there was no connection between the two shootings, however, law enforcement sources told The Washington Post that a single shooter was responsible for both incidents.”


8:33 P.M.

“Authorities said they are still trying to determine whether the shootings at West Ambler Johnston Hall and Norris Hall are related.”



“Webb Says McCain Is Impugning Patriotism of Iraq Debate Foes”



Gunman Takes High Toll
 On Va. Tech Campus



“Federal law enforcement officials said the gunman killed himself”
I heard the news anchor on CBS news ask his co-host, “wonder what makes it a federal crime” (paraphrasing)? I almost witnessed some lucidity!
I wonder why it took the Feds to say the gunman killed himself….
“Investigators told NBC News that they had been unable to positively identify the gunman, who died after he shot himself in the face. He carried no ID or cell phone, and an initial check on his fingerprints came up empty.”
Popular Mechanics said the 9-11 highjackers had been identified by their DNA…….
Here Bush is making it a national incident….
“President Bush said in a brief televised statement: “Schools should be places of sanctuary and safety and learning. When that sanctuary is violated, the impact is felt in every American classroom and every American community. Today, our nation grieves with those who have lost loved ones at Virginia Tech.””
The rampage began about 7:15 a.m.
About 9:15, the gunman chained the doors of the classroom building
Not until 9:26 did the first warning to students and employees go out
“Steger said at a briefing for reporters that administrators and police initially believed the first shooting was an isolated domestic incident and did not see a need to close the university. Steger said they believed the gunman had fled the campus.”




Gun free zones are the safest places for gun toting criminals to do their criminal acts. Read the some of the following articles from the experts over Virginia Tech policies of gun free school zones. Now anti-gunner got their way what will be the solution to their failed policy take a guess. Watch for all the new wailing for more “feel good” laws and restrictions on law abiding gun owners / people.

Allowing Guns On Campus Would Endanger Students’ Safety
Considering Virginia’s lax gun laws, Virginia Tech’s ban on guns is the safest way to protect students. Changing it would be a dangerous mistake.


Not allowing students to carry firearms on campus is a legitimate rule that makes it safer for everyone at the university. It allows properly trained law enforcement personnel to handle crisis situations rather than gun-toting students. Oh really!
Tech board to vote on policy that would strengthen gun ban
The policy prohibits everyone except law enforcement from “carrying, maintaining or storing a firearm or weapon on any university facility.”



Thwarted Warrior: Depleted uranium and the mystery of sick and dying Gulf War vets



“Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?
Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious ‘colony collapse’ of bees”


“Faulty Chips Could Cripple U.S. Attack On Iran”


“Clinton’s Campaign Has Most In Bank”





“Bystanders disrupt standoff with murder suspect”


“Imported Food Rarely Inspected”


Whenever I find a piece of produce at the store that is foreign grown, I toss it on the floor. You should try it sometime the store managers love it.


“Air Force fills out Army ranks in Iraq”




“American radio icon Don Imus disgraced, fired after threat to reveal 9/11 secrets”


“Mexico moves to legalise euthanasia”



“Mexican magnate becomes world’s second richest man”





I know most of you have probably seen this, but a little map of WTC says alot. Bld. 7 was supposed to be sculpted out at the base by magic jumping debris, which would have had to change trajectory from a tall falling building in order to go over building six, yet enter building seven at the lower floors. Reminiscent of the magic bullet theory of the Warren Commission.



“$1000 REWARD For info on people with guns”




“The Tether Aliens: A Mystery?”





“Social Security Agreement with Mexico Released After 3-1/2 Year Freedom of Information Act Battle”


*A good reminder!