Entire Cooper Audio Library now online!

OK folks,

There have been many hundreds, if not thousands of requests for HOTT to post all of Bill’s shows online over the years.  We’re now able to do so, and are hoping there is the support out there to keep them online.

Those of you who are on our mailing list will have gotten the news already, but we felt we should post the news here too in case you didn’t notice the new menu item available at the top of our website.  Simply click here and you’ll be taken to our page that has every available broadcast Bill ever recorded ready for you to enjoy!

It’s up to you now!   We are entirely listener supported and we rely on your donations to keep HOTT online and moving forward.  This particular project required the purchase of several thousand dollars worth of high speed cassette conversion equipment, and of course, the hundreds of man hours necessary to convert, label and upload the broadcasts.   If you enjoy this new addition to the website, we encourage you to convert your bedside change to a money order and send your donation in.  We recognize that some of you cannot afford to do so and that’s understandable.  The great majority of you CAN afford to do so and it is up to you to not simply spout off patriotic rhetoric but to put your money where your mouth is.  Please make our efforts count, and contribute to this cause.

Most of you will be aware that we no longer accept Paypal donations, and that we have made this move because we cannot agree to their new terms of service which would require us to report all donations to the IRS, including YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS, including information on what you have donated for!  We cannot stand for this infringement and have opted out.  We know that by doing so we will lose support from those who prefer “easy” over freedom.  To those folks, we say “Goodbye”.  To those of you who are concerned about your privacy we would also encourage you to not donate or purchase items from ANY website which accepts Paypal.  Privacy is VERY important to FREEDOM.

If you wish to donate to the Hour of the Time, there is only one option now.  Make your check or money order payable to “HOTT”, and mail it into : HOTT, PO BOX 940 Eagar, AZ, 85925.

Over the years many folks have said “Put all of Bill’s broadcasts online for free and the donations will come rolling in”.  Now is your opportunity to stand behind your words.

Enjoy the broadcasts!



  1. One funny story I just have to relate is this :

    Doyel and I (Rob) were extremely excited about this project finally being completed and during our phone call minutes before I hit the publish button on the post, Doyel commented “Rob, I’ll bet the first e-mail we get about our publishing of these broadcasts will be someone complaining that they’re not broadcast quality”. Well, I took the bet folks. And sure enough, the first person to reply to the announcement was a guy who complained that the quality wasn’t the greatest!!!! BHAHAHAHAHA! Doyel truly knows the audience for Bill’s stuff! So I lost the bet, and while I didn’t have any money riding on it, it didn’t really matter, but I was absolutely amazed that people complain – EVEN WHEN THEY’RE GETTING ABSOLUTELY FREE STUFF!!!!!!! LOL.

    It should have made me angry but I just laughed my butt off when I saw that e-mail. So, feel free to complain about the broadcasts if you like, but it’ll only prove your own worth. LOL!

    As Bill might say, “God Bless each and every one of you”.



    • Wow that is unbelievable! There are always people who will find something to complain about. To give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe these complainers just don’t realize the hard work it took for you to be able to do this.

      • I see no reason to give someone who has their head up their ass the benefit of the doubt. They are the exact same people who will sell you down the river when the shit hits the fan, hoping to gain favor with the American gestapo.

      • You think like I do Lana. I always think the best of people, but history has proved me wrong so many times. Sad, yes, but I’ve been able to move on. Don’t worry! Many of the folks in your generation don’t understand that information isn’t really free. Once things are posted on the net, everyone seems to assume, “COOL FREE SHIT!”. After all, TV is free right too huh? Oh wait, your parents paid for the cable or satellite feed and are buying bucket loads of the crap advertised there. So it’s not directly costing these kids (they’re not smart enough to be called children) anything, so it must be free!!!!!

        So here we are, offering Bill’s broadcasts for free. Most sheople will see them and consume them like they’re at a soup kitchen gobbling down the latest grub. Some will taste, digest and ponder. Most will gulp and guzzle, and not recognize any benefit.

        That’s the way things iz!

        Cheers Lana, and thanks for not being one of the lost,


    • That’s insane, its for the price of FREE, and you still got someone to bitch and bellyache that it wasn’t top notch quality, ridiculous.
      I am astounded that you guys at HOTT put this incredible amount of work on here and made it available to everyone, for nothing.
      I would guess that the people that have complained that they want information and research materials for free will be pleased.
      When you receive my money order for this month’s HOTT club there will also be a donation in there for this.

      • Wow, that’s awesome guys, thanks so much! I’ll be sending something extra with my HOTT Club donation too.

        There’s always a reason why we don’t have enough money to give a donation. Beer money, concert tickets, cigarettes, an Alex Jones T-shirt haha… never enough to give, but plenty of time to freely benefit from other peoples’ diligent work… YOU DON”T HAVE ONE DOLLAR TO SEND IN??????????????

        Cooper gave his life to bring this info you egg suckers. What makes you any different from the socialist scumbags? Waking people up and that’s it??? What then?? Pay up or shut up…

        I’m really grateful to the HOTT guys for doing this but at the same time I’m almost sorry that they did. Now you’ll have 10 times more little socialist whiners in here showing off how much they know from “their” solid research…


    • No matter what people do in there life, there will always be people that don’t like some thing about it.

    • This is awesome. Thanks HOTT. I officially can’t put off donating any longer. I think this is a really smart move by you guys. It make take awhile but in the end I bet you’ll be glad you did it.

      The way I see it, this is a collection of extremely valuable information. The rub is that people need to hear it in order to realize it’s value. If it’s not out there free waiting to be found, less people are going to hear it and thus less people are going to realize it’s value which in the end leads to less money coming in.

      It seems to me like it would take a long time to increase the amount of people paying for broadcasts over time. I would think the growth rate would be so slow that new customers would be replacing dead customers and the rate might never increase.

      Say you have 100 people visting this site and 1 out of 100 donate, while 10 out of 100 pay for broadcasts. You have more people out of that 100 paying for broadcasts, but it’s hard to increase both the number of people paying for broadcasts and the number of people coming to the site. By releasing the collection for free you are giving up the money from the broadcasts but increasing the number of people coming to the site and possibly the number of people donating. You are bascially trading the 10 out of 100 for 1(+) out of 1,000,000 potentially.

      Seems like genius to me. Fighting fire with fire. Being as creative as the communits. You have to expect the complainers though. Reminds me of buying a homeless guy a burger and him asking, “What, no fries?”

  2. Thank you very much for sharing these broadcasts with us. I, personally, could care less about the sound quality. Just hearing Bill and all the incredible work he did for us is what matters. God bless you all.

  3. Thank you very much for posting all of Bill’s broadcast, this will be a very useful weapon in waking more sheeple up. When I get in better financial shape I will be donating. Until then I will continue waking people up and sending them here. Had a blast with that Illuminati ritual Madonna did at the S. Bowl. Trolled the You tube videos of it, posting info and the site. Hope it worked. Keep up the great work.

  4. Wow, you guys are the best. Seriously.. I’ve never donated any money to any website and I never have much money, but I promise, you guys WILL be on my mind the next time money rolls in. This is really appreciated.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

        • That happens all the time online, dont take it personal–Just listen through most of Bills stuff and youll see why this is a sore subject (it is!)

          Dont forget to buy something from HOTT when you can.

      • I was just making a suggestion! And you can go screw yourself. Who do you think you are? Arrogant Prick!

        • If you paid attention, you wouldn’t have had to ask your question at all, this has been stated(spoken about and posted) on here numerous times already since DEC 1. You also would have known if you looked at the HOTT shop in that period of time.

          I am a prick, and I don’t give a shit about your delicate feelings.
          your first post came off as childish, so i retorted accordingly.

          • Stop trying to act tough here you loser. Your just a bully!
            And a very stupid one as well!

            A curse be apon you!

            • Marbus, you shouldn’t even be posting “suggestions” here. you sound like a complete idiot to me. You too Jesse. Matt D has been very helpful and you two haven’t been one bit helpful. Have you ever heard of an international money order Marbus? “You people”? Haha yes, we’re not like you because we don’t worship satan. Talk about losers…

              Why is there an exclamation mark at the end of all your sentences, because no one ever listens to you? You need to find Jesus, dumbass…


              • LOL you said “You People” like an insulted black man and than followed it up by bringing up satan worship. Guess what like it or not Marbus was trying to be helpful, so it wasn’t a sword through the heart of the New World Order, but it was an attempt at helping. Get over yourself you miserable Cunt.

                • Ok guys,

                  This latest yammering back and forth is exactly the kind of stuff Doyel and I will no longer deal with. It’s childish and I’ll be deleting all hostile comments from here on. Be respectful to each other or be gone.

                  This post was supposed to be a celebration of Bill’s broadcasts being available to the world.

                  Can we now focus on that, please?


          • I am someone who has paid attention, but has to say your response serves no purpose and you are an asshole. Troll somewhere else or post something helpful.

  5. You won’t hear me complain. I’ll be ante-up soon for a donation.

    I appreciate all the great stuff you guys do at HOTT!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  6. I want to thank you an awful lot for this, I will be sending out a small donation to you tomorrow. Only I’m not sure whether you did yourself a favor with this, but I hope.

    As to Paypal: Could you maybe tell where one can read their new terms of service to show it to others? Because I can’t find that on their website and I was only able to catch the second half of the broadcast everytime you streamed the show about Paypal..

    Thank you

  7. When i read that post my heart jumped up and down like a little kid. Thank you guys SOOOOOO much!
    will be on my mind next time i get some flow coming through.


  8. Thanks guys! I will still be buying broadcasts from you in the future though. HOTT is about the only genuine operation that I can think of these days. It’s our duty to support those who are worth supporting.

  9. You just contributed a great deal to public knowledge. This is epic. Thank You. I respect that you stopped dealing with paypal for those reasons, that shows your real about this.

  10. Thank You! HOTT for the broadcasts. Forget all those thumb sucking, crying babies, jelly for a back-goons. It’s time to sweep derelicts by the wayside. Take Care.

  11. You guys are the best! I can’t wait to send you some mail. It will be an honor! Thank you both so much for not bending to PayPa”s bullshit. Talk soon!

  12. In response to the arguement on this post. We are supposed to be working together to put an end to the illuminati and overthrough our corrupt government not work against each other and insult someone who believes in what this website stands for. We might not always agree with eachother but that is what freedom is all about. We need to learn to cooperate and try to understand people better. A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. John 13:34.

  13. To be honest about 2 years ago I downloaded about 300 episodes for free off of a torrent website. I found out about the hour of the time website this way and how to make donations. It took a while for me to wake up and get involved and I am glad I did because I want to contribute to some thing I feel is very important. It is a good thing you guys are making it available for free because many people would get access to them for free by some other means anyway. So by you guys making them available it will not hurt you and probably bring even more apreciation to you as well as donations and understanding of what the hour of the time stands for.

    • Seems kind of odd that you would say that since Bill took electronic payments through them to get listening credits.

      • It’s amazing how many comments are made on HOTT that say “Bill never would have done that.” or ” and I know Bill would agree with me.” haha… I guess it’s because he came off so personal in way that we think we can relate to him in such a way.

        I just love listening to his shows. What a guy…


    • You did not know Bill Cooper. Many people around the net, Particular on youtube have a false Belief on how Bill Cooper realy was as a person.

  14. For those still on the fence about donating, if Bill Cooper and HOTT and freedom mean anything at all to you, you have to support it financially. They’ve been dealing with piraters and people stealing their materials since the very beginning. Bill Cooper talked in his book about his tapes being stolen when he started his work and he never got money from his book either. He never ever got the money he deserved to get (just for the basics) and not much support from his listeners, even though he talks about thousands of people coming to his website so the number of people listening to him was not the problem. So now is your chance to support his work and his legacy, and it’s all in your hands pretty much, and every dollar will help. Referring people to this website is good but it’s not enough because most won’t come here or stay and they definitely won’t contribute anything if you who is referring them don’t. If you don’t have any money, send a few dollars, anything will help and will be appreciated and used well and for a good cause.

  15. Bill returned a check I sent him for the Zapruder film stating he didnt accept them and to send cash. As PayPal is in essence a bank, and governed by banking laws I believe, I didn’t think he ever accepted PayPal, a digital form of currency as well.

  16. Yep, he sure did with LDI services…the listening credits, orders and sundry items like cameras were all allowed under PP.

  17. Hello, i just want to thank you for this, i’m dirt poor so i would have not afford to get this, i’m listening to old recordings for years and I’ve learned so much cause of Bill.

    But now since you publish them so nicely i can’t wait to go trough them one by one 🙂 The true wisdom of the world shared at hour of the time by the legendary Bill Cooper.

    If i could i would make this recording a must study for kids in schools 🙂

    Btw i’m just curious, why are some shows missing?

  18. Many thanks to the HOTT team for making these available to listen to for free at anytime. These broadcasts are amazing and I hope more people actually listen to them and get a head start on their research. I will be making a donation very soon! God bless 🙂

  19. Never said thanks, so I suppose I shall now. Thanks HOTT for your continued persevereance. (hope i spelled that right) Don’t let the ignorance get you down.