Chilean Mine Rescue Rife with Symbolism

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Tonight, Tuesday the 12th of October at midnight, the daring rescue efforts of the teams of mining experts in Chile will bring to the surface the first of 33 trapped miners.  Of course midnight tonight is also known as October 13th!  Three different rescue shafts were being drilled in this effort to bring the trapped miners to the surface.  We’re working on verifying the fact that the first successful attempt came after 33 days of drilling, an attempt by the second team of experts.  This timing appears to be verified in this news article : http://www.thestate.com/2010/10/08/1504189/escape-shaft-nearly-reaches-chiles.html

The Canadian team ran into difficulties about a week and a half ago and were delayed in their efforts.  The initial rescue effort was also unsuccessful in reaching their target.

The rescue pod, essentially a reinforced steel cage, has been given the name “Pheonix”.  A Globe and Mail article on the rescue effort published earlier today headlined “Mine about to give ‘birth’ to 33 trapped Chileans”.   http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/americas/mine-about-to-give-birth-to-33-trapped-chileans/article1752567/

What exactly are the mystery schools up to?  Can this be anything but an insult to the sheople?

Update : First miner rescued at 12:11 local time at the minesite.

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera mentions that today, October 13th, is the “magic number”, spoken shortly after the first miner reaches the surface.

2:56 AM mine-site time – BBC announces that 3 different Pheonix capsules are being used in the rescue effort.  Pheonix 1 was a prototype, Pheonix 2 is currently being used, and Pheonix 3 will replace unit #2 if any problems arise.

33 miners rescued after 33 days

Rescued using the “Phoenix” rescue capsule

The company is Layne Christensen Co…. of Mission Woods, Kansas (about 5 miles from me)

They also do sub contracting work in Afghanistan, which means they’re tied in.

Their company logo is the all-seeing eye:

Their revenue is about a quarter of a billion / year

Their stock is up today by almost 5% (never underestimate a clever marketing campaign):


Here’s their official press release:


Their president is Andrew B. Schmitt and he makes at least $1 million a year at Layne alone, but is also director of Unitog (the uniform company) and Reynolds Transport (a trucking outfit he incorporated), both here in KC.

Lastly, I find it interesting that this melodramatic charade to save human lives was not in such a rush that they didn’t have time to stop for photo ops with the special drill and rescue capsule, even allowing the daughter of one of the trapped miners to get inside of the special tube and make sure it was “comfortable”. Reminds me of all those pity-pics we see of starving children in Africa. I’m sure that if I ever saw a starving child the first thing I’d want to grab is my camera…


Did you see that 69 days from today (the number of days they were trapped as well)  ,October 13th, is December 21st – the last day before the sun is lost for on the horizon for 3 days – before being risen and reborn on December 25th…69 = “As Above, So Below” – yin-yang – the universal man – the brotherhood of man – salvation by works…

That’s interesting…I was looking at this video a second ago and felt that the symbolism seemed relevant. The 9th guy to get taken out of there, wearing a shirt with an upside down five-pointed star. He was in the main picture about the story on MSN’s home page.


The Economist Magazine

And The Chilean President confirmed it:

Just gets more and more interesting…

–          Copiapó was said to be the site of an unidentified flying object sighting in 1864. According to researcher Chris Aubeck, [12] the story first appeared in print in the March 18, 1868 issue of the newspaper El Constituyente, which was itself cited in the journal The Zoologist then in Lo!, a 1931 book by American investigator Charles Fort. Fort’s account was the basis of a later account in Anatomy of a Phenomenon (1965) by ufologist Jacques Vallee.

–          Aubeck reports that the original newspaper article described the object as “an enormous bird.” (Phoenix?-SDW)
source: http://wapedia.mobi/en/Copiap%C3%B3

–          It’s a copper and gold mine. Add blood and you have 3 of the main ingredients of the so-called Philosopher’s Stone.

–          The Phoenix rescue capsule is actually a German invention:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahlbusch_bomb

–          Here’s the live feed of the rescue:  http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-15749625/22309266

–          And here’s some historical background of the Phoenix, but the gist is the similarity of the Phoenix when related to the Osiris/Horus myth (death and rebirth) and it’s connection to the Sun, the City of the Sun (Heliopolis) and the Temple of the Sun. In the Chinese version of the Phoenix the bird is at times paired with a dragon (female to the dragon’s male) and it’s rare appearance signifies peace and prosperity, especially when a new ruler ascends to the throne.

Background Mythology of the Phoenix:

Setting forth from Arabia he conveys his father, they say, to the temple of the Sun plastered up in myrrh, and buries him in the temple of the Sun. He conveys him thus. He forms first an egg of myrrh as large as he is able to carry, and then he makes trial of carrying it, and when he has made trial sufficiently, then he hollows out the egg and places his father within it and plasters over with other myrrh that part of the egg where he hollowed it out to put his father in, and when his father is laid in it, it proves (they say) to be of the same weight as it was; and after he has plastered it up, he conveys the whole to Egypt to the temple of the Sun. Thus they say that this bird does.

The phoenix is a bird that is found in India. After it has lived for 500 years, it goes to the cedar forests of Lebanon and bathes in the fragrance from the trees, then signals the priest in the city of Heliopolis (the city of the sun), who prepares an alter. The phoenix flies to the city, alights on the alter, and ignites a fire that completely consumes it, leaving only ash. The next day the preist finds a worm in the ashes, on the second day a small bird, and on the third day the full-grown phoenix, completely renewed. The phoenix greets the priest and returns to its home in India.

The Epiphanius version follows the same basic story line, but adds a few details. The phoenix is the most beautiful bird, more beautiful even than the peacock. It is colored like precious stones, and has a crested head and feet like fire. It lives among the cedars of Lebanon for 500 years, neither eating or drinking, being fed only by the wind. After this time it goes to the priest at Heliopolis and burns itself up. The next day there is a small bird in the ashes; on the third day the phoenix is fully restored and returns home.


The Chinese phoenix, also called “Feng Huang”, is the head of all birds. Feng is male and Huang female, while paired with dragon it is female. Feng Huang has rare appearance, with colorful plumage. Many legends tell that it has a body of pheasant, while feathers like that of peacocks, with wings of roc.
Chinese phoenix is also an immortal bird whose rare appearances signify the peace and prosperity, especially a new ruler ascent to the throne. It never old or dies, belongs to the fire in Five Elements. It is said that phoenix nirvana and rebirth out of ash, symbolize the constant striving spirit.
Images of ancient birds have appeared in China for 7,000 years, with the earliest historic piece with phoenix was a silk painting discovered in a tomb of the warring states period.
Down the ages, Chinese “long” and dragon are the traditional totems embedded with people’s blessing and hope and left deep imprint in Chinese civilization. Some are even combined the dragon and phoenix together to hope the harmony and happiness of marriage.


  1. I see AJ is doing a special 27 hour broadcast on Thursday. Sounds like a good opportunity for the Illuminati to do “round ups” if you know what I mean.

  2. “The first two of 33 men trapped in a collapsed mine were rescued early Wednesday after 69 days underground, pulled to fresh air and freedom at last in a missile-like escape capsule to the cheers of family and countrymen.”


    In his “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry,” Albert Mackey describes 6 and 9 as the #’s used to add to 15, the number of “God.” (Lucifer)

    Another “closer to ‘God'” ritual, IMO.

  3. “The first two of 33 men trapped in a collapsed mine were rescued early Wednesday after 69 days underground, pulled to fresh air and freedom at last in a missile-like escape capsule to the cheers of family and countrymen.”

    “This won’t be over until all 33 are out,” Pinera added. “Hopefully the spirit of these miners will remain forever with us. … This country is capable of great things.”

    “The last miner out has been decided: Shift foreman Luis Urzua, whose leadership was credited for helping the men endure 17 days with no outside contact after the collapse.”


    In his “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry,” Albert Mackey describes 6 and 9 as the #’s used to add to 15, the number of “God.” (Lucifer)

    17 = coming into a higher spiritual order

    Another of their absurd “closer to ‘God'”rituals, IMO.

  4. “Painted in Chile’s national colors of white, blue and red, the rescue capsule dubbed “Phoenix” is a specially designed steel cage, which holds the key to giving the miners new life.”

    “Resembling a long, four-meter (13-foot) metallic cigar, the cage was built for the rescue operation at the Chilean Navy’s construction site.”

    “”We called it Phoenix because it will be like a rebirth, a new life for the miners,” Mining Minister Laurence Golborne told reporters last month, before entering the cage to explain how it would work.”

    “The upper white section of the cylinder can be detached using three levers, which the miner can activate from inside the cage.”

    “Officials expected to have the last of the miners out by late Thursday.”


  5. How convenient.. Thanks for sharing this information. Everything seems so easy to notice once you open your eyes

  6. This is one day and date (13th) I wish would pass in a hurry. It takes time to fish those fellows out of there and this whole scene didn’t just fall together coincidentally, nor is the use of such powerful symbols and numerology just idle chatter over the air waves. This thing smells, and I sure hope this day closes before some mysterious methane explosion occurs.
    Great catch, Doyel! I’ll pray for those miners. You may deal in truth but the Enemy deals in blood.
    I hate October 13th.

  7. Thanks Daily, but as I like to say:


    Hoka Hey

    There Will Be Blood (as in battle)

    Now, just be sure to get you bench all ready.


  8. My thought is that these 33 miners are set to all become initiates into the mysteries. Reborn from the cave (darkness) and into the light, the sun.
    Does anyone know if in ancient times cave initiations were a part of the old tradition to be initiated into the mysteries?

  9. I think that if I were to join Freemasonry, I would join the Grand Orient. I would be a communist for the simple reason that most of the rich people I have met are arseholes that don’t care about anyone but themselves. Plus, I would get to make a bunch of cool radio transmissions that no one understands but me and my fellow Freemasons.

    Or maybe this underdogism has just got the better of me. Always rootin’ for the underdog. Maybe it’s just a bad habit.

  10. I thought the rescue t shirts were interesting but as I looked closer at the chile flag it seems they are one in the same.

  11. “South Americans are often superstitious, so much has been made in Chile of how it took 33 days to dig the shaft to rescue the 33 miners trapped in the San José gold and copper mine, using a drill bit apparently changed 33 times, and how the miners finally reached the surface on October 13 2010 – a date, which when expressed as 13-10-10, adds up to 33.”

    “He is poised to visit three European countries three days after the first miners emerged – there is that magic number 33 again.”


  12. JB had an interesting post but it didn’t come up on ft.com either through the link or a search.
    It’s good they’re all out, but it leaves one feeling a bit fuzzy, don’t it? All that chatter and symbolism but what was it about? Our illumined “friends” didn’t stage a disaster, for which I’m grateful, but then why all the sun stuff and phoenixes and numerology?
    Can’t be something as simple as money, can it?
    You’re well-told it can:
    San Esteban Mining Company is considering “bankruptcy” after the miners are rescued.[5] San José is the only mine owned by San Esteban.[5] President of Chile Sebastián Piñera said on October 12 that “the mine will remain closed until security measures that guard the life and dignity of the workers are established.”[6]

    So the mine is basically for sale and this is what illumined bidding sounds like. Pretty mundane, but it is a gold mine after all.

  13. Lest we forget…there were also plans weeks ago that the miners would not be paid while they were trapped because they were not working.


    The benevolance and media showing are just that, a showing. If they are not concerned enough to pay the miners their minor wages, then why the sudden change of heart? To distract the world from the changing of hands for ownership of the assets, resources and political power that comes with copper and gold, which is immense.


  14. Yeah I noticed in the video that the 9th miner was wearing the 5 pointed star upside down and the age of the guy was 63. 6+3=9.

    Also remember Friday October 13, 1307 the day the Knights Templars were rounded up in France.

  15. Yep – that is a must read for everybody and unfortunately one of the least read and understood works – just like T.S. Elliot’s “Wasteland”.

  16. 33 miners 3+3=6
    69 days 6+9=15 1+5=6
    rescued on 10/13/10 10+13+10=33 3+3=6
    6 6 6
    shaft 18 inches in diameter 1+8=9 or 3+3+3=33.3
    18″ shaft diameter, is also 6+6+6 or 666

  17. Thats quite a stretch.

    Richard :
    33 miners 3+3=6
    69 days 6+9=15 1+5=6
    rescued on 10/13/10 10+13+10=33 3+3=6
    6 6 6
    shaft 18 inches in diameter 1+8=9 or 3+3+3=33.3
    18″ shaft diameter, is also 6+6+6 or 666

  18. I, for one, am quite reluctant to believe that this entire operation is a planned public ritual. I consider many of these numerological connections being made to be coincidental, and also think the ‘all-seeing-eye’ connection with the Layne logo is a bit of a stretch.

    Remember, many coroprate heads are retarded and create their logos using the Shape tool in Microsoft Word. Heck, a veterinarian around the corner from here has the winged orb in their logo, and I am certain it has no deep symbolic meaning to them, it’s just a pretty picture.

    The ‘FENIX’ thing is certainly interesting, but I’m in no hurry to tell my friends the whole thing is an illuminati message – although stranger things have happened, in this instance I’m simply unconvinced.

  19. Corporate logos are not made with shape tool in MW. Big corporations have their logos made inhouse by a graphic designer in connection with the marketing department or outsourced with a marketing agencies.

    Small businesses may use MW or outsourced marketing agencies but we are not talking about small businesesses. We are talking about large corporations controlled by MB.

  20. @S. Daily Warren
    You have an excellent point there with the bankruptcy – I always look at things now & question… Was this disaster planned? The numbers involved, dates & coincidences ??? Who would stand to benefit financially? Are the world’s press involved? Was there a big celebration? Follow the money, the symbols & people involved & its a Gold Mine – Case closed – this was Staged – sorry if I am wrong.. Peace 🙂 xx

  21. Thanks for good reading! I would like to add something important information to this aswell. Im refering to the movie: “The Arrivals – part 4” wich is also up on youtube. Its the attention this got in the “cross point of Ley Lines” this reveals the strategic energy points on our planet. The Energy that is up there in Copiapo and the Atacama desert… The illuminati knows about this. Why would it else get this world wide big attention? and not the mine accidents in USA in april, China and the one i Australia(New Zeeland).