The Fourth World – When Humanity Murders God DVD


50 minutes

Explore mans mysterious past and ponder some of these age old questions through archaeological discoveries and myths from ancient cultures. Are we in a third age of man and will there be a fourth? What is the significance of the four corners – did life spring from here? Will man have a Fourth age or cycle of history? Did Jesus walk the Americas?

For a sneak preview of the movie, go to the official site here:  http://www.littlebeardig.com


Hidden in the north-east corner of Arizona lies a great secret, which until this decade lay silent, quietly sleeping under nearly one thousand years of dust and dirt. The secret now stirs, and has begun to whisper to us again. Be one of the first to hear its message. The Fourth World – When Humanity Murders God.


During a warm spell in late February in of 2009, a film production crew stayed for several days at the Little Bear Dig site located on the X Diamond ranch near Eagar, Arizona, and filmed the wonders to behold at the site, the Little Bear museum, and the surrounding valleys. 


Top research archaeologist Charles Rand was our tour guide for this journey into the past. Join with us and let Charles share the wonders and excitement of the peoples who built this marvelous site. Learn their story and learn their secrets.