Hello folks,

Per our announcements on the broadcast and on the shopping cart site in December 2011, we are changing how we handle donations for materials to better protect you.

Here is the downloadable product catalog for your use.

Here is the downloadable order form for your use.

All donations for research materials including DVDs, past broadcasts and other materials MUST be sent to :


PO Box 940

Eagar, AZ, 85925

We accept personal checks (which require a few days to clear), money orders in US dollars, or gold and silver (values calculated based on the day you place your order – YOU MUST CONTACT US FIRST BEFORE SENDING IN GOLD/SILVER).  FRNs, Euros, and Canadian Dollars are also accepted providing they are sent in via a method that permits confirmation of receipt.  Appropriate market rate conversions apply for any foreign currency.


Please keep in mind that donations are our ONLY source of revenue, and

that they enable us to keep this website online, and our radio program on the air.