WWFRN Schedule for 01/24/11 – Due to popular demand – More “Classic Cooper!”

People seem to be quite thrilled to hear some of the never before rebroadcast episodes of Bill’s, so we’re going to continue this week with some more episodes.

Tonight at 9pm EDT, in tribute to Aaron Zeldman, from JPFO, please tune in for an interview Bill did with him back in 1995.

At 10pm, we’re happy to queue up another NEW episode of David Christopher’s wonderful “A Healthier You” broadcast, where tonight he’ll be discussing “Vaccines and Autism Debate”.  We know people have learned much about how to improve, restore, and keep their health from these broadcasts and we’re happy to keep them coming!


  1. Classic stuff. Thank you!

    Shot two hundred rounds yesterday w/ XD40. Only dropped three. Presenting from the holster and placing two to the face cavity and two to the chest cavity. It was a glorious day out on the range, in the sunshine, in the great outdoors.