WWFRN Schedule for 01/19/11 – Socialists REJOICE! Another FREE first-replay-ever episode of the Hour of the Time with William Cooper

Of course, nowadays it’s almost a prerequisite that you notify the public when irony or sarcasm is used…. In Canada, sometimes even if you’re being sarcastic or otherwise making an ironic statement you’ll be shut up , shut down and shut off from doing so. (Money for Nothing by Dire Straits is now Hate Speech, and can’t be played on the radio in Canada) .

In any event, we’ll NEVER EVER encourage socialism, but we are offering up another free broadcast from Bill, lovingly converted from the original cassette by a volunteer from California who would cringe at the thought that the pirates and socialists might benefit from his hard work.   He will be happy to know that there is a small group of people who understand honesty, value for your dollar, and integrity.  It is for you that we keep pressing forward – please enjoy this classic Cooper episode!  As for you socialists – well – as Bill would say “Socialism sucks and so do socialists”!

Tonight’s Classic Cooper broadcast at 9pm is “Hotline Messages”.

At 10pm you’ll hear another broadcast from James Jankiewicz.   He’s going to discuss ” Health and Fitness in the 2000s”



  1. @Lana
    Can you believe there are parasites out there who still hassle us because “we charge $10 for past Cooper shows”? It was Bill himself who set those prices – 15 years ago – and we’ve made most programs available for $2.50 or less for years and years now. How is it that people think they can complain when we’re making the shows available for free via the stream and for at least 75% off of what Bill used to charge – to burn the discs, have them packaged and delivered to their door????? It’s amazing Lana! Makes a person want to just throw in the towel sometimes. But don’t worry – we won’t!

    Sometimes it would be nice to snap that towel on the complaining socialist’s asses though! SNAP SNAP YEOOOOOOWII!

    God Bless!

  2. This broadcast is a lot of fun! I hear many voices from the past, and a few that are still around.
    Thanks for converting it Scott!

  3. It is hard for me to believe that actually, I really don’t understand it. There are so many great free materials (podcasts, pdfs/books, 24/7 stream) here already, I don’t understand how much more free stuff people want. Why should everything be free, that doesn’t make any sense??! (and the funny thing is I was actually born and raised in a socialist country behind the Iron Curtain (Bulgaria) and I still don’t get it LOL). There are also materials in all price ranges that I would think can fit in anyone’s budget and preference. I’m guessing the people who are complaining haven’t seen them?!

    Bill Cooper dedicated and gave his life for the people of the US and the world, the way I see it the LEAST they can do is give some money to support his website regardless of what they get in return, even though you do get a lot more than what you pay for when you buy them.

    All I can say is I’m very grateful I found this website and that it’s still here and I’m very happy with my materials. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything you do!

  4. Thats an extra-special thanks, guys. And it sounded pretty darn good for being converted from 8-track to cassette to abacus to charcoal cave painting then to MP3. And what a blast from the past. I remember Bill’s very first broadcast. Me, a friend (yes, I had one back then!) and his wife all went to the police heliport on the highest hill in the city we could find, sitting on the roof of my buddy’s 1971 Cutlas and holding the Realistic shortwave radio up in the air with some old bailing wire attached for an extended antenae. Absolutely killer.

  5. @admin
    I didn’t mean I don’t believe you (I do!), it’s just very hard for me to understand that attitude, especially after Bill Cooper’s murder. But I also see it often at my work, where many people don’t want to work, instead play the lottery and expect to win any day now, and of course whine and complain about everything. There are also people who think of the economic crisis as a great opportunity to get unemployment. I’m afraid it’s a sign of the times. 🙁 Easy money, no work, get everything for free, facebook, and American Idol.

  6. I’ma buy the whole mystery babylon series once I’m rollin’ in sum sirius chedda!!!

  7. Brought to you by the same folks who are bringing you “medical marijuana”. Can’t you just hear those brain cells dying. Gotta love the irony. LOL. And then barf.