The Wise Men, Masonic Infiltration into the 7 Churches of Revelation and the Beast Empire 4 DVD Set


This 4 DVD set was filmed live at the Hour of the Time Conference 2008.

John Daniel is the well known author of the epic “Scarlet and the Beast” series of books, of which Bill Cooper was a huge fan. Many of you will remember the Scarlet and the Beast 4 hour presentation Bill did on the air during the early 90′s.

This spectacular, thought provoking DVD set includes John’s entire “Wise Men” presentation, the entire “Empire of the Beast” presentation summarizing the Scarlet and the Beast Book set, and includes the world premiere presentation of his wonderful “Masonic Infiltration into the Seven Churches of Revelation” lecture.

Disc One : Behold – There came Wise Men!

Join with us and discover the real history behind the Wise Men who came to greet and pay homage to Jesus.

Learn the true number of the Wise Men.  Were there only three?

Listen and watch this presentation which shows the ancestry and true history of these wise men who visited the Holy Land in the ancient past. Were they all Christians?  Did other world religions include prophesy which include the man we now know as Jesus?  Was he the Messiah according to these religions?  Does this prophesy of the Wise Men include the 70 weeks of Daniel?  Learn about the first Buddah’s predictions, and the Zoroastrian traditions which include the prophesy of Jesus.

This presentation shows John Daniel’s complete lecture on the Wise Men.  This presentation is a full 45 minutes in length.

Disc Two and Three : Masonic Infiltration into the Seven Churches of Revelation Part 1 + 2

Watch and learn as John takes us through the seven ages of the Christian Church and shows how Masonic influences have perverted and diluted the true Christian message.  Are the Catholics to blame?  Perhaps the Protestants are to blame?  Learn the true meaning of each Church age and how each one has been hijacked by Masonic interests.  Are you brave enough to acknowledge the truth?

Learn all of the true definitions and meanings behind each church period.  Starting with Ephesus, and continuing on through Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia right through to the modern day socialist Laodicea – the period we’re living in now.

Disc 2 is 50 minutes in length, and Disc 3 is 96 minutes in length.

Disc Four : The final disc of this set details our current age and delves into the New World Order’s dream of a One World State.  This disc is based upon John’s outstanding work “Scarlet and the Beast” and contains updated information not available in the book.  This disc is entitled “Emprire of the Beast”.  We are living in this world now!!!! Learn about the Trinity of the Beast!  The Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet.

Will the beast be a homosexual Jew?  Could this be true?  Find out by watching this DVD!  The identity of the beast is clearly shown in this presentation.  Is America central to this fulfillment of Biblical prophecy?  Is Obama a part of this plan?

Disc 4 is 45 minutes in length.

These DVDs are well over 4 hours in length and contain all of  the powerpoint presentations John showed HOTT Conference attendees.  Both audio and video were professionally recorded by James Jankiewicz, and this set is a wonderful introduction into John Daniel’s work.