Statehood – The Territorial Imperative 3 Book Set


This 3 volume set of books is the most authoritative treatise ever published on the principles of Statehood, State Sovereignty and RS 2477.

Each volume is 8.5″ x 11″ format and the 3 volumes total over 600 pages.

Included in the 3 volume set are:

STATEHOOD: The Territorial Imperative

STATEHOOD: An Extraction (look to this as an initial study guide or student workbook)

RS 2477: A Road Out of Territorial Bondage

This set is just as it’s title indicates, Imperative, to a full restoration of our Republic.

It has been a privilege and joy for Hour Of The Time to work with the authors on research and conference’s and now we humbly offer their work as part of our solution-oriented approach to solving our problems.

“It rests within the State to determine the extent of territory over which the federal will exercise Sovereign Jurisdiction”, from the Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources.

“(T)he State legislatures, who will always be not only vigilant but suspicious and jealous guardians of the rights of the citizens against encroachments from the federal government, will constantly have their attention awake to the conduct of the national rulers, and will be ready enough, if any thing improper appears, to sound the alarm to the people, and not only to be the VOICE, but, if necessary, the ARM of their discontent.”  Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 26

Too much provision cannot be made against a consolidation. The state governments represent the wishes, and feelings, and local interests, of the people. They are the safeguard and ornament of the Constitution; they will protract the period of our liberties; they will afford a shelter against the abuse of power, and will be the natural avengers of our violated rights.”  Mr. Ames, In State Constitutional Convention, Boston, January 19, 1788, Debates in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution