Ralph Epperson 5DVD Set Including BIOPIC – The Conspiracy Against Christianity


The Hour of the Time is pleased to announce the release of a new 5 DVD set for your research libraries. This informative work contains the complete presentation that Ralph Epperson showcased at our 2010 Hour of the Time Skills and Research Conference in Arizona. When we invited Ralph to speak at our conference he compiled a brand new presentation solely for our attendees. We felt very fortunate that Ralph would put this large effort into the project and decided it had to be filmed so that we could offer our entire listenership the opportunity to donate to receive a copy of this work.

The entire presentation is over 7 hours in length and has been compiled onto 4 DVDs. Ralph covers an extensive set of topics including the following :

Disc 1
Baseball caps, bras and long hair – what can they tell us about a person?
Dan Brown and the DaVinci Code
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail
Did Jesus really exist?
Is the shroud of Turin Real?
Who pays for wars?
Mormon and Masonic parallels
Symbols on the dollar bill
Why didn’t the New World Order come to exist in 2000 as so many had thought might happen?
What is a conspiracy?
Significance of the number 13

Disc 2
Masonic degrees
Shriners and the Fez
Manly P Hall
32 and 33
Symbology of the 5 pointed star
The serpent
The swastika
The single secret inside the Masonic Lodge
Did Jesse James live well into the 20th Century?
Did fat man and little boy need to be dropped on Japan?
Do moral absolutes exist? What do the masons believe?

Disc 3
Communism abolishes eternal truths
Secular humanism
Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the Pearl Harbour bombing
Sun Worship
Masonic beliefs and rituals
Aleister Crowley
Separation of Church and State
Lord Maitreya
Benjamin Creme
Alice Bailey
John Dewey

Disc 4
More Masonry!
Was the universe created?
Hiram Abif
Masonry compared to the Catholic Church
Kennedy Assassination
Masons who have left the organization
Where do rights come from?
Where did the name “America” come from?
It is time to wake up!

Now some exciting bonus material :
As James Jankiewicz was also at the conference, he and Ralph got into a discussion about doing a short biopic covering what Ralph has been up to over the years and offering some insight into Ralph’s history. This biopic (Ralph Epperson – In His Own Words (27 Minutes)) has now been completed and is included as disc 5 in this special 5 DVD package.

It comes handsomely packaged in a single width premium quality clear DVD case with full wrap artwork.

We are offering this 5DVD, 7 Hour and 29 minute long feature for $45 for NON-HOTT Club Member and $37 for HOTT Club Members.

To obtain your copy send cash, check or money order payable to “Veritas” to Hour of the Time, PO Box 940 Eagar, AZ, 85925.