Oh Canada – Our Bought and Sold Out Land


This 2009 entertaining documentary film explores the history of banking, the selling out of the prosperity of Canada, the clearance sale of Canadian businesses and the political liquidation of public infrastructures to the multi-national corporate oligarchy. This movie presents these issues that affect every Canadian from the perspective of, and delivered by concerned youth in an astute and colorful manner.

This is a serious piece of journalism piece that asks the tough questions directly to such politicians as Former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, Ontario Gas Man Dan McTeague, NDP Leader Jack Layton, Mayor of Oshawa John Gray, Former Prime Minister John Turner and many more!

This DVD is a also fantastic companion piece to any research Americans may have already done about the Federal Reserve. It shows that even though the Canadian central bank is owned and operated by the Canadian government, the same central players are in control.

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