Assassin Unmasked


Bill Cooper’s excellent analysis of the JFK assassination.

-Narrated by Bill Cooper between all footage, hearings, and interviews in a studio

-covers agenda and motive behind the JFK assassination and use of shellfish toxin; shows clips of JFK speeches and swearing in; Bill explains first narrated footage of JFK assassination by Lars Hansen (B&W); Bill explains next clip of President Eisenhower’s warnings to the citizens; Shows Eisenhower speech; Bill then explains japans analysis that it was William Greer who assassinated JFK and they sent back color version with highlighted areas; Bill then introduces the House Committee on Assassinations from 1976; committee shows gun invented by CIA that can shoot toxins via pellets or darts, film of gun and even reference the shellfish toxin during the hearings; Yet still no proof of shellfish toxin; during the hearings, CIA director Colby had his counsel deliver the gun to the panel, specifically Senator Frank Church. Colby, his counsel and other operatives admitted they were trained to lie and use “Plausible denial “. Richard Helms, former CIA director admitted CIA developed ways to kill for offensive reasons; Starting with these hearings the IRS and Army began mass survelience of civilians for harassment purposes; then original footage discusses methods already developed by the CIA to assassinate Castro with toxins; Shows footage and facilities at then secured base Ft. Dietrich, Maryland to develop such thing as LSD and shellfish toxins; facility was the Executive Action Capability founded by the Eisenhowser admin.; program developments were to dispose of unwanted foreign leaders using projectile launched poisons. Dr. Evert Hanel, with a thirty yr. Career there shows hambers where they developed assassination poisons and again mentions the shellfish toxin; the toxin caused almost instant death in large test animals, yet animals were not the reason for development; Bill then goes on to explain picture of Lee Harvey Oswald standing in the doorway of the school book depository and a picture of him in custody with the exact same clothing on; Bill had body measurement proportion analysis done and it was the exact same person; This refutes the claim by many that the man in the doorway was a man named “Lovlace” or “Lovelady”; Both the Warren Commission and the 1976 House select committee on assassination knew about the photos and ignored them; Both photos are shown very clear; Bill then goes on to introduce the best available footage of the assassination (Zapruder), and refutes the claim that the pistol in William Greers hand was just a reflection off agent Kellermans head; Point out that govonor and Mrs. Connelly were theonlyones who did the right action and ducked; The agents ignored all training protocol; Bill then goes on to show that Robert Groden, best selling author on the JFK assassination was hired by the 1976 House Committee as the best photo analyst in the world; Groden had never been an analyst, been to photo schooling and his resume was a complete lie; He also lied to the House committee when he said agent Greer never took his hands off the steering wheel which is quite clear in the film. Bill finishes up with what people can do positive with the video and goes on to tell that the men who killed JFK are the architects of the New World Order. An amazing video that will educate even the most educated of researchers.