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To listen to the Hour of the Time, simply use the embedded player above or click here.
By clicking the GREEN play symbol in the player above you’ll be listening right away! By clicking the play symbol on the right a pop-up player will appear, clicking the second (rainbow Windows) symbol on the right will open a pop for Windows Media Player, clicking the third (lightning bolt) symbol one the right will open winamp, and clicking the iTunes symbol on the right will open iTunes.

More detailed instructions on how to listen follow here :

The Hour of the Time radio program is broadcast on the World Wide Freedom Radio Network seven days a week from 9pm to 10pm EST.

The World Wide Freedom Radio Network broadcasts a 128kbps MP3 stream  and can be tuned in by clicking here!

Please note that the stream is now only online for call in programs and certain time sensitive broadcasts.  Please keep your eye on the homepage for notifications as to when the stream will be live.  We will also share these notices on our Twitter feed.

To listen to our stream you will need a program capable of playing MP3 streams. Some free solutions are as follows :

  1. iTunes is a reliable product from Apple and has versions for both Windows and Mac.
  2. Winamp has been around for years as well, and is also a good solution for those of you running Windows.  There is no Mac version of this program.
  3. VLC player  works well also, and versions for Mac, Windows, Linux and some other OSes are available.

Please download the user guide for your selected player and follow the directions on how to use a “listen.pls” file to tune into a stream.


If you cannot listen to the stream, or the stream appears to not be broadcasting, please feel free to send us an e-mail with your questions (or reception reports!). Click here to do so…

If you are interested in receiving our podcasts automatically please simply select your favorite MP3 player program (such as : iTunes or Winamp) and navigate to your settings where you can Subscribe to a podcast.  Simply input the following url : feed://www.hourofthetime.com/?feed=podcast  and you’re all set!  Enjoy the podcasts!

If you’d like you can go to iTunes directly and subscribe from there.


Simply click the subscribe button beside our logo in the iTunes store and you’ll be all set.  Our podcasts are FREE!

If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, click here to find out how to use your device to listen to WWFRN over WIFI or 3G.