HOTT Podcast for 04/06/10 – Civil Disobedience Part 8

Please enjoy Doyel Shamley’s part 8 of Doyel Shamley’s hot new series “Civil Disobedience”.

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  1. I agree and see everything you’re talking about. You’re frustration is funny because you start saying really funny stuff. lol But then you say stuff that makes a person sad cause you’re trying so hard to slap people into shape and it sounds like you feel they aren’t hearing it. Makes you wonder if these people are going to doom us instead of just doing something. I mean do WE and I mean WE have enough numbers yet? Cause I don’t see many people that even know ANY of this at all.

  2. @Angelo
    It depends on who you refer to us as “we.” I was kind of surprised when I first found this website that there weren’t that many comments/people here at that time at least, and it’s all great stuff so to me there should be more comments to that effect. But I would explain that at least partly as it being so long after Bill Cooper’s death and not many people knowing about him and even less about this website.

    From the new people finding out about Bill Cooper, many of them are on YouTube and just kind of get sad or mad about his death and what it means but don’t know what to do and don’t know about this website. I also spent quite a bit of time on YouTube (too much!) and saw many channels of people waking up and wanting to do something but don’t know what to do, so what many of them do is start making videos/follow others who do that. While some people are very good at that, not everyone is and to me it’s kind of pointless for everyone to make videos and start identical channels, but that’s just me. It’s almost like everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel on their own. Instead of doing that, why not find someone/some group you can just help out and support?

    There are also many people watching disinformation videos/Alex Jones, which obviously doesn’t help either. But I’m sure they know some stuff, they just don’t have the right outlet/solutions (yet?). HOTT is really the best and one of few places for solutions and that’s what makes it so different from many of the others. But yeah, from the people around me in real life, hardly anyone knows about any of this and most would never believe it/do anything about it.