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In its training, the Rosy Cross leads the gross man by degrees from the purely physical and weak man, to the verity of the spiritual. It instructs man in the process of transmutation, the acquisition of health and strength, the out lasting of thoughts of weakness and age, so that he may, by his own efforts, transmute the base and inglorious into the pure and fine-the dross into the finest gold. This process gradually results in understanding the Illumination. Man proves to himself through this method that he possesses a Soul, and arrives ultimately at the Center where the ever living, and ever-burning fire is located. Man may thus become as the gods. In the words of Maeterlinck "What is man but a god afraid." Once this fear is eliminated, his next step is to contact the Hierarchies of the heavenly realms. He has become, through his own volition, a Rosicrucian and is henceforth a Brother (Sister) of the Order.


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