HOTT Newslinks September 12, 2008

U.S. Helps Lehman Go Up for Sale



Rule Changes Would Give FBI Agents Extensive New Powers


Welcome to the police state!


YouTube Bans Videos That Incite Violence


From the piece: “YouTube was being used by Islamist terrorist organizations to recruit and train followers via the Internet and to incite terrorist attacks around the world, including right here in the United States,” Lieberman said in a statement.

If this is true, then wouldn’t the war on terror want to be able to go and see their plans that they are openly flaunting?


They are making it clear, here, that in the event of a national emergency, the children WILL be separated from the parents. People had better wake up, and do so quickly. In light of what I know about 9-11, it is very clear that any coming “national emergency” will likely be a creation of the powers that be. If the threat of not having access to your children does not wake you up to the powers that the Federal Government has taken from the people, then Bill Cooper was right, and the entire nation has turned into a bunch of damn sheep.


If you are still not clear on what really transpired on 9-11-2001, please take the time to look at this…


and this….

There is so much more….people MUST wake up to the absolute corruption and MUST wake up to the agenda of TOTAL people control NOW! They are telling us that they will take our children to a “safe” place….but let me ask, are you satisfied with that? Where are your children the MOST safe? I, for one, will NEVER accept the government telling me that I cannot have access to my children EVER!
If you still think the government isn’t capable of pulling of false flag operations and lying to the people, look at this warning from Willie Nelson….


then this….
and this…


IRS Brings Tax-Processing Work Back In-House