CIA’s role in the attack upon America!

by William Cooper

Copyright 2001 Veritas News Service – Exclusive, September 29, 2001 -- The attacks upon the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon may have a much more sinister origin than anyone is ready to explore or even consider.

The material in this article is taken verbatim from the discussions and reference material provided by the attendees of a recent conference on intelligence that included high level United States government officials, intelligence executives, and intelligence officers from all branches, military and civilian, of the intelligence community of the United States of America. What emerges is disturbing. Some will find this information terrifying.

Were John Deutch and David Cohen Israeli spies? Was the CIA under DCI John Deutch serving the nation of Israel instead of the interest of the United States? Did the CIA create, train, and back the terrorist groups that we say we are now at war against? Did the CIA ignore the prohibition against assassinations by recruiting, training, and backing Middle Eastern terrorist groups that were sent to assassinate Muslim and Islamic leaders who were in opposition to the Middle Eastern meddling of the CIA? Are the policies and covert actions of the Central Intelligence Agency directly responsible for most of the hatred that is directed against the United States by the People of the Middle East? Some of the answers may be found in the direct quotes and reference material that follows. Be prepared to be deeply affected by what you are about to read. The identities of those quoted have been omitted for obvious reasons.

“Biographic Information on John Deutch indicates he was a protege of Mr. Covert Action, Colonel Lansdale. He is living up to his mentor's legacy by sponsoring paramilitary operations -- aimed at three countries -- Iraq, Libya and now the Sudan. Paramilitary operations arm civilians to kill people in target countries who oppose their goals.”

“The new DCI Deutch's father, Michael Deutch, was a Russian of Jewish extraction. In 51, he went on a presidential mission as an economic adviser and became impressed with Colonel Lansdale - and became a lifelong friend of the Colonel. in 61 Lansdale recruited John Deutch for his first gvt job. at 22, he became one of Macnamara's whiz kids at the Pentagon. John spent four years in systems analysis. he later held political posts in democratic adms and went back to academic and advisory posts in republican times. he was on president Reagan's commission on nuclear strategy, Bush's foreign intelligence advisory board and six other similar panels. He became rich. the CIA he says ‘is an org suffering because it's had tremendous criticism because of its own mistakes,’ it does not want to admit. new york times mag 12/10/95 passim. The CIA, of course, is also active against Iran and probably backs the Taliban in Afghanistan.”

“Covert ops as practiced by Deutch seems to be an approach that says full speed ahead -- damn the consequences. I am surprised that he is a covert cowboy rather than the reflective intellectual we were told about.”

“One quite serious problem we see with Deutch is his use of the CIA's intelligence function to justify preconceived plans for operations. This, of course, has been the role of CIA's intelligence historically, but he does it in the most blatant fashion.”

“re the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. I agree that point A -- CIA/ISI support to fundamentalists in Afghanistan during the eighties to point B (CIA support now)”

“I have speculated here and other places why Deutch appointed David Cohen to the CIA's most sensitive and important position, second to Deutch's. Deutch named David Cohen to be the Director of Operations -- that element of the CIA that both collects intelligence and runs covert operations. David Cohen is on record by even a CIA internal investigation of gross manipulation of intelligence to support policy -- this man should have been fired by Deutch, but instead he promotes him - why?”

“Deutch apparently wanted a man after his own heart -- one who would give him the ‘intelligence’ he needed as he initiated his paramilitary operations against the various countries of the Middle East and Africa. Deutch is on record many times saying he wanted more covert operations and he is getting them -- supported by contrived intelligence.

“To me Cohen's elevation proves my contention that the CIA exists to support policy and that its intelligence in all cases related to policy is manipulated to support those policies. Below are severely limited entries in CIABASE re Paramilitary operations.

“re the CIA's War on Islam, I stated paramilitary operations arm civilians to kill those opposed to our policies -- the below clips prove that statement.

“I also claimed that paramilitary operations massively contributed to drug trafficking -- the material from McCoy's books, posted earlier, documents this phenomenon. Many other sources exist but his is the clearest and most comprehensive. For the skeptics, I suggest the book by a former DEA officer Celerino Castillo III, POWDERBURNS, COCAINE, CONTRAS, AND THE DRUG WAR.

“Lastly, I claim that paramilitary operations in Afghanistan in the eighties, created the "International Terrorist," movement that now justifies the existence of the CIA. The former factor is admitted by even Administration spokesmen as we sponsor more Islamic radical fundamentalists and others in the Middle East and Africa. The CIA continues to build the force that it will use to justify its future. The Past is Prologue.”

“Historically, major CIA paramilitary operations produced massive increases in drug trafficking. We can, therefore, anticipate the CIA's again looking the other way as narcotics produced by their assets flood world markets. (Mr. Deutch also earlier was the Pentagon's point man in denying the Gulf War Syndrome.)”

“NSC and CIA project language uses all sorts of euphemisms for killing and other actions that are part of covert ops. I feel that stating things directly may help change the minds of those in this conference; and, if such language were ever used in practice by the NSC and CIA, you probably would have a lot of officials who would refuse to sign on.”

CIABASE on Covert Actions

· sudan, eritrea, ethiopia, uganda, 96 cia sending military equipment to ethiopia, eritrea, and uganda to support sudanese opposition groups preparing a joint offensive to topple the khartoum government. much of the aid consists of basic items suitable for outfitting a guerrilla force. in april 96 john m. deutch spent three days in addis ababa. the cia and the nsc have been driving force behind the tougher line. all three countries are supporting the sudan people's liberation army led by john garang, and eritrea is helping it and two other rebel groups launch a new offensive. more than 3000 sudanese rebels are marshaling in eritrea for a joint offensive aimed at cutting the road from khartoum to port sudan. washington post 11/10/96 a34

over the years cia special ops have sponsored insurgents in ukraine, poland, albania, hungary, indonesia, china, oman, malaysia (sic), iraq, dominican republic, greece, turkey, vietnam, afghanistan, angola, nicaragua, venezuela, north korea, bolivia, thailand, haiti, guatemala. johnson, l.k. (1989). america's secret power 26

paramilitary infrastructure requires secret procurement arms, maintenance large secret dumps of "non" u.s. military equipment, outdoor bases for parachute and sabotage trg and personnel not qualified for intel ops. rositzke, h. (1977). the cia's secret operations 183

various secret studies have found few if any cases where covert paramilitary ops have been effective in achieving their original goals, said david aaron former deputy assistant to the president for national security affairs. washington post 9/26/83 a2

· worldwide, 82 the cia runs pm ops in about 10 countries. 2 separate ops aimed at kaddafi of libya. newsweek 11/8/82 p55

· afghanistan, 76-89 a criticism of cia's handling of afghanistan op by bill mccollum, republican congressman. after 10 years and nearly $2 billion in american aid culminating in a monumentally incompetent program of arms procurement and distribution. hekmatyar's party - recipient of much of much of the aid - implicated in dozens of disappearances and outright murders of rival commanders and afghan intellectuals. hekmatyar loyal to pakistan's isi that acts as a proxy for cia. washington post 9/10/89 c-1,4

· angola, afghanistan, 86 u.s. has begun supplying several hundred stinger missiles covertly to rebels in angola and afghanistan. ddo clair george a strong proponent of decision. george has rebuilt the cia's paramilitary arm. washington post 3/30/86 a1,16

· approvals 23% from 65-75 in four forms. secret armies, financial support to groups engaged in hostilities; paramilitary training and advisers; and shipment arms, ammunition and other military equipment. military ordnance typically supplied by cia out of large inventory u.s. weaponry and captured foreign weapons. paramilitary category most expensive of covert ops and represents greatest potential for escalating hostilities and deepening american involvement. pike report buncher, j.f. (ed.). (1976,1977). the cia and the security debate: 1971-1975, 1975-1976 88

· cambodia, 67-71 cia directs sabotage and ambush missions (projects daniel boone and salem house) by u.s. special forces personnel and meo tribesmen. harpers 4/84 p17

· chile, 88 patria y libertad, a paramilitary group financed by cia in 1970's, recently reappeared in chile. other groups include los barbudos, led by maj julio corbalan, frente nacionalista husares de la muerte and movimiento civico de autodefensa. intelligence newsletter 11/3/88 6

· china, early 50
april 51 2000 kmt soldiers attempted reconquest yunnan and crossed border accompanied by cia advisers and supplied by regular airdrops. several ciaers killed. mission failed. another soon attempted and failed. cia redoubled efforts. aug 52 kmters penetrated yunnan until driven out. no further attempts. forces confident that masses would rise up against mao. mccoy, a.w. (1972). the politics of heroin in southeast asia 129-131

· china, tibet. since 56 cia helping khamba tribesmen. between 10/58 and 2/59 cia dropped close to ten tons of weapons and supplies to newly constituted national volunteer defense army of tibet. in spring of 59 cia helped dalai lama flee disguised as a peasant. tony poe part of op. op to aid khambas stayed alive into kennedy adm. parts of op pushed out of india and into nepal. in spring of 61, khambas ambushed a pla convoy and captured 1,600 pages of valuable docs. cia analysts were able to learn sino-soviet split real. thomas, e. (1995). the very best men 276-7

decade of 60s saw further development of paramilitary capabilities in support of american interventionist policies. cia's structure, personnel and incentives remained rooted in 50-59 u.s. congress, church committee report. (1976) b 1 115-6

· circa 83-86 cia's paramilitary arm has become a large and sophisticated weapon available to the president, according to sen wallop. much of cia's growth as many as 3000 positions has gone toward beefing up the directorate of ops where covert action planned among paramilitary experts in the international affairs department. washington post 3/31/86 a1

· congo, 59 working with belgian agents cia pumped more money into effort to topple lumumba. dulles approved $100,000 disbursement for political ops in august alone. total budget for "large scale...paramilitary support to anti-lumumba elements" was probably several times higher. with virtually a carte blanche from washington, cia station could not help but become senior partner in u.s. mission in congo. mahoney, r.d. (1983). jfk: ordeal in africa 46

· cuba, 60 cia promoting three covert ops against cuba following bay of pigs invasion until after cuban missile crisis, reports raymond garthoff, state dept. official at that time. while ops mostly small scale sabotage of manufacturing and shipping interests they were not always fully under cia control. wp 10/25/78, first principles 12/87 p16

· eastern europe, from 49-52 tried to est net of active resistance behind ussr lines in poland, baltic states, yugoslavia, albania, south georgia and ukraine. worked with refugee groups. powers, t. (1979). the man who kept the secrets 40

five pm ops studied by church committee. ops cuba, laos, korea, vn, angola. conclusions. u.s. congress, church committee report. (1976) b 1 155-6

germany, created a secret civilian army in hesse of 1000 to 2000 men belonging to the technical service of the german youth federation - many former officers of hitlers forces. blum, w. (1995). killing hope 63

· guatemala, 68 advisors sent to guatemala to work with military and paramilitary forces to design bloody, effective repression of insurgency. dickey, c. (1985). with the contras 85

· iraq, kurdistan, 96 a bloody cia covert op with its cover blown sky high. iraqi democrats promised significant help in toppling saddam five years ago are now in despair. kurdistan is facing a general collapse. the kurdish regional gvt that was supposed to have displaced baghdad's rule over an area of 3.5 million people has disintegrated. kurdish leaders massoud barzani and jalal talabani have been fighting each other rather than cooperating to topple saddam. most embarrassing u.s. failure in kurdistan is that of cia. one of the key bomb-makers disclosed publicly that bombs financed by cia have killed scores of iraqi civilians in baghdad and destroyed hqs of rival national congress in salahedin. this represents an all too familiar failure by cia. cia defends its covert programs by saying it has to deal with people who are not angels. what it does not explain is why it consistently deals with corrupt incompetents. op-ed by jim hoagland washington post 3/31/96 c7

· **** kuwait, iraq, 90 cia training kuwaitis to harass iraqis. los angeles times 8/31/90 a1

· laos. from a few hundred meos org into small guerrilla units by a half dozen cia officers program grew to a thirty-thousand-man army with battalion sized units and operations. meos given job of defending air force beacons used as navigational aids. result was destruction of meos as a people. powers, t. (1979). the man who kept the secrets 178-179

· mexico, 96 u.s. is willing to provide intel and training to assist mexico in its fight against a newly emerged rebel movement, the u.s ambassador, james jones said. mexico has yet to ask for u.s. help, but ``whatever they need, we will certainly support.'' a group known as the popular revolutionary army, or epr, has attacked late june in the western state of guerrero. james noted the u.s. has experience tracking right-wing militias. ap 9/9/96

· puerto rico, 72 cia sponsored pm groups. independence movement victims more than 125 armed attacks in last four years. frazier, h. (ed). (1978). uncloaking the cia 30


CIABASE info on John Deutch:

· 95-97 9/12/95, dci deutch told a national press club lunch that the united states needed "to maintain, and perhaps even expand, covert action as a policy tool." Statement came just as the republican- dominated house of reps was getting ready to vote on next fiscal year's approximately $28 billion intel budget which passed: a simple voice vote endorsing a 1.7 percent increase. House select committee on intel had recommended an increase and praised deutch's reform efforts. Committee's recommended increase was explicitly earmarked for fighting terrorism, nuclear proliferation, drug smuggling and "rogue nations" iraq, iran, libya and north korea. Only "ruffle" is senate's proposed intel budget which has not yet been passed, but does not include a 1.7 percent increase. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 9/25/95 30

· 95 dci deutch announced on 9/12/95, a policy of expanding covert operations. What cia primarily has in mind are ops against drug smuggling, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and international crime and terrorism. Washington post 9/13/95 a7

· sudan, 95-96 has emerged as a clear threat to stability of nearby africa and middle eastern states because of its support for subversive activities of regional opposition groups. Threat is likely to remain as long as the national islamic front (nif) is the dominant political force in country. In its effort to spread its version of islamic fundamentalism beyond sudan and destabilize regional moderate gvts friendly to us, nif supports insurgent and terrorist groups opposed to gvt of egypt, eritrea, ethiopia, and uganda. Sudan also provides safehaven and limited material support to other radical groups such as hizballah, hamas, abu nidal organization, and the armed algerian extremist groups. From dci john deutch's "worldwide threat assessment brief to the ssci" on 2/22/96. Iwr 2/24/96

· 95 dci deutch wants to maintain and perhaps expand covert action as a policy tool. Christian science monitor 9/15/95 1,5

· 95 dci john deutch is pushing the more aggressive use of covert actions in countries that support terrorism. Ap 6/4/95. Newsweek 6/12/95 34-35

· 95 new dci deutch wants to be more forward leaning about using covert ops against renegade nations such as iran. Newsweek 6/1/95 35

· 70-95 john deutch's confirmation statement. He presently deputy secretary of the department of defense. From 4/1/93 to 3/11/94, he was under secretary of the department of defense for acquisition and technology. prior to this he held positions at massachusetts institute of technology as dean of science, provost, he is on leave from mit gvt service. During the period 78 to 80, he served in a number of positions in doe, where he was responsible for managing the basic science, energy technology development, conservation, and nuclear weapons programs. In intel matters he is senior defense dept official responsible for intel. He earlier served on several intel advisory committees, including the dci's science and technology advisory committee, nsa's science advisory board, and, technology advisory committee formed to advise the senate intel committee. From 91 to 93 he was named to pfib. In early eighties he was on president's commission on strategic forces ("scowcroft commission") and later white house's science council. His statement gives his views on problems, needs and future of intelligence. Statement before the senate intel committee 4/26/95

· 80-96 dci deutch and sod william perry have been friends since appointed as senior pentagon officials under les aspin. They have long championed better intel and defense high tech systems. Along with dod's paul kaminski, they are business partners in cambridge research associates - a small but significant high tech firm. Intelligence newsletter 4/4/96 3

· 95 add appointments by dci deutch include: richard cooper, a harvard professor of gvt, as chairman of the national intelligence council, replacing christine williams; deutch's chief of staff will be former chairman of house permanent select committee on intelligence, michael j. o'neil; deutch's executive assistant will be marine corps brig. Gen. michael hagee; jeffrey h. Smith will replace elizabeth r. Rindskopf as general counsel; and deputy assistant secretary of defense for intel and security, keith r. Hall, is to replace richard haver as executive director for intel community affairs. Int 6/19/95 37

· 95-96 before becoming dci, john deutch, a chemist from mit, was appointed to a number of intel advisory boards, served on the board of a corporate committee for a wide range of defense and intelligence contractors: martin marietta, trw, united technologies, the mitre corp, and saic. He is a rich man. Dod's william perry, deutch and paul kaminski, undersecretary for defense acquisition and technology - own part of a small but significant intel contractor, cambridge research associates of cambridge. American prospect 4/96 32

· 95 an article by peter maas on dci john deutch and the reforms he implementing. Photos of deutch, nora slatkin, executive director and david cohen, do. A correction in the post says the photo is of george tenet not david cohen. Washington post parade 11/19/95

· 95 article on dci deutch, "cleaning up the company." Newsweek 6/12/95 34-5

· 95 bio by cia of dci deutch. He was deputy secretary defense since 3/94 and earlier under secretary defense for acquisition and technology. Earlier he was a member of faculty of mit in 70 and held a number of positions there. Gvt assignments include director of energy research at dept of energy; member of white house's science council, defense science board, army scientific panel, chief of naval ops executive panel, president's special commission on strategic forces, president foreign intel advisor board and president's nuclear safety oversight committee. He is a graduate of amherst and has a ph.d. in physical chemistry from mit. He was born in brussels, belgium, and became a u.s. citizen in 45. He is married to pat lyon and has three sons by a previous marriage. Cia public affairs 9/15/95

· 95 clinton names deputy defense secretary john deutch to head cia after carns no longer a viable candidate. Deutch to be appointed a member of cabinet as dci. Clinton praised deutch as deputy defense secretary - he played lead role in reviewing u.s. nuclear force posture, oversaw a modernization of weapons systems and developed a blueprint to eliminate redundancies between civilian and military intel gathering. Problems over former nominee carns. Capsule bio on deutch. Washington times 3/12/95 a1,6

· 95 clinton picks deutch after carns nomination fails. Problems with carns and filipino employee. Washington post 3/12/95 a1,12

· 95 clinton, deutch discussed top job at cia. Deputy defense sec was critical of unathorized spending on a secret $300 million hqs by nro. washington post 1/4/95 a22

· 95 david cohen named to be new do. Cohen a former high-ranking di officer, gained some espionage experience running the cia's domestic collection ops which spies on foreign gvts in the u.s., specifically the u.n. dci deutch made announcements at a rare press conference at cia hqs. paul redmond to be associate deputy director for counterintel. John gannon, until recently director of european analysis, to be deputy director of intel - in charge of all analysis. Ruth david, director of advanced info technology at sandia national laboratory, to be deputy director for science and technology. Leo hazelwood, former cia executive director, to be deputy director for administration. Re cohen he is "an outsider who is not very well liked within the do" but is "hardnosed." He wont take a lot of crap. two new associate deputy directors of ops are david edger, a respected case officer who was ames supervisor at the time of his arrest, to be senior deputy for espionage ops. Christine wiley, former chief of human resources staff, to be top deputy for human resources in the do. John mclaughlin, a senior analyst in the russian section, appointed number 2 official at the national intel council, and jay castillo was named director of office of personnel security. Washington times 8/1/95 a4

· 95 david cohen to be new director of ops. He was acting deputy of di. He created the national resources div out of separate domestic and foreign collection services. He practices "management by fear." "a company man from the word go - who will find out what way the wind is blowing and then go with it." Some mid-level and senior employees conclude the dci deutch is not serious about reform. U.s. news & world report 7/31/95 20

· 95 dci designee, deutch, is sharp-tongued and tough-minded. New york times 4/26/95 a5

· 95 dci deutch appointed four new deputy directors, all named were longtime cia employees, completing his sweep of eight top executives. New appointees selected with help of a panel headed by former deputy dci mcmahon. David cohen new do. Washington post 8/1/95 a17

· 95 dci deutch appointed last month a 30-year agency veteran david cohen to the politically-sensitive post of deputy director of operations (ddo) where he will oversee ops. Deutch was given good marks by the press for picking "an agency man" and for putting an "analyst" rather than a "covert operator" in charge of the "dirty tricks" directorate. Cohen will be working with four associate deputy directors: u.s. army general david barrato (who will continue as head of covert actions), david edger (intel ops), paul redmond (counter-intel) and christine wiley (personnel). That gen. Barrato has kept his job is to be a clear indication that deutch is not going to "scrub down" cia dirty tricks, to maintain and reinforce cia-pentagon ties, and to "box in" cohen at his new post. Redmond is a "forced" appointment since he was instrumental in pursuing the aldrich ames case as a senior official of the cia counter-intel center, and the cia has had to acquiesce to fbi demands for a larger role in counter-intel in the cia. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 9/11/95 15

· 95 dci deutch filled one of most politically sensitive posts in u.s. intel community, naming david cohen, a 53-year-old career cia official, to head agency's clandestine espionage arm. Cohen's appointment as cia's deputy director of ops is a modest break with tradition, since he has spent most of his career on analytical, rather than clandestine, side of cia. cohen is a boston native who joined cia in 1966. He put in a stint in clandestine ops earlier in his career but most recently has been serving as cia's associate deputy director for directorate of intel. Turnover in management ranks at cia gave deutch a chance to put his own people in almost every top position. Deutch said john gannon would take over as head of intel directorate. With a ph.d. in history, gannon has been director of cia's office of european analysis. Deutch went outside agency to fill top spot at cia's science and technology arm, naming ruth david, director of advanced info technologies at sandia national laboratory in albuquerque, n.m. he also named leo hazlewood, formerly cia's executive director, to be deputy director for adm. Los angeles times 8/1/95 a9

· 95 dci "deutch leaving no doubt who is in charge of intelligence." Deutch is paying more attention to all intelligence-gathering operations, including dia, nsa, nro, and all pentagon operations. He has turned over cia management to nora slatkin who is the cia's executive secretary. All four deputy directors of the cia report to slatkin. Deutch is seizing the fiscal reins of the entire intel community. Washington post 12/10/95 a6

· 95 dept defense sec., John deutch cancelled trip to moscow for next week under pressure from senators who threatened to derail his nomination as dci if he negeotiated a treaty on missile defenses. Washington times 3/31/95 a16

· 95 deutch shocked by do's "inability to formulate solutions." Do did not have desire or ability to reinvent itself. "compared to uniformed officers they certainly are not as competent or as understanding of what their relative role is and what their responsibilities are." The deep rot of the do in guatemala is a core sample of the deep rot of the overall do. Curse of old boys on deutch. Curse is patrimony of an elite secret society that degenerated into an elitist bureaucracy, an inbred tribal culture. Rules and laws were not for them. Larry huston's funeral. Dci casey in 80s hired thousands of new spies of questionable quality. Aldrich ames case --no one told dcis webster and gates anything close to the truth about the case. milt bearden lives in a new hampshire hamlet - was the last chief of the soviet division. He says, "out of 5000 people, you've got 1,500 buggy-whip makers," in the spies' ranks. There's nothing worse than having a couple thousand more troops than you need....their mission is greatly reduced: intelligence support to other agencies that will do things about the great transnational problems." Their service is backing up the military and the fbi and drug-enforcement agents and friendly foreign intel services who will do the dirty work. The curse of old boys has so damaged the morale and reputation of the cia that it is hard to find good people. The cia has been imprisoned by its own lies." New york times mag 12/10/95 passim

· 95 editorial, "Mr. Deutch's auspicious debut." New york times 5/23/95 a14

· 95 john deutch confirmed as dci without dissent. Washington post 5/10/95 a6

· 95 john deutch says his team consists of nine new senior officials - one requires senate confirmation. Left unfilled are top slots in the do, intelligence, and science and technology divisions. A group to advise on top ops slot includes slatkin, brent scowcroft, john mcmahon, james lilly and norbert garrett. Washington post 5/16/95 a15

· 95 john deutch, approved by the senate 98-0 yesterday to be director of cia, has maintained part-ownership in a california company that sells spy equipment to the pentagon and the intel community. There was no mention of deutch's tie with delfin during senate debate on his nomination or during recent public hearings. But officials of senate intel committee said chairman arlen specter (r-pa.) Agreed to permit deutch to retain his investment with perry and kaminski in hqs strategic investments, a limited partnership that partly owns delfin...newsday 5/10/95 a49

· 95 john m. Deutch although highly-respected for his work a at pentagon, deputy defense secretary john m. Deutch, is being criticized in congress for his friendship with chairman of defense industry giant martin marietta corporation. Mr. Deutch was expecting a relatively easy confirmation process, but he is a close friend of norman augustine who will receive a bonus of $8,200,000 for helping to arrange his firm's merger with lockheed corporation under a pentagon-approved plan. Defense department, where deutch is number two, will pay one-third of that bonus under terms of a prior contract. Marietta executives will receive bonuses of $92,000,000, one-third paid by u.s. taxpayers. Mr. Deutch, defense secretary william perry, and mr. Augustine are friends and have long worked together. following a stockholders' meeting in chicago, it was decided that merged company would be called lockheed martin. It will be based in state of maryland and receive $11.6 billion a year for military sales to pentagon. intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 3/27/95 11

· 95 john m. Deutch became deputy secretary of defense a year ago. Clinton nominates him to be new dci. Deutch, a former provost at the massachusetts of institute for technology has a long involvement in intelligence and nuclear weapons issues. He is a conservative on defense issues. At pentagon he was in charge of "nuclear posture review" and was also responsible for overseeing military's intel budget and ensuring that it meshed with cia's. biographic details. Washington post 3/11/95 a4

· 95 john m. Deutch intends to reform cia. Washington post 4/26/95 a2

· 95 john m. Deutch was sworn in wednesday as the new dci. He said much of the top management will be reassigned. Deutch considered an insider. He to replace ddci studeman. His new deputy to be george j. Tenet, who was staff director of the senate intel committee under boren before becoming nsc senior director for intel since 93. Keith hall, deputy asst secretary defense for intel and security, to be executive director for intel community affairs. Rear adm dennis blair, director of navy's assessment div, will be senior level link to military and national security council. washington post 5/12/95 a23

· 95 major goal of deutch to overhaul personnel policies and recruit more skilled technical personnel in computing science, electronics and software. to reform intel community's system for recruiting, assigning, promoting and improving skills of cia personnel. Deutch apparently wants to shift funds to new military intel effort. Intel community spend about $10.4 billion on "support to war-fighting," another $13.2 billion spent by dod and related agencies. Washington post 7/13/95 a13

· 95 new dci nominee is john m. Deutch -- traces on him in namebase are: council on foreign relations. Membership roster. 1992. Covert action information bulletin #38/91 (51-2 54-5). Federal staff directory. 1992 (42). New yorker magazine 9/26/94 (94 96 99). Richelson, j. Sword and shield. 1986 (184). Spotlight newspaper 4/12/93 (3). Trilateral commission list of members. 4/6/92 (10). Washington post 7/17/90 (a17), and 4/9/92 (a27). Washington times 2/24/93 (a4), 8/10/94 (a4) and 8/11/94 (a9).

· 95 on 5/17/95 dci deutch announces senior personnel appointments: george j. Tenet to be ddci. Tenet is currently senior director for intel programs at nsc. He was staff director for the senate select committee on intel for more than four years. Nora slatkin be executive director responsible for activities and ops of all cia components and for the national reconnaissance office (nro). Deutch has asked leo hazelwood to remain on in a senior management role. Slatkin is currently the assistant secretary of the navy for research, development and acquisition and has extensive congressional experience. Keith r. Hall, director, community management staff responsible for nfip budget process, excom, intel community strategic and resource planning, and intel community processes. Rear admiral dennis c. Blair, associate director of central intel for military support, responsible for direction and coordination of intel community support to military ops. He most recently served as commander of carrier battle group. jeffrey h. Smith, general counsel is currently a partner with the law firm of arnold and porter. Dennis r. Boxx, director of public affairs, michael j. O'neil, chief of staff, responsible for operation of all aspects of office of the dci and for coordination of external relations. Brigadier general michael hagee, usmc, executive asst to the dci, for execution of all matters of special interest to the dci. Professor richard cooper, chairman of the national intel council. Dr. Cooper is a professor of gvt at harvard and a former provost of yale university. Christine williams will be reassigned to a senior position in cia. 2/12/96 caji

· 95 rear admiral dennis blair is right where spies and military cross each other's tracks. With stronger ties developing between pentagon and cia under dci deutch, blair has been nominated by deutch to make sure the intel community gives maximum support to "warfighters." When at the pentagon as deputy defense secretary, deutch had noticed blair as a leading navy proponent of creating greater awareness of the battlefield. A 25 percent reduction in intel resources had already eliminated "a lot of shops that were looking at the same thing" in intel and now objective is to "do more with same rather than eliminate redundancies." Blair graduated from the u.s. naval academy and attended oxford university as a rhodes scholar. He has served as a white house fellow and a chief of naval operations fellow in the strategic studies group. Clinton, who was a fellow rhodes scholar at oxford with blair, has nominated blair to serve at cia in the grade of vice admiral. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 9/25/95

· 95 senate intel committee voted 17-0 to move deputy secretary of defense john deutch's nomination for dci to the full senate. Iwr 5/8/95

· 95 the new dci deutch's father, michael deutch, was a russian jew. In 51, he went on a presidential mission as an economic adviser and became impressed with colonel lansdale - and became a lifelong friend of the colonel. In 61 lansdale recruited john deutch for his first gvt job. At 22, he became one of macnamara's whiz kids at the pentagon. John spent four years in systems analysis. He later held political posts in democratic adms and went back to academic and advisory posts in republican times. He was on president reagan's commission on nuclear strategy, bush's foreign intelligence advisory board and six other similar panels. He became rich. the cia he says "is an org suffering because it's had tremendous criticism because of its own mistakes," it does not want to admit. New york times mag 12/10/95 passim

· 95 with nomination of john m. Deutch, cia is about to get, by accident, just what it has wanted for past two years -- a forceful and well-connected director who can represent its interests at high levels of adm just when long-term future of intel community is questioned. Deutch is an old friend of woolsey's. They worked on national security issues in carter adm, and both are friends and proteges of brent scowcroft, who was bush's national security adviser. In 1983, scowcroft headed an 11-member commission on u.s. strategic forces, its democratic members included woolsey, deutch and william j. Perry. Before serving in clinton adm, deutch, 56, spent most of his life at intersection of science, academia and government. He has a doctorate in chemistry and has taught at princeton university and mit. In 1990, while serving as mit's provost, deutch wanted to become university president. But he lost out after faculty critics complained that he was a symbol of a too-cozy relationship between mit and gvt. Since 60s, deutch has served as a consultant to every administration except nixon's. In 1990, bush appointed him to president's foreign intel advisory board. Los angeles times 3/12/95 a24

· 95 with the quick retirement of hugh e. "ted" price, cia director of ops and the most senior official reprimanded in the aldrich h. Ames case, john j. "jack" devine moved up to take his place. The cia has not released an official biography of devine, who was born on 14 november 1940 in pennsylvania, but it is known that devine was ames' station chief while the latter worked in rome and spied for the russians, a fact that may not endear devine to new cia director john deutch. Devine received a bachelor's degree at west chester state college in 1962 and a master's degree at villanova university in 1964. From 1962 to 1967 he was a high school teacher. As a cia officer he was posted to santiago, chile, in 1971 and apparently was still there in 1973. On 11 september 1973, gen. Augusto pinochet overthrew the elected government of salvador allende and gave "carte blanche" to manuel contreras, head of the dina, to eliminate the regime's adversaries. It is quite likely devine knew pinochet and contreras who has just been condemned by the chile supreme court for the assassination of former chilean minister, orlando letelier, in washington in 9/76. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 6/5/95 30

· 95 "deutch taps democrats for cia jobs." Other than top slots, deutch appoints rear admiral dennis c. Blair to new post of associate director of central intel for military support -- to compensate for breaking with tradition by not having a military officer in the no. 2 job. Another is marine corps brig gen michael hagee, deutch's military assistant. Others named in article. Washington times 5/16/95 a4

· 96 cia director, john m. Deutch, to resign due to dissatisfaction. friends say he has never been conformable with the cia culture. "he just did not want to be here." Deutch took over in may 1995 but has made little progress toward fundamentally restructuring the intelligence community for the post-cold war world. Washington post 8/15/96 a1,14

· 96 dci deutch becoming most powerful cia chief ever. He has near veto authority over appointments of pentagon intel chiefs and other gvt agencies. Deutch only the second dci to hold cabinet rank. Goal to consolidate control over 28 separate and often feuding orgs. Deutch well-connected. Dci casey was first dci with cabinet rank. Intel community has some 100,000 people, that waste billions of dollars in redundant services. Five orgs buy or run spy satellites, while eight process and analyze photos. Time 5/6/96 43

· 96 dci deutch states he is not leaving the cia. He says, there is not a single culture but many of them. They are doing an outstanding job in supporting our forces in bosnia, in countering terrorism worldwide, in working more closely with the fbi than ever before in (worldwide) espionage operations . I am far from dismayed by our progress on intel reform. further, congress is about to reward our efforts by enacting top three objectives -- the creation of the national imagery and mapping agency, intelligence community personnel reform and dci concurrence in major intel community appointments. We will seek to do more in cia personnel reform, in implementation of the cia's strategic plans and in mission-based budgeting for all intelligence community elements. Letter to the editor washington post 8/20/96 a16

· france. Intel specialists waiting to see how dci deutch to resolve disciplinary action against paris chief of station dick holm and cia european division chief joseph detrani who were held responsible for the paris spy scandal in february 1995. Op started to "unwind" when a female cia "deep cover agent" fell in love with a frenchman who may have denounced her to french intel. Detrani wanted to drop her, but holm wanted to keep her on the job. The resulting fiasco generated an internal inquiry which is still underway. Holm finally got fed up, and also got deutch off the hook by retiring in early january. Detrani was refused cos job paris and is in "career limbo" waiting for the end of the inquiry. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 3/4/96 42

· france, 93-95 dci deutch faces test re disciplining the paris chief of station. The cos accepted blame for tradecraft errors that led to the exposure of an economic op and four cia officers and a female agent. An inspector general report might have forced the resignation of the cos but a few current and former senior ops officers told deutch that such an action would cause a major outcry. This the most recent conflict between deutch and do. At times he has been a major critic of the do. A senior div chief who deals with bosnia cabled criticism of the dci to field stations. problems of the do caused in part by the tremendous growth during the casey era when the overall size of the cia went up 30 percent. Other factors are the aldrich ames case and the changing of functions. The ddci, tenet, has overall supervisory role in do affairs, while day-to-day decisions on personnel, ops and other issues goes to nora slatkin. David cohen is the new do. Washington post 12/27/95 a6

· france, 96 dick holm who became an agency pariah in 95 when, as paris station chief, he was blamed for a botched intel op. Dci deutch now thinks perhaps holms was wronged and wants to honor him with the distinguished intel medal. This also to help cia morale. Newsweek 9/23/96 6

· 95 dci deutch told a press club luncheon that cia spies will continue to work with unsavory people but he is putting new limits on [who can be recruited]. Wt 9/15/95 a6

· 95 deutch orders cia "scrub its assets" - weed out agents who might embarrass cia. Disqualifying factors include "environmental abuse." newsweek 11/6/95 42

· 95 new agent recruitment guidelines. Cia for first time is going to give its undercover officers comprehensive guidelines on choosing foreign agents for recruitment. Cia director john deutch told the los angeles times that the guidelines are intended to make cia case officers more selective in recruitment of agents. Directive was prompted by controversy over cia's role in guatemala. A guatemalan army officer on cia's payroll was implicated in killings of an american in rural guatemala and the guatemalan husband of another u.s. citizen. "you are not going to be able to do the clandestine collection of intel with all wonderful and nice people. So you are going to have to balance here the character of the individual with respect to the intel you are gathering." Cia has operated under recruitment guidelines in the past, but the new standards will be the first comprehensive ones. Ap 06/20/95

· 96 rules imposed by dci deutch have restricted cia officers in recruiting members of terrorist groups. New rules bar use of recruited agents with records of human rights abuses, thus limiting a key anti-terrorism tool. cia officers cannot recruit agents with a history of assassinations, torture or serious criminal activities without a waiver from hqs. Waivers have been granted since the rules were implemented in september. Guidance sent to cia stations required officers to review agents and balance their past records with the value of their secrets. Newt gingrich accuses the clinton adm of crippling intel. Washington times 8/3/96 a4 and washington times 8/1/96 a3

· 90-94 cia report says satellite spies wasted space. New nro hqs 30% larger that needed and neither secretary defense nor dci woolsey, never approved the space requirements. Because of extra space, cia dci and defense's deutch plan to have more people move into 1 million-square-foot nro complex in westfields park in fairfax county. Details. Washington post 10/6/94 a29

· 94 senate intel committee to grill dci woolsey and john deutch deputy defense secretary on why congress in dark about new national reconnaissance office building. Washington times 10/10/94 a4

· 94-20 defense dept to ask for $27 billion, six-year spending plan for nsa and other intel groups per "defense week." Figures for nsa, dia, central imagery office. They do not include cia and nro. Publication apparently first to publish official figures for nsa, dia and the imagery office. U.s. spending this year about $28 billion. About $3 billion for cia and 6.5 billion for nro. Defense week said it got figures from an august memo signed by mr. Deutch. Nsa which intercepts and processes foreign commo as well as safeguarding u.s. voice transmissions, had a fiscal budget request of $3.47 billion. For 6 year period of 96 thru 2001, pentagon will ask that nsa get $21.4 billion. Request for dia, which collects and processes military intel, totals about $4 billion. Its 1995 request was $621.9 million. Central imagery office coordinates dissemination of satellite imagery for military use, asked for $122.6 million in 95. Pentagon wants it to get $1.5 billion for 1996-2001 period. Washington times 8/29/94 a4

· 95 deutch ordered an investigation into how national reconnaissance office stashed away one to 1.7 billion dollars without informing supervisors or congress. Nro builds and operates spy satellites. Washington post 9/25/95 a7

· latin america, 95 cia is scrutinizing latin american ops after recent disclosures about cia's link to individuals involved in 90 slaying of an american citizen in guatemala. Dci deutch has asked all latin american station chiefs for reports describing purposes of their offices. Review reportedly prompted by the threat of steep cuts in cia's budget. Agency has already shut down nearly one dozen small stations in africa and may consolidate its latin american outposts in order to cut costs. Los angeles times 6/24/95

· libya, 95-96 qadhafi has a firm hold on power but relies heavily on his security forces to suppress sporadic violent unrest by a growing islamic opposition and rival tribes. Libya is now building world's largest underground chemical weapons plant in a mountain near tarhunnah. From dci john deutch's "worldwide threat assessment brief to the ssci" on 2/22/96. iwr 2/24/96

· 95 "ex-spooks take over internet domain name registration." The national science foundation has turned over internet domain name registration to network solutions, inc. (nsi) of herndon, va. Web review, a biweekly online magazine will reveal that nsi was purchased in may by scientific applications international corp (saic) of san diego. Saic is a $2 billion company indicted by the justice department on ten felony counts for fraud in managing a superfund toxic cleanup site (saic pleaded guilty) and sued by the justice dept for civil fraud on an f-15 fighter contract. Saic's board members include admiral bobby inman, former nsa head and deputy director of the cia; melvin laird, nixon's defense secretary; and retired general max thurman, commander of the panama invasion. Recently departed board members include robert gates, former cia director; william perry, current secretary of defense; and john deutch, current dci. Saic gvt contracts include re-engineering info systems at the pentagon, automation of fbi's computerized fingerprint identification system, and building a national criminal history info system. Eplurib 9/26/95

· 96 cia has initiated new collection activities to uncover foreign intent to use information warfare (iw) attacks against us systems. New activities include new methods in addition to traditional methods such as humint and sigint. Cia is working with the fbi and doj on iw threat analysis. Dci john deutch said in a prepared statement for the us senate committee on governmental affairs permanent subcommittee on investigations that he believes that foreign organized crime is behind some of the hacker attacks against the private sector. Cia analysts are working on ways to assess the status of foreign iw programs. Dci john deutch is talking with the dod about reorganizing current iw efforts and creating a new center at the nsa. dia analysts are working on ways to understand the warning indicators signaling an imminent or planned iw attack against the us. National intelligence council (nic) is preparing an nie on iw. Dci john deutch has directed nic to complete the nie by 12/1/96. Iwr 7/3/96

· 96 mid-july, clinton issued an executive order creating the infrastructure protection task force (iptf) "to detect, prevent, halt or confine" terrorist assaults, especially "cyberterrorism." This follows dci deutch's early-july senate testimony that cyberspace attacks were one of the top threats to u.s. national security. Deutch wants a cyberwar center at nsa when what's really needed is better design and management of known technologies and well-programmed introduction of newer technologies. U.s. defense specialists setting up the six-man info warfare team at the u.s. air force rome laboratory in new york state, to address this "major national security threat." Modern info technologies require, as recommended in a study, "the unintended consequences of info age technologies", published this summer by the institute for national strategic studies of the u.s. national defense university in fort mcnair near washington. The federal government is forging ahead with authoritarian measures intended to control modern communications. On 25 july, the house approved funding for the fbi's "digital telephony" bill which would fund wiretaps without public oversight. Freeh's point was made on 18 august when someone trashed doj's home page. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 9/9/96 1

· 96 traditional methods by the nation's intel agencies are not enough to stave off attacks by terrorists or hackers on vital u.s. computer systems, per dci deutch. Testifying before a senate panel he called for gvt to establish "deep cooperation" with high-tech industry to protect the nation's info infrastructure. Deutch said a growing dependence worldwide on telecommunications and computer networks has fostered with it a vulnerability to attacks that could in essence cripple the backbone of the nation's communications infrastructure. Deutch said that u.s. defenses have not caught up to the rapid growth of computer technology that has presented a new range of security concerns to counter. International terrorist groups clearly have the capability to attack info infrastructure of the u.s. successful attacks against communications systems through the internet, require more than basic computer literacy. Terrorist groups are increasingly using internet for communications. Foreign organized crime is behind some of the many intrusions committed by hackers on u.s. banks and telecommunications companies. The intel community has taken measures to estimate both intent and capabilities of foreign entities to attack u.s. commo targets. An inter-agency critical infrastructure security group, made up of the cia, the pentagon and the fbi, established to identify vulnerability in the domestic infrastructure. Group is scheduled to release a security threat assessment by 12/1/96. National security agency is presently reorganizing specifically for info warfare, and is creating an info warfare technology center in fort meade, md. Details for the center must still be worked out, but it is being designed as "more of a place to build a toolbox to threat assessment, do analysis, rather than a place to get involved in actual law enforcement or op decisions." Upi 6/25/96 washington post 6/26/96 a19

· iraq, 91-96 dci deutch told congress saddam has emerged stronger politically from his recent confrontation with the u.s. turkey has shown a greater willingness to deal directly with saddam. And iraq has won concessions from the u.n. in seeking to sell oil again. Washington times 9/20/96 a1,16

· iraq, 91-96 iraqi president saddam is politically stronger now in the middle east than he was before sending his troops into n. Iraq and still poses a threat to u.s. and middle east interests. Dci deutch when speaking to the senate intel committee. Washington post 9/20/96 a1,29

· 95 u.s.a. - cia/pentagon fight heats up. Fight again reached the headlines on 11/17/95 when the "washington post" titled "cia and pentagon battle for spying rights." But on 12/8 deutch took a very big step toward rigging the balance in favor of the pentagon by issuing a 19-page report concerning the 95 kgb "handouts" which ended up as "blue border" top secret intelligence reports given to the president and high government officials despite pentagon declarations that such single source reports did not influence major defense decisions which are based on multiple source analyses, deutch's report maintains consequences were "enormous" and caused pentagon to step up spending by hundreds of millions of dollars. This is patently false since reagan and dci casey would have upped defense spending even if cia intel recommended the opposite. Casey's use of cia to fabricate the "bulgarian connection" in the assassination attempt against john paul ii and to portray kgb as mastermind of world terrorism are perfect examples of this policy. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 12/11/95 43

· 95 "militarization" of the cia. There is fear that new dci deutch is going to "militarize" cia and turn it into an appendage of pentagon. On 5/30/95 deutch called for greater cia-pentagon cooperation in intel collection and stressed that a flagship project will be establishment of a new national imagery office to replace central imagery office, a joint pentagon-cia office. Deutch is also calling for more reliance on "open source intel," where pentagon has a clear lead over cia. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 6/19/95 36

· bosnia-herzegovina, 96 u.s. spy agencies are teaming to provide a web of intel on bosnia-herzegovina to u.s. and allied commanders in "unprecedented cooperation" between covert organizations. Info gathered by various cia and dia operatives roaming countryside -- as well as via latest in high-tech wizardry -- provides intel about potential threats to u.s. and nato forces. cia director john deutch, has made the mission in bosnia a "top priority" for the agency. Deutch and defense secretary perry have pressed for a quicker turnaround in the delivery of intel. The method for delivering that kind of intel has been streamlined and the "sensor-to-shooter time," reduced. "dozens" of intel agents fanned throughout bosnia working with the troops there. Cia and the pentagon deploying an integrated covert outfit called the defense humint service to gather info about radical groups in areas where forces are deployed. They try to find out: "what are the leaders thinking, what are the plans of the group, what are they going to do?" A chief concern regarding the safety of troops in bosnia is the estimated 6 million land mines scattered throughout the countryside. A cia case officer, acting as an agent with dhs, was recently "able to get a hold of" the exact procedures that one of the warring parties had used to put in the minefields in an area near allied soldiers. While the bosnian serb and bosnian government armies have supplied details of where many of the mine fields are, "it's always nice to have the other guy's manual to know how ... His people were instructed to lay the mines as you go into those fields and want to check them out for yourself." Upi 1/18/96

· 96 release of report of commission on roles and capabilities of u.s. intel community and earlier release of council on foreign relations (cfr) report, "making intel smarter," reveals that cia arises anew and strengthened after each disaster because it is covert action arm of corporate america, not an intel agency. Multinationals since world war two have been building a world order and use cia as a tool for maintaining hegemony of u.s. and transnational elite. This is its purpose and its "intel" is only an excuse for its covert ops. "roles" report recommends maintaining capacity to conduct covert ops; striping pentagon of its authority to recruit spies and transferring it to cia; and, giving dci deutch more power. Earlier cfr report called for allowing cia to use media, clergy and peace corps for cover and to re-empower cia to conduct ops that might involve assassinations of foreign leaders. U.s. has three main weapons for dealing with recalcitrant regimes: national endowment for democracy (ned); military; and, cia. Ned operates fairly openly after assuming more benign political action ops of cia in 1983. Military is available for a supermarket variety of interventions as outlined in book by cfr's richard n. Haass, "intervention: the use of american military force in post-cold war world," and, covert ops of cia. Ciabase 3/96

· ussr, 85-95 cia still struggling to evaluate extent of damage of the aldrich ames case more than 14 months after his conviction. Assessment was due in july but dci deutch wants the report expanded. Richard haver, who is managing the study has concluded that deep flaws in the ci system played a greater role than mistakes of any individual officer. The polygraph is used as a crutch. Ames not being fully cooperative. Washington post 6/28/95 a15

· 76-96 dci deutch testifies and defends use of reporters in exceptional cases - but does not say when exceptions would be granted. Former dci gates said he believed after 76 two exceptions were made. Washington post 2/23/96 a17

· 95 pentagon to receive bigger share in humint because cia's personnel are ill-equipped to run non-official cover (noc) outfits. Dci deutch says military better for running front companies that are currently being set up under the defense human intel service (dhis). Intelligence newsletter 12/7/95 5

· 96 dci deutch said the cia retained the right to use u.s. journalists or their organizations as cover but only under restrictive regulations published 19 years ago. Washington post 2/17/96 a6

· 96 dci deutch wont rule out use of journalists as cover for cia ops. washington post 4/19/96 a21

· libya, 96 "target gaddafi again." He is building a huge plant to make nerve gas and the cia is trying to stop it. Plant is underground and huge per cia. U.s. has waged an intensive covert battle to prevent gaddafi from finishing his factory. Cia officers and state dept diplomats have disrupted the global net in basically successful op rabta-ii. In march deutch told congress that libya was busy building the "world's largest underground chemical-weapons plant." Time 4/1/96 46-7

· libya, 95-96 following cia revealing the chemical and biological weapons plant at rabta, gadhafi made the decision to go underground. His new chemo-bio plant is in a hollowed-out mountain 64 km southeast of tripoli, according to dci deutch's recent statement before the sic. It covers 15 square km, already stores 100 tons of chemo-bio weapons and could be completed by 1997 or 1998. Plans have been obtained from germany and austria construction companies working on the project. Cia is revealing plant now because at least one secret u.s. reconnaissance team, sent in to obtain intel, and photos, was eliminated. U.s. decided to "go public" to stop the project. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 3/4/96 68

· vietnam. Cia lost 17 employees and contractors over 30 years in vietnam and laos. "first and last casualties of conflict in indochina were intel officers," cia chief john deutch said at an annual memorial service for cia personnel killed in the line of duty. First cia casualty was an army officer assigned to oss forerunner of cia, killed in a vietminh ambush in 1945. Last was a retired cia officer who returned during 75 communist capture of saigon. He was arrested and imprisoned and died in captivity some six months later. During height of war, from 1965 through 1975, we lost 15 more agency people in vietnam and laos. Reuter 6/1/95

· 95 dod's role in intel expanding. Dci deutch has encouraged shift to pentagon. At pentagon, military intel board (mib) chaired by dy dia, is planning implementation of any bosnian peace-keeping mission and related intel. Washington post 11/16/95 a21

· 96 maj. Gen. Patrick m. Hughes has run intel ops for jcs since 8/94 and had postings in vietnam, japan, korea and florida hqs of central command with responsibility for collecting intel on middle east. Hughes, 53, has worked closely with sod perry and dci deutch in setting up intel ops in bosnia. Dia employs an estimated 6,500 people with a budget of about $600 million. It has officers in most embassies responsible for collecting info relevant to potential or on-going military combat. Washington post 1/25/96 a9

· 9-95 clinton expected dci woolsey to downsize and reinvent cia - instead he became loyal defender. Clinton adm instead of getting credit for discovery of aldrich ames case was criticized for light punishments handed out. Problem over noise over new nro hqs in n. Virginia. Woolsey defended agency and fought for high intel budgets. Number of people named as possible successors to be dci are: dave mccurdy, john m. Deutch, james lilly, frederick hitz. Washington post 1/13/95 a21

· 93-96 25 year decorated veteran of cia and a leading cia "dissident," ralph mcgehee has written to president clinton and cia director deutch to complain about law enforcement harassment in herndon, virginia, where he lives. Mcgehee is the creator of the ciabase computer data base program (int, n. 29/6 & 32/5 & 16) and continues to produce pointed criticism of the cia and its activity. In particular, mr. Mcgehee fears a "set up" by local police to get him locked up and away from his computer to hinder his work. He wrote a similar letter last year, but says it had little effect. intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 4/1/96 19

· 82-96 dci deutch answers a question after a speech at georgetown u. 9/5/96 re articles in the san jose mercury that cia was involved with those connected with the drug trafficking trade in the early '80s in southern california. Deutch: there has been extensive reporting in the san jose mercury newspaper that in the past, there was a cia connection between drug traffickers from colombia. First of all, we've reviewed past information. there have been frequent past independent studies. They're finding no connection whatsoever. I have just written today to congressman maxine waters, to senator boxer, and to congressman dicks, who have raised inquiries about this, that we have asked our independent inspector general to take a fresh look at it again. To the best of our knowledge, there has not been the connection that was alleged in the san jose newspaper.... email duane 9/5/96

· 95-96 from dci deutch's "worldwide threat assessment to the ssci" on 2/22/96. Enough coca leaf was grown to produce nearly 800 metric tons of cocaine. Despite the disruptions caused by the arrests and surrender last summer of seven of its eight top leaders, the infrastructure and ops continue. Illicit worldwide opium production exceeded 4,000 metric tons in 1995, enough to produce nearly 400 metric tons of heroin. Burma is source of most heroin available in us, but opium production in afghanistan has skyrocketed since 1990 and colombia has surpassed mexico as largest producer of opium in western hemisphere. States of former soviet union are becoming a major conduit for heroin. The intel community also developed an aerial imagery reconnaissance tracking and plotting system to help better manage aerial reconnaissance collection against drug traffickers. Iwr 2/24/96

· 96 president clinton established a council on counter-narcotics. New cabinet-level council will be chaired by clinton. Members are: dci deutch; vice president; secretary of state; secretary of treasury; secretary of defense; attorney general; secretary of transportation; representative of us to the un; director of omb; chief of staff to president; director of national drug control policy; assistant to president for national security affairs; counsel to president; chairman, jcs; and national securityadvisor for the vice president. Council's purpose is to help in providing direction and oversight for national drug control strategy. It is also to ensure coordination among departments and agencies. Iwr 3/17/96

· central america, 81-96 dci deutch said he found no evidence of wrongdoing but has ordered the inspector general to investigate allegations cia was involved in drug trafficking to support nicaraguan contras. Drugs sold to street gangs in los angeles. Washington post 9/7/96

· central america, 96 members of the congressional black caucus called for an investigation into cia connections to a san francisco bay area drug ring that helped touch off the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s. A mercury news' three-part series "dark alliance," detailed how a drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the street gangs of south-central los angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to a cia-run guerrilla army. Series traced the crack cocaine explosion to two nicaraguan cocaine dealers, danilo blandon and norwin meneses, who were civilian leaders of the frente democratica nicaraguense (fdn), an anti-communist commando group formed and run by the cia during the 1980s. Danilo blandon, a former nicaraguan gvt official, was conduit for thousands of kilos of cocaine that flowed to the los angeles street gangs between 1982 and 1986. Blandon, who pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking charges in 1992 and went to work for dea as an informant, recently testified in federal court that he sold the cocaine in the city's black neighborhoods as a way to raise money for the guerrilla army. His biggest customer was a drug kingpin, rick "freeway" ross, who turned the drugs into crack. Ross is now in jail, set up by blandon in a 1994 drug bust. Deutch, said a 1988 cia study presented to intel committees concluded cia "neither participated in nor condoned drug trafficking by contra forces." San jose mercury news 9/13/96

· colombia, 95 dci deutch flew to cali on monday to observe a massive police and army manhunt for the cali cartel drug lord who escaped from prison last week. Cali, capital of guerrilla-infested valle del cauca province and headquarters of the notorious drug cartel, is one of the focal points of the nationwide hunt for jose santacruz londono, the cartel kingpin who escaped in broad daylight from a maximum-security prison in bogota on thursday. Deutch was to return to bogota for talks with president ernesto samper. Visit comes four days after u.s.-colombia ties took a turn for the worse following the escape of santacruz, who is wanted on drug and murder charges in the us. The escape, prompted immediate demands by the state department and dea for the revival of a u.s.-colombian extradition treatyscrapped in 1991 after the late medellin cartel drug lord pablo escobar waged a campaign of assassinations and bombings against it. The u.s. embassy warned that washington could decertify colombia as a partner in the anti-drug fight when certification comes up for renewal in march. decertification would strip colombia of important economic aid and trade preferences. Reuter 1/15/96, washington times 1/16/96 a9

· 95-96 dci deutch said his agency's support for bilateral and multilateral economic talks has now become standard operating procedure. Such cia support was occasional a few years ago. Deutch did not specify the cia's economic intel nor refer to whether wiretapping is included in its economic intel support. "we have provided u.s. policy-makers with intel on the economic plans and intentions of foreign countries that has assisted them in their decision-making process.'' "top policy-makers have come to depend heavily on the daily economic intel bulletin (deib).'' cia econ intel helps especially in the case when the analysis combines political and economic perspectives or explains the broader u.s. interest in a complex economic issue. Economic analysts have expanded their efforts to tap private-sector expertise. The chairman of the national intel council and the national intel officer for economics have instituted periodic meetings with deputy department heads at the treasury, commerce, the office of the u.s. trade representative, the national economic council, and with the undersecretary of state for economic and business affairs to focus collection and analysis more effectively on key economic policy issues. Ap 8/18/96

· 95 dci deutch meets with top clinton advisors for economic security and trade, once a month or more to discuss benefits obtained by an increase in the field of economic espionage. The journal of commerce knight-ridder/tribune business news 9/13/95

· 95 jane's defence weekly 7/8/95 u.s. intel community will only gather economic intel in response to requests from other u.s. gvt agencies seeking particular info, says dci john deutch. Deutch appeared to be retreating from previously stated community interests in collecting intel regarding commercial practices of private non-u.s. industry that competes with u.s. firms. James woolsey, previous dci, had said the community collected intel on private firms so that it could assess corrupt business practices. "what we are not going to do is undertake espionage for the sake of commercial advantage of specific u.s. industries or firms," deutch said. However, "users" of intel such as treasury department, national economic council, u.s. trade representative and commerce department will still receive info from the intel community to meet their specific requests. Deutch said he expects to rely heavily on experts outside community for their analysis of international economic trends, along with existing open source data. clandestine collection of economic data would only occur in rare cases where info is not otherwise available. Periscope/usni military database 7/14/95

· france, 95 another anti-u.s. spy flap back-fires. Someone at french dst counterespionage is going to be called on the carpet for the recent frontpage scare story by jean-francois jacquier and marc nexon in "l'expansion" on a supposedly coordinated a.s. economic intel attack against france and french businesses. By trying to scare small french businesses into waking up to the dangers of economic intel -- by brandishing u.s. cabal involving president bill clinton, cia director john deutch, and kroll associates founder jules kroll, and "open source intelligence guru" robert d. Steele, a high official at dst forgot one of the basic precepts of business intel. There is real economic competition, and therefore economic espionage, taking place between the u.s., france, germany, japan, and many other countries. However, the tone and style of the "l'expansion" article show that it is addressed to credulous clients who don't bother to check the facts. These are usually not directors of companies working on the cutting edge of technological developments. contrary to "l'expansion"'s statement that steele has been discouraged from coming to france by unnamed "french authorities," mr. Steele told "intelligence" that: "i was invited to france by mr. Francois leotard, defense minister, with the explicit approval of prime minister balladur, in order to join admiral pierre lacoste, general jean heinrich, and general jeannou lacaze [all current or former directors of french intelligence services] in speaking to a very select group of 300 french leaders from government, industry, and academia on 10/23/93. We spoke about the need to reinvent intel and significantly increase reliance on open sources. presentations that these distinguished flag officers and i made have been published in a book [edited by pierre pascallon mp] called "defence et renseignement." Larger french companies, do not take this threat seriously because they can "hold their own" or are even superior to u.s. companies at the business of industrial espionage. Ariane, airbus, the tgv train and many other french industrial achievements prove this. Also, secret, "pre-competitive" franco-american cooperation in military technology is probably at an all-time high. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 7/24/95 1

· japan, england, 96 mi6 and cia in japan to conduct more economic espionage in japan after deutch and freeh testified to the sic that the japanese dont play by the rules. Dci deutch gave a number of examples. An attempt by hitachi in 82 to steal ibm computer technology; japanese industry's tasking of ronald hoffman to conduct econ espionage ops between 86-90; efforts by japan's duplo manufacturing corp in 93 to steal voice mail technology from american standard duplicating machine; japan's attempts to steal info on magnetic resonance imager. Intelligence newsletter 3/7/96 3

· cuba, guatemala 54-96 john pereira, head of cia's "historical review group," says 60,000 pages on bay of pigs and 20,000 pages on cia coup in guatemala are being reviewed and could be released later this year. although cia director john deutch doubled pereira's budget, he only has eight employees and 25 retirees working for him in rosslyn, virginia. pereira entered the cia in 1962, worked in operations as a case officer and at headquarters as an intelligence analyst. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 5/13/96 20

· 95 new cia regime under dci deutch is floundering because most of his appointments are mostly political operatives with no intel experience. washington times 6/9/95 a6

· france, 90-96 the ig's report on allegations re cia activities in france has been completed. Dci deutch directed a cia management panel to recommend corrective actions for ops and management deficiencies identified in the report. A separate panel will be reviewing any issues of individual accountability related to the report's findings. Iwr 3/14/96

· france, 93-95 downplayed by cia, paris incident has wide impact. Five americans -- four of them cia officers -- accused by france in february of conducting an economic espionage op against french gvt. Affair briefly made headlines, then faded. Now, u.s. officials acknowledge that episode has had far graver consequences. Bungled op forced cia to suspend virtually all its ops in france earlier this year. Suspension, ordered by cia hqs apparently left the agency without a significant presence in one of the world's most important hubs for espionage in the post- cold war world. A cia source said a state department official warned an agency case officer in paris not even to conduct clandestine ops against non-french targets inside france. Paris fiasco may have had a chilling effect on cia's ability to conduct spying ops elsewhere in western europe. Episode so angered french that they may have shared info about cia's economic espionage ops with other european intel services, including those in germany and italy. Incident has prompted an investigation by cia's inspector general, fred hitz, who is trying to determine whether agency officials failed to properly notify ambassador harriman. Hitz is also trying to ascertain whether carelessness by cia agents was responsible for op's exposure -- what the cia calls in spy jargon "poor trade-craft." Hitz investigation is expected to be completed by the end of year. Case has frustrated senior lawmakers on capitol hill, some of whom complain cia once again failed to keep congress adequately informed. "they didn't tell us anything before op blew," said one member of senate select committee on intel. "they only told us about this at time that it was hitting the papers." This is the latest skirmish in an economic spy war that has been under way between the united states and france for years. U.s. officials accuse the french intel service of repeatedly conducting clandestine ops to pry industrial secrets out of u.s. corporations, angering both the cia and the fbi. In french op, the cia was, in effect, spying for hollywood: at least part of the mission was reportedly designed to determine strength of the french bargaining position in television and telecommunications trade negotiations. U.s. was opposed to french demands to restrict imports of u.s. television programming into europe. Op was blown when french uncovered one of spies, a part-time contract employee with cia. French then trailed her, eventually connecting her with four cia case officers, who were operating under diplomatic cover out of u.s. embassy in paris. Spy whose cover was first blown had had problems in previous ops, cia hqs had been reluctant to use her again. But the paris station chief decided to let her participate anyway. It remains unclear whether the cia has resumed its paris ops. Cia has named a replacement for former paris station chief dick holm, sources could not say whether new chief has arrived in france. Potential for spy wars among allies in the post-cold war era seems to be generating friction in europe. new republic magazine said dci deutch was warned during a summer trip to bonn that german officials would fight cia efforts to engage in economic espionage inside their country. They also demanded that the cia scale back its staff in germany. Deutch also traveled to paris this summer in an effort to smooth relations with both france and harriman. Los angeles times 10/11/95 a1

· guatemala, 90-95 dci deutch said cia violated law in early 90s by keeping congress in dark about guatemalan military officers linked to two murders. he announced he had fired two and disciplined eight. Washington post 9/3095 a1,15

· guatemala, 90-95 eleven cia agents disciplined for involvement in cover-up of serious human rights abuses in guatemala. Cia director deutch announced 9/29/95, firing of two senior agency operatives, demotion of another and letters of reprimand for eight lower-ranking agents, for "failure to maintain professional standards" and withholding info on cia activities from congress. Eleven are named in cia inspector general frederick hitz' internal investigation of agency's role in killings of michael devine in 90 and guerrilla field commander efrain bamaca in 92. investigation found 26 agents were involved in concealing info that guatemalan military officers on cia payroll were linked to killings. Deutch decided actions taken by other 15 agents do not warrant punishment. Fired are terry ward, director oflatin america ops at time of killings and when cia covertly funnelled millions of dollars to guatemalan military, despite a presidential ban on such aid, and frederick brugger, cia station chief in guatemala from 91 to 93. Cerigua weekly briefs 10/5/95

· guatemala, 95 dci deutch, dismissed two senior directorate of ops officers for mismanagement in guatemala terry ward, currently station chief in geneva where his, former chief of cia's latin american division, and fred brugger, former chief of station in guatemala, were both dismissed but will keep their pensions for "services rendered". Eight other officers have been disciplined. Dan donahue, also a guatemala chief of station, was demoted and had his salary reduced, while the others received reprimands. disciplinary action was meted out in name of human rights violations. A total of 26 persons initially implicated in the guatemala scandal by cia inspector general's report. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 10/9/95 37

· ussr, russia, 85-95 deutch listed three categories of damage caused by aldrich ames. 1. Execution of agents. 2. Making it more difficult for cia to gather info from other countries by telling kgb how cia collected intel and handled agents. 3. Letting ussr to pass disinfo to u.s. policymakers - thru double agents. Washington times 11/1/95 a3

· ussr, russia, 86-95 dci deutch briefed house and senate members on what he called "devastating" and inexcusable lapses in elementary intel practice in which cia passed along documents and info without telling recipients it had been obtained from soviets who were known or suspected of being controlled by the kgb. Deutch issued two severe reprimands. One to a retired former chief of reports in directorate of operation's (do) soviet division and another to retired head of division. In an op-ed deutch explains how cia was to correct past errors. In "moving beyond ames" he notes inexcusable laxity for eight years on part of personnel the do and others at cia. "it is an intel calamity of massive proportions." Deutch cites role of intel -- discovering intentions of political leadership of foreign adversaries, plans of terrorist cells, and actions to stop acquisition of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons by rogue states. deutch's reforms: first we must better focus our efforts, better integrate human intel collection with technical intel, improve management of agent recruitment and operations, improve career development and finally we must operate with integrity. Washington post 11/5/95 c7&a6

· 53-96 cia publicly pledged in 93 to release its files on its most important covert actions of the cold war coups in iran and guatemala, and the bay of pigs fiasco. The promise is unfulfilled. A panel of outside experts hired by cia cites "a clash of cultures" pitting cold warriors against open-minded historians. Another factor may be that agency has devoted only three ten-thousandths of its budget and seven full-time employees to task of making docs public. A stack of secret files taller than 50 washington monuments awaits them. Cia blames oliver stone because stone's 91 movie, "jfk," provoked congress to establish a jfk records law in 92 that ordered files on the assassination to be made public. Clinton took nearly a year to name members of a review board. Now cia's historians are explaining to the board the precise basis for every one of the thousands of excisions they want to make in its documents. Cia says it will review and release files on its covert actions supporting political parties in france and italy in the 40s and 50s, insurgencies in indonesia and tibet in 50s and 60s, insurrections in the belgian congo and the dominican republic in 60s and secret opts in north korea during korean war; and, laos during the vietnam war. That promise was made 9/91 by dci woolsey. Man given task, is john pereira, who is chief of the historical review group. pereira, a scholarly man of 63 who has worked as an analyst and as a spy since 1962, presides over eight agency employees and 25 retirees at the ames building, a cia office in rosslyn, va. Pereira said that 60,000 pages on the bay of pigs and 20,000 pages on guatemala were being reviewed and censored and might be released this year. Iran will take longer. Also in works are files from 40s and 50s from the dcis. "we had hoped to move faster," pereira said but until october, cia, which has a budget of about $3 billion a year, allocated less than $1 million a year to the project. dci deutch, has doubled the budget. Deutch has also doubled the size and scope of an outside group of historians, called cia historical review panel, which prods the declassification process. John lewis gaddis, is a leading historian of the cold war and a longtime member of the group. gaddis, is working with newly declassified files from moscow and beijing. another panel member, is robert pastor. New york times 4/8/96

· 95 dci deutch says he concerned about allegations cia's operatives involved in human rights abuses in guatemala and took part in covert acts that violated gvt policies. Discusses cia misleading congress. "strengthening the personnel system is perhaps single most important action..." Nora slatkin head of task force examining: what skills agency officer should have; what its personnel needs are; how it can eliminate promotion barriers for women and minorities; and how to ensure managers and officers are held accountable for actions. Washington post 6/22/95 a5

· 96 first venona files were released 7/11/95 at cia hqs, when 49 kgb cables coded with the use of lists of arbitrary numbers called "one-time pads" were presented to the public. Senator daniel patrick moynihan, chairman of a commission on abuses of secrecy, and cia director john m. deutch, also on the commission, agreed to release 1940s venona decryptions of secret messages between the kgb and american nuclear spies julius rosenberg and his wife, ethel. Now the third and largest release to date has added 500 translations of kgb communications which identify young american nuclear spy, "mlad" as theodore alvin hall. These releases are part of the nsa's project opendoor which just released 1.2 million cryptographic documents dating from before world war i to the end of world war ii. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 4/15/96 44

· 94-20 defense dept to ask for $27 billion, six-year spending plan for nsa and other intel groups per "defense week." Figures for nsa, dia, central imagery office. They do not include cia and nro. Publication apparently first to publish official figures for nsa, dia and the imagery office. U.s. spending this year about $28 billion. About $3 billion for cia and 6.5 billion for nro. Defense week said it got figures from an august memo signed by mr. Deutch. Nsa which intercepts and processes foreign commo as well as safeguarding u.s. voice transmissions, had a fiscal budget request of $3.47 billion. For 6 year period of 96 thru 2001, pentagon will ask that nsa get $21.4 billion. Request for dia, which collects and processes military intel, totals about $4 billion. Its 1995 request was $621.9 million. Central imagery office coordinates dissemination of satellite imagery for military use, asked for $122.6 million in 95. Pentagon wants it to get $1.5 billion for 1996-2001 period. Washington times 8/29/94 a4

· 95 dci deutch said "i have been struck by the relative lack of executive authority" that he, as dci has over the budget and leadership of related agencies. Washington post 6/22/95 a5

· 95 deutch outlines plans to centralize control of intel community. Deutch wants legal authority to draft nearly all of the annual intel budget including proposed spending by each of the military services. He also wants authority to appoint other senior intel personnel. He wants to eliminate waste by eliminating duplication and poor budget choices. Deutch has statutory authority for the national foreign intel program, a roughly 16 billion dollars conglomeration of spy budgets at cia, nsa, dia and nro and portions of spy budgets at three military services, the doe and fbi. He does not have direct authority over tactical and related activities intel budget that includes about $10 billion sum all support by military services and special forces for military commanders on the battlefield. Nor does he control the joint military intel program which includes certain cryptology, aerial reconnaissance, counter-narcotics and mapping programs run by the pentagon. Washington post 12/20/95 a23

· 96 dci deutch's plan to overhaul u.s. intel presented to congress in late april. Intelligence newsletter 5/9/96 1

· 96 dci deutch's power play. Intelligence newsletter 1/25/96 1

· 96 president clinton has made a number of ic reforms. They are: 1) authorized congress to make public the total appropriation figure for intel at the time the appropriations conference report is approved by congress. 2) authorized creation of a cabinet-level committee on foreign intel. The committee will work to establish priorities for long-term intel. 3) authorized creation of a committee on global crime. Committee will be chaired by the national security advisor and will work to better facilitate cooperation between law enforcement and the ic. 4) endorsed the addition of two residentially appointed deputy director positions. One would oversee the community management staff and the other would run the cia. Both positions would be subject to senate confirmation. 5) endorsed dci john deutch's proposed personnel reforms which aim to realign ic resources in a way that will address future intel challenges while meeting downsizing goals. 6) acceptedrecommendation that dci have an enhanced role in reviewing nominations of senior intel officials at other agencies. Source varied 4/23-6/96

· saudi arabia, 95-96 posting continued - cia in middle of vietnam war with literally tens-of-thousands of assets could not penetrate the all-pervasive communist structures. Now we are asked to believe that it can penetrate widely scattered, often non-connected, small, secretive terrorist groups. but cia uses essentially same structures and procedures that have repeatedly failed in much more promising and less challenging milieus. List of its intel failures is massive. Some might argue that this is now. We need look only to views of current director of cia, john deutch, to see the fallacy in that reasoning. In 1995, deutch said he was shocked by the (do) director of operations's "inability to formulate solutions." They do did not have the desire or ability to reinvent itself. "compared to uniformed officers they certainly are not as competent or as understanding of what their relative role is and what their responsibilities are." Deep rot of the do in guatemala is a core sample of the deep rot of the overall directorate. Curse of old boys is the patrimony of an elite secret society that degenerated into an elitist bureaucracy, an inbred tribal culture. rules and laws are not for them. Curse of old boys has so damaged the morale and reputation of cia that it is hard to find good people. "the cia has been imprisoned by its own lies." (entries from ciabase not included) ciabase posting october 96

· ussr, russia, 85-94 tainted intel fed to cia by a moscow disinformation campaign led the u.s. to overestimate the abilities of the soviet and russian military. The exaggerated strength of ussr military made policymakers less able to understand "internal soviet developments." Info from a report released to congress by dci deutch on 12/8/95. Tainted info concealed "the extent of decline in soviet and russian military technology and procurement programs." Overall effect was to sustain our view of the soviet union as a credible military and technological opponent. During the disinformation campaign, the warsaw pact was collapsing and communist regimes of eastern europe falling apart - while cia was telling congress u..s had to remain strong. Also in 89-90, bush adm was skeptical about gorbachev's plans toreduce tensions. Deutch said, tainted intel "had a substantial role in framing the debate re the ussr." An earlier related report showed moscow used ames info to establish a disinfo campaign that fed tainted data from moscow-controlled agents. Chairman of the senate intel committee, senator arlen specter, said "as a result of inadequate record keeping in the cia..." Only half of some 900 particularly significant 85-94 intel reports, were reviewed. A "disturbing high percentage" of agents supplying the reports were controlled by the kgb and its successor the srv. The result was "to affect r&d and procurement decisions by convincing the gvt that the soviets remained a superpower and their military r&d program was robust." Washington post 12/9/95 a18

· ussr, russia, 85-95 cia sent white house and pentagon 35 highly sensitive reports on ussr and russian weapons development and arms control issues that came from sources that some agency officers knew to be under moscow's control, per sic chairman specter. With 60 other reports cia had some concern about reliability of sources and with those reports the pentagon was occasionally informed about the concern. Dci deutch held the three dcis blameless but gave reprimands to seven cia officers of 12 named in hitz's report. Six of reprimanded had already retired including a former reports officer. Washington post 11/10/95 a18

· ussr, russia, 86-95 in 91 an internal debate about legitimacy of some documents from soviet sources, pentagon recipients never informed of doubts. "validity of some documents" from ussr agents beginning in 88 provided to the do were questioned by analysts in the di. Analysts had reviewed new docs and pointed out contradictions in some with soviet weapons reports the do had received in earlier years. Reports may have been about technical development of missiles. The do defended the authenticity of and the cia passed docs to the pentagon. Dci deutch reprimanded seven former and current cia officials. Docs obtained after 85 when ames gave moscow names of soviets recruited by cia. Washington post 11/13/95 a26

· ussr, russia, 86-95 tainted intel issue blunted. A dod review has been unable so far to find any policy or weapon purchase decision that in and of itself was shaped by tainted intel provided to the pentagon by the cia between 86-94. Material sent to pentagon without notice of its suspicious origins. Dci deutch reprimanded seven retired and active officers. Material may have been planted by the kgb as a result of work of ames. Richard l. haver headed damage assessment. Former ddci mcmahon, said this "a heinous act" that cia put out the info without caveats to customers. Washington post 11/17/95 a23

· vietnam. Cia's inabilities are legend. My primary experience -- an indication of its overall problems -- was the 1968 tet offensive in vietnam. To me this, in history of world, is its most egregious intel failure. Cia had a 600-person station with officers stationed throughout provinces. Cia via unilateral, military and liaison programs had literally tens of thousands of individuals gathering intel. U.s. programs surrounded, and were surrounded by, the enemy. Yet vc were able to infiltrate soldiers, weapons, ammunition, demolitions, and supplies of all types throughout vn and attacked every major city and town completely unanticipated by cia. even hours after start of offensive, cia's watch office recorded no new developments. Vietnam was by no means the only major intel disaster. Cia was one of last u.s. institutions to accept the collapse of ussr. Robert gates, ddi and later director of cia, travelled u.s. exhorting all not to be fooled by ussr's apparent collapse. Possibly he was deceived by cia's intel from known kgb double agents that cia distributed to presidents and other policymakers. List of cia intel failures is massive. A list of slanted intel in support policy is even longer. Just completed examination of cia by commission on roles and capabilities of u.s. intel community took note of part of problem and said: there is ``arrogance, parochialism, disdain for oversight, lack of diversity, and tolerance of inadequate professional performance'' in cia's directorate of ops (do). Even dci deutch, said he was shocked by do's "inability to formulate solutions." directorate of intel (ddi) is just as bad. Ddi is so bureaucratized that legitimate intel cannot survive or cannot survive intact. Other major problem is politicization of intel. John gentry's incisive review of those problems are recorded in his book, "lost promise: how cia analysis misserves the nation." Ciabase 3/96

· 95 cia to boost spending money for gathering info for u.s. military ops and for spying on international criminals, terrorists and narcotics trafficking per dci deutch. Cia should supply better and more info to law enforcement agencies. His remarks made during wide-ranging luncheon with reporters and editors of the washington post. Washington post 7/13/95

· 95 dci john deutch said that cia is planning to shift more effort to intel for military operations and on counterterrorism and counternarcotics. he admitted a lack of response to requests made by attorney general janet reno's office and said that the ic should do more to support law enforcement. Reuter 7/13/95

· 95 "militarization" of the cia. There is fear that new dci deutch is going to "militarize" cia and turn it into an appendage of the pentagon. On 30 may, deutch called for greater cia-pentagon cooperation in intelligence collection and stressed that a flagship project will be establishment of a new national imagery office to replace central imagery office, a joint pentagon-cia office. Deutch is also calling for more reliance on "open source intel," where pentagon has a clear lead over cia. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 6/19/95 36

· 95-96 dci deutch said his agency's support for bilateral and multilateral economic talks has now become standard operating procedure. Such cia support was occasional a few years ago. Deutch did not specify the cia's economic intel nor refer to whether wiretapping is included in its economic intel support. "we have provided u.s. policy-makers with intel on the economic plans and intentions of foreign countries that has assisted them in their decision-making process.'' "top policy-makers have come to depend heavily on the daily economic intel bulletin (deib).'' cia econ intel helps especially in the case when the analysis combines political and economic perspectives or explains the broader u.s. interest in a complex economic issue. Ap 8/18/96

· 95 impetus for push for smo (support for military ops) stems from intel failures during gulf war. It's not a deutch initiative, he is just conforming to prevailing orthodoxy on hill and in the community. Best place for research on this is the house armed services committee report, intel successes and failures in operations desert shield and desert storm, 103rd congress, 1st session, 8/93. Since 3/4's of intel consumers, as well as 3/4's of all intel officers, are in dod, smo is popular. Cia likes to think that their most important customer is [the president], but smo makes guys in cockpits and foxholes most important customers. Most important "smo-doubter" seems to be dr. Mark lowenthal. Since he is now staff director of hpsci, and since hpsci's ic21 (intel community for 21st century) effort is going full speed to redesign and reinvent intel, his dissent is significant. Email and iwr-d 10/4/95

· 96 dci deutch orders intel to be releasable, cia chief seeks less secrecy to ease info swap with military, foreign nations. Washington times 5/1/96 a8

· 96 missiles - two independent anti-missile studies. Methodology of the cia's 1995 national intelligence estimate, which concluded that no new nuclear power will have a ballistic missile capable of hitting the contiguous 48 states or canada in the next 15 years, was recently criticized by a gao report. This encouraged congressional republicans, who favor an anti- missile program, to write into the 1997 defense budget the creation of two independent panels to review the question. One will be selected by cia director john deutch, and the other by congress. What congressional critics failed to notice was that the gao report, nonetheless, did not challenge the cia's conclusion and actually cited a half-dozen independent reports that reached the same conclusion. intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 10/21/96 5

· 96 nro selling its wares. In february, keith hall, took over as deputy director and acting director of secretive national reconnaissance office (nro (int, n. 32/40). Hall, who is considered a protege and hatchet man of cia director john m. Deutch, (int, n. 33/12), has followed mr. Deutch's recommendation of getting intel to the "war fighter" as directly as possible, and not just to washington decision - makers. Nro's strategic imagery, traditionally only available at top echelons in the capital, is now available to allied military commanders on the ground in bosnia via the global broadcast system developed by the nro, the cia, the defense information systems agency (disa) and the pentagon's advanced research projects agency (arpa). Apparently, nro officials are even deployed with u.s. troops in bosnia to furnish even faster imagery intelligence and help in photointerpretation. But at the same time, imagery intel is undergoing a major transformation from overreliance on extremely expensive orbital systems, the nro's specialty, to less expensive and more rapidly responding drone systems. By literally being "in on the ground level" of this transformation, the nro may be guaranteeing its future as an imagery intel specialist. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 9/9/96 38

· china, 96 dci deutch tells the sic re china's illegal actions - it sold ring magnets to pakistan, m-11 missiles to pakistan, and cruise missiles to iran. Washington times 2/23/96 a3

· 95 cia's no 2, deputy director george tenet warned senior staffers that open congressional testimony must not jeopardize intel-gathering methods. dennis boxx, spokesman for dci deutch, agreed cia gave a more blunt assessment re russian regime of yeltsin. He noted david osias's, nio, testimony was put together rapidly. Cia is sensitive to concerns that deutch has surrounded himself with politically motivated aides. Washington times 8/19/95 a5

· 95 dci nominee deutch who a chemist and former provost of mit, known for infatuation with technology and organizational innovation - he is aggressive. Problems with dci also being of cabinet rank - policy vs intel. former dci gates says this a mistake. Washington post 3/12/95 a12

· 95 editorial "look who's politicizing the cia." Editorial based on deutch's new appointments. Washington times 5/19/95 a20

· 95 senate republicans question elevation of cia dci nominee deutch to cabinet. Only former dci to have cabinet rank was casey who used his authority to distort intel in iran-contra to effect policies he favored. arlen specter, chairman of sic, concerned about this. Washington times a4 and washington post 3/15/95 a4

· 96 dia and cia don't see eye to eye on threats. A month ago, cia director deutch delivered his "worldwide threat assessment" before the senate select committee on intel singling out china, india, pakistan, libya, iran and sudan. He also spoke about drug trafficking, but his message was remarkably different from that given on 1/16/96 to the house select intel committee. this looked like a concentrated effort to justify deutch's cabinet level status as dci, to keep cia in the money and to reserve an intel field that the pentagon won't take away from it in the near future. Deutch declared that: "the cia will be paying its closest attention to russia and china because these nations have the greatest military power for foreseeable future." We previously criticized this statement, noting that at pervomayskaya in chechnya a handful of chechen rebels held one of the world's supposedly "greatest military powers" at bay for days on end, and that the dia's recent analysis of china's "intimidating" 11/95 military maneuvers against taiwan showed that china can only land one division without calling on commercial ships and, in general, "poses little danger to potential foes." Deutch's speeches may be seen more as "a declaration of future american foreign policy," a presentation of cia goals and a justification for the cia budget instead of a real analysis of threats to the united states. Interpretation was corroborated by two military intel analyses of worldwide threats to the u.s. on 2/22/96 when dia director lieut. Gen. Patrick m. Hughes presented his "global military threats to the u.s. and its interests abroad" to the senate committee. Other corroborating analysis is a long "interview/briefing" of office of naval intelligence (oni) boss, rear admiral michael w. Cramer, published last month in "sea power." For adm. Cramer, "we certainly don't describe russia as threatening" although russia's navy is the only one in the world to have "capabilities" rivaling those of the u.s. navy. Russia, for example, "continues to build and deploy (...) Very capable, very quiet, stealthy submarines," but russian subs "do not target the u.s." intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 4/1/96 46z

· latin america, 81-96 dci deutch under criticism re his handling of charges cia helped nicaraguans ship cocaine to black los angles street gangs as an example of efforts to curry favor with liberal politicians. Dci deutch also criticized for politicizing a national intel estimate on missile threats to conform to pentagon policy an for appointing political operatives, many of whom have no intel experience, to senior levels of intel community: michael j. O'neil, a longtime house democratic pol who recently named general counsel of the cia, and nora slatkin, a former democratic house staffer appointed to be executive director. Per rep. dorman - o'neil, while a white house aide "was the point man for helping the communists in nicaragua." A pentagon report in 9/96 re bombing in saudi arabia, faulted restrictions for hampering efforts to gather intel on terrorist groups. "policy restrictions on recruitment of sources may hamper the efforts of intel agencies and must be re-examined." Washington times 9/24/96 a1,8

· middle east, kuwait, iraq, 90-91 two cia analysts, patrick and robin eddington say the cia possesses dozens of classified documents that show tens of thousands of americans may have been exposed to iraqi chemical weapons during the persian gulf war in 91. They say the cia and the pentagon repeatedly tried to hinder their unauthorized investigation and their careers were destroyed. The government is continuing to lie and withhold evidence. Patrick said he collected 59 classified intel reports from agency files and computer banks that provided very specific info re presence of chemical weapons in iraq and kuwait. Patrick was twice told that dci deutch, who was then deputy secretary of defense and the official responsible for the investigation of gulf war illnesses, called to express his alarm over the couple's inquiry. Deutch claimed he never tried to block eddington's inquiry. New york times 10/30/96 1,14

· ussr, russia, 85-95 dci deutch publicly criticized six former and one current cia employee for allowing tainted info to go to top officials. He said this "devastating, inexcusable," and harmful "for years to come." deutch told two congressional committees he taking steps to reconstruct the directorate of ops (do). He stopped short of blaming three former dcis. this criticized by sen bob kerry who said they should held responsible. He said webster, gates and woolsey, "should have known," that cia passing questionable reports to president and others. The ussr used ames info to pass carefully selected `feed' material through controlled agents per deutch's report. One now retired cia officer approved sending 16 different reports without telling them the sources were controlled by the kgb. officials may have used info when making purchases of military equipment with vast sums involved. Senators said info involved ussr weapons systems. deutch said, it an inexcusable lapse in elementary intel practice. Deutch putting outside controls on do re its own agents. He established an independent "customer review process" to learn who are sources and how info obtained. In past do did not share this info. Deutch said he would have fired two now-retired officers and reprimanded four others. He reprimanded one current officer. He did not criticize remaining five identified by hitz, including three former dcis. Senator kerry expressed shock at a 10/30 letter that the three former dcis wrote to deutch - they defended their actions and suggested that hitz be investigated. Washington post 11/1/95 1,12

· 95-96 commission on roles and capabilities of the u.s. intel community recommends expanded power for cia chief. The sprawling u.s. intel lacks direction and is too remote from policy-makers. It recommended expanding power of the cia director and stripping military of its authority to recruit spies. Commission established by congress spent a year studying intel community. Cia director deutch said he has asked people from different parts of the intel community to serve on a panel to study recommendations and report back within the next few weeks. ``there's going to have to be some major shifting around of people,'' rudman said to get right people to match missions of various intel agencies. 85 percent of intel community is beyond reach of the dci. Covert ops were defended as providing the president ``with an option short of military action when diplomacy alone cannot do the job.'' the panel took note of criticism of the ``arrogance, parochialism, disdain for oversight, lack of diversity, and tolerance of inadequate professional performance'' of the cia's directorate of operations (do). To overcome the isolation of the do, commission recommended that case officers be rotated through assignments in other directorates. Commission did not address issue of whether the cia should try to recruit journalists or clergy for spy missions or have its own agents identifying themselves as members of either profession. Deutch acknowledged last week that he has the authority to waive a ban on attempting to recruit journalists or clergy. Other recommendations include: to give the dci more time for management of the overall intel community, two new deputy cia directors should replace the current deputy. One would deal with the intel community overall; the other would concentrate on the day-to-day ops of the cia. To strengthen policy guidance, a committee on foreign intel should be created within the white house national security council and chaired by the president's national security adviser. A second nsc committee should be created to coordinate efforts against global crime. national intelligence council, which prepares intel estimates, should become a more broadly based national assessment center and be relocated outside the cia hqs. Commission was established by congress in 1994 and began its study in march 1995. It heard testimony from 84 witnesses and interviewed 200 others. Ap 3/1

· 95 john deutch's confirmation hearings for 4/27/95. Per arlen specter, chair of sic, there is growing consensus cia needs a total overhaul. One prominent intel official, asked what he thought should be done at the directorate of ops, said simple, "blow it up." Cia is demoralized. Aldrich ames case, and support for guatemala's military, put cia in bad light. analysts complain they have no clear set of priorities. Deutch is sharp-tongued, tough-minded. New york times 4/26/95 a5

· central america, 81-96 dci deutch assured black lawmakers that the cia's inspector general (ig) will probe charges the cia funneled profits from a crack cocaine ring in 80s to aid nicaraguan contras. Washington times 9/20/96 a11

· guatemala, 90-95 dci deutch proposes disciplinary action against employees formerly stationed in guatemala, for mishandling intel info about guatemala in early 90s. Employees notified of intended punishments 9/26/95. involves current or retired employees. Actions coming two months after the cia's ig criticized actions of many cia officers who in guatemala or who supervised ops there. This first time covert operatives punished for human rights violations. Ig hitz in july named about 24 cia officials involved in several controversial decisions, including paying col. Alpirez. Unknown number of employees dci proposes to discipline. Deutch's letter also dealt with failure to tell congress about human rights violations. Senate last week voted to prohibit all u.s. military aid to guatemala until [that gvt] takes steps to bring to justice those implicated in deaths of devine and bamaca. Washington post 9/27/95 a27

· guatemala, 90-95 ig hitz's report on alpirez case. "deutch under pressure to punish cia agents." Washington post 7/31/95 a6

· guatemala, 90-95 the inspector generals report, "relating to agency activities in guatemala," 7/26/95 pages 1-4. Dci deutch's report commenting on ig's report and cia actions in guatemala. 7/26/95 1-7

· guatemala, 90-95 "cia inspector general's findings from the guatemala investigation" the ig has finished a seven month investigation into guatemala case. Seven volume (700 pages) final report is the product of 17 investigators, in addition to support personnel, reviewing 56,000 pages of material and conducting interviews with 200 individuals. Report covers the following key areas: congressional notification; ambassadorial notification; selection of chief of stations; asset recruitment and validation; collection and reporting responsibility; human rights reporting analytical functions; and do records system and accountability. No evidence was found to indicate that any agency employee knowingly misled congressional oversight committees or deliberately decided to withhold intel. Dci deutch will issue new guidelines and take measures to keep congress informed. He will adopt ig's recommendation that each do and head of each independent office conduct a quarterly review. Review is to determine whether employees under their direction have reported to oversight committees. Ig found cos in guatemala did not keep ambassador properly informed. Dci will be updating the state dept./cia arrangement. the executive director will issue new standards for selecting the chief of stations. Ig found deficiencies in the reviewal processes for human assets. the ddo will improve the human asset validation process. The report found that some of reporting by the cos in guatemala on humint was not reliable, clear, or accurate. Ig's report recommends procedures to improve reporting process used for the discovery of human rights abuses. The general counsel was previously asked to look into procedures used for looking into assets who may have violated us law or engaged in human rights abuses. recommendation made by the ig on human rights abuses also urges a better reviewal process to determine if the human assets are involved with narcotics trafficking or terrorism. Dci agreed with the ig's recommendation for a better reviewal process but pointed out that the agency is sometimes forced to deal with individuals engaged in undesirable activities in order to gain valuable intel. The dci wants di analysts to have greater access to do operational traffic and other sensitive intel. The dci said he believed progress was being made but that much more could be done. He said that guatemala is a perfect case where more cooperation would have been helpful. ddo and ddi have been instructed to work on removing barriers. The di must also work on improving the analytical tradecraft. The report noted the responsibility of a number of specific individuals in the cia. The dci has directed the executive director, general counsel, and chiefs of station to review the recommendations. Intel watch report - special 7/27/95

· ussr, 85-95 ig hitz's report identified 12 cia officials who should be held accountable for failing to identify ames's espionage activities for eight years. Deutch's three immediate predecessors cited among the twelve. second ames report of richard haver faulted cia management for relaying flawed intel to the white house and pentagon without raising possibility it had been compromised. Most sensitive info involved technical assessments of soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles. This infoinflated pentagon spending on military hardware. U.s. news & world report 11/13/95 25 ussr, 94-95 dci deutch has rejected first draft on report on aldrich ames scandal. Report aimed at finding out how much ames betrayed and how to repair damage. Deutch called for an early review and kicked it back for more work. He wants crisper analysis and more recommended corrective actions. "ames effectively destroyed the do...damage is so total that none of insiders wants to admit the scale. Final report expected in late summer. newsweek 6/?/95

· 95-96 rare waiver by senate panel cleared way for perry, deutch, kaminski partnership. The group have financial holdings in four defense companies: cambridge associates; illgen simulation technologies inc.; Isx corp.; And, delfin systems. A separate article re pentagon's latest acquisition - private sector purchasing practices. Washington post 5/2/96 a27

· 96 lawsuit alleging that lockheed martin corp overcharged gvt up to $500 million has been put on hold because pentagon and cia assert release of key documents would "cause exceptionally grave damage to national security." lawsuit, filed by two former lockheed martin employees, will be delayed while judge considers whether to grant a request by cia director john deutch and deputy defense secretary john white that 24 key documents be withheld from plaintiffs. Cia and pentagon said declaration was their only option because documents contain specific data on nation's most secret spy satellite programs -- code names, budgets, technical specifications, software packages, subcontractors and vulnerabilities. Suit was filed in 88 by two employees of lockheed corp's secret space facility in sunnyvale, calif., Alleging many employees routinely were "non-productive." They also contended that firm improperly billed gvt for time spent by employees who were waiting for security clearances and who were engaged in "makework." washington post 2/28/96 a13

· 96 defense secretary william perry has expressed concern over recent leaks of classified material to journalists in a july 31 letter sent to dod officials. Perry has asked senior dod managers to ensure that the proper procedures for the control of classified documents are being followed. He has also asked dci john deutch and other intelligence officials to review reporting and dissemination procedures. Perry also asking fbi to begin an investigation into the leaks. Ap 8/9/96, washington post 8/10/96

· china, 96 dci deutch made a secret visit to china on oct. 14-16 before he arrived in south korea. Deutch "met a number of chinese government officials to exchange views on a range of important global trends and concerns and to discuss transnational threats to the security of all nations." Deutch left south korea on sunday and is currently visiting another asian country. Ap 10/21/96; reuter 10/21/96

· ethiopia, 96 dci deutch visited ethiopia in mid april 96. He met with pm meles zenawi and senior government officials to exchange views on narcotics trafficking and other transnational threats. Iwr 4/26/96; reuter 4/25/96

· 95 cia to boost spending money for gathering info for u.s. military ops and for spying on international criminals, terrorists and narcotics trafficking per dci deutch. Cia should supply better and more info to law enforcement agencies. Remarks made during wide-ranging luncheon with reporters and editors of the washington post. Washington post 7/13/95

· 96 cia and nsa battle over roles/budget. Dci deutch is working closely with his former boss, ex dod harold brown, on president's commission studying future u.s. intel needs. Deutch noted that "uniformed officers" control large segments of civilian intel system. Deutch is seeking to reorganize defense mapping agency and get control over tiara (tactical intel and related activities) which involves military support of battlefield commanders. U.s. dependance on technical collection faulted."there's only one way to find out what hezbollah is going to blow up next, and that's having a spy inside hezbollah." View being re-enforced by decline of nsa's ability to decode commo traffic due to rapid rise of encryption software. Aviation week and space technology 1/15/96 42

· 95 dci john deutch has announced he is establishing a joint space management board which will integrate defense and intelligence space programs. Ap 6/21/95

· 95 john deutch vows changes at cia. Would replace many top managers. deutch to replace adm studeman, acting dci, with lt. Gen. James clapper, now director of dia. Hugh e. "ted" price, ddo to go first. Washington times 4/27/95 a3

· 95 john m. Deutch, dci nominee at confirmation hearings said he would act immediately to replace officials in scandal-ridden ddo. He to consider transferring to fbi cia's responsibility for intel-gathering ops overseas on international crime, narcotics and counterterrorism. Deutch to examine culture and ops of ddo. "its time for a generational shift." Washington post 4/27/95 a16

· 95 to reestablish good relations with his "customers," cia director john deutch has recommended the creation of an "independent body," the customer review process (crp), to review human intel reports and act as a "customer complaints office." New unit will be managed by the national intelligence council (nic) which includes senior intel community representatives and issues special national intel estimates. Nic, and therefore crp, are nonetheless part of the intel community and statutory under the orders of dci who is mr. Deutch; so criticism of cia "products" will be "independently" delivered to ... The cia director. Moreover, the nic will be working closely with widely criticized cia directorate of operations which will staff the crp. To reestablish credibility of cia products, crp process will be "rowing against the tide." However, it does "open a door" and offer cia customers the possibility of making their needs and priorities known much sooner and furnishing an official channel for customer feed-back concerning cia's production. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 12/11/95 37

· 96 clinton to sign bill giving cia three new managers. Bill modestly restructures intel community. Dci deutch strongly opposes creating three new deputy directors. Bill would create a deputy director of central intelligence for community management, adding considerably more power to a post now known as executive director for community affairs. Aim in part to centralize management of disparate personnel, training and security programs now maintained by 13 agencies. Reporting to this new post would be three new assistant directors of central intelligence responsible for overseeing all intel collection, analysis and administrative functions, respectively. Current ddci, george tenet, would retain function as deutch's alter ego and principal deputy. Bill would authorize cia and nsa to collect data on foreign citizens for u.s. law enforcement. Would require senate confirmation of cia's general counsel and would prohibit foreign employment of senior intel officials for three years after leaving gvt. This a shadow of reform recommendations. Dropped from legislation were proposals giving the dci authority to manage spending by intel agencies now controlled by the sod, as well as the right to approve persons nominated to head such agencies as nsa, nro, and dia. Most opposition to those provisions from the pentagon. Washington post 10/5/96 a4

· 95 cia sets up "customer review process" to reestablish good relations with his "customers," cia director john deutch has recommended the creation of an "independent body," the customer review process (crp), to review human intelligence reports and act as a "customer complaints office." The new unit will be managed by the national intelligence council (nic) which includes senior intelligence community representatives and issues special national intelligence estimates. The nic, and therefore the crp, are nonetheless part of the u.s. intelligence community and statutory under the orders of the director of central intelligence (dci) who is mr. Deutch; so criticism of cia "products" will be "independently" delivered to ... The cia director. Moreover, the nic will be working closely with the widely criticized cia directorate of operations which will staff the crp. intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 12/11/95

· 95-96 advisory commission recommended that as dci, john m. Deutch be given added responsibility for personnel and activities at other intel agencies, as well make foreign spying much more efficient. Panel said a new deputy ddci should be named to run cia for a term of at least six years. legislation authorizing 17-member commission was drafted in 1994 by sen. john w. Warner (r-va.), Who said he wanted "a cooling off period" of careful study to fend off "slash and burn" measures advocated by some of his fellow lawmakers after revelation of various problems. Commission said handing off management of cia to a new deputy director, would give dci "greater freedom to choose where to devote his energy." New structure would formalize current ad hoc arrangement in which cia executive director nora slatkin runs cia on a day-to-day basis without confirmation by senate. commission concluded that patchwork of 14 separate intel agencies is functioning well. 17-member commission said its recommendations were guided by three themes: a perennial need to make intel-gathering more responsive to policymakers, a need to encourage more cooperation between agencies, and a need to instill more "modern management practices." It reported that personnel reductions begun in 1992 had "far from solved" a series of intel community problems brought about by fact that number of civilian personnel grew by nearly 50 percent in cold war decade from 1980 to 1990. The civilian work force at the nsa, cia, and dia was shrunk by 12 percent from 1990 to 1996, payrolls at these agencies increased by 26 percent. Payroll costs have not only crowded out investment in new technologies, but also constrained hiring of new employees needed to face new intel challenges. solution is to reduce civilian employment levels by more than 10 percent below those reductions now mandated by congress and allow for one-time payouts and other waivers of employment rules so that less relevant jobs can be let go. Washington post 3/1/96 a15

·95-96 cia director deutch has run afoul of house intel committee chairman larry combest. Combest is piqued by what he says were deutch's remarks that he "did not find many first-class minds in the ranks" of the intel community and that intel officers are "certainly not as competent" as uniformed officers. Combest said he and most of his colleagues do not share that "benighted view." Combest is also warning the clinton adm that its fiscal 1997 intel budget request will be "dead on arrival" if it is as lacking in vision as was the 1996 request. Aviation week and space technology 1/8/96 329

· 95 cia's no 2, deputy director george tenet warned senior staffers that open congressional testimony must not jeopardize intel-gathering methods. dennis boxx, spokesman for dci deutch, agreed the cia gave a more blunt assessment re russian regime of yeltsin. He noted david osias's, nio, testimony was put together rapidly. Cia is sensitive to concerns that deutch has surrounded himself with politically motivated aides. Washington times 8/19/95 a5

· 95 dci designee deutch to terminate those who protect incompetent or unethical covert operatives, or who mislead members or staff of intel committees. The nation 5/22/95 709-10

· 95 guatemala chairman specter of senate intel committee said that he applauded steps taken by dci deutch regarding guatemala, but said committee still plans to investigate. He also said that it will ask doj to investigate. Ap 9/29/95

· 95 senate select committee on intelligence (ssci) chairman, sen. Arlen specter, r-pa, has said that he is not ready to endorse deputy secretary of defense john deutch's nomination yet and that he opposes moving dci position to cabinet level. He said that he opposes dci being in position of a policy-maker and an overseer of the intel community. Ap 3/16/95

· 96 david wise's op-ed re the conclusions of commission on roles and capabilities of the u.s. intelligence community states that such commissions serve to deflect criticism and buy time. The report called for a few cosmetic changes only. Wise lists the aldrich ames betrayal, the national reconnaissance office's (nro) $300 million hqs bldg. The "successful" covert op in afghanistan left that country one of death and misery and terrorists may have dozens of cia's stinger missiles. The roles "panel labored mightily and came up with a mouse." But a commission made up of members of the establishment is not likely to step on any toes. Dci deutch wants to increase covert ops. "the commission has proposed a beauty treatment for the spy agencies that leaves their formidable problems intact...there is scant reassurance for the public." Outlook washington post 3/24/96 c2

· 96 richard n. Haass, principal author of a study on the future of u.s. intel published by the council on foreign relations (cfr), has op-eds in both the washington post and washington times. The post's op-ed, "don't hobble intelligence gathering," argues to abolish restraints on the cia. haass argues for allowing the intel community to use the cover of the press, the clergy and the peace corps. He decries rules that discourage preemptive attacks on terrorists or support for individuals of unsavory reputation. He asks that orders prohibiting conspiring to engage in assassinations be repealed. Haass has immense influence derived from the cfr. He also is the author of the book, the use of american military force in the post-cold war world. He argues for military intervention unrestrained by a lack of popular support for any such action. He further states that any decision to intervene be made by the foreign policy elite. the cfr is at apex of corporate, academic, foundation, gvt structure and john deutch, dci is a member as has been most cia directors. Cia officers regularly brief cfr meetings that are more secret than even the agency's own sessions. Most top officials in every presidential adm at least since end of wwii have been members of cfr as are many members of congress. reform of cia is subject of three ongoing efforts, house intel committee, senate intel committee, and the presidential commission. These groups might as well pack up their bags. The decisions have been made. All that remains to be done is a media barrage to sell idea to the american people. Ciabase commentary 2/15/96

· in 90 newly restructured, president's foreign intel advisory board (pfiab), will be led by john tower. "but tower is one of the boss's loyalty appointments" says a bush aide, "after john's drinking problem cost him defense portfolio, president felt he owed him." Four other members are among nation's most competent analysts of scientific info. Only first-rate geopolitical thinker is sixth member, "foreign affairs" editor william hyland--and that's the problem. Concedes pfiab member, john deutch, an mit energy expert: "our strengths run to the technical." Time 7/30/90 20

· iraq, 96 dci deutch promised to topple hussein before saddam's attack on kurds in northern iraq. Deutch had promised that the iraqi dictator would be toppled within a year. But hussein discovered and foiled a $20-million covert op to unseat him. This is one of the greatest setbacks u.s. intelligence has ever suffered, an anonymous senior u.s. official told the los angeles times. Paper offered no details about the personal pledge, but said the six-year op was one the largest authorized by clinton. U.s. intel officials had considered a cadre of iraqi agents operating inside iraq key to the mission, but those agents have now been exposed, and many executed. a cia plot to overthrow hussein from within ranks of his republican guard was uncovered in late june and early july, with hundreds of military officers arrested and dozens of agents executed. ``it was an ambitious effort, but it was uncovered long before it got anywhere...'' ``it was basically wiped out in june and july. A lot of (iraqi) u.s. agents were killed.'' u.s. intel sources now believe hussein's spies had penetrated plot virtually from it's inception. Reuters 9/8/96

· sudan, eritrea, ethiopia, uganda, 96 cia sending military equipment to ethioia, eritrea, and uganda to support sudanese opposition groups preparing a joint offensive to topple the khartoum government. Much of the aid consists of basic items suitable for outfitting a guerrilla force. In april 96 john m. Deutch spent three days in addis ababa. The cia and the nsc have been driving force behind the tougher line. All three countries are supporting the sudan people's liberation army led by john garang, and eritrea is helping it and two other rebel groups launch a new offensive. more than 3000 sudanese rebels are marshaling in eritrea for a joint offensive aimed at cutting the road from khartoum to port sudan. Washington post 11/10/96 a34

· 95 in exclusive interview with starr of jane's defence weekly, dci deutch says he has sought to revitalize morale of cia. He proposes to create a national imagery agency (nia) to coordinate imagery collection, processing, exploitation, analysis and distribution, much as the nsa handles all signals intel. Detailed plan to be submitted to deutch in 5 months. He sees it as being in the defense dept. Jane's defence weekly 7/8/95 19-21

· france, domestic, 94-96 tension between do and dci deutch over case of dick holme, former cos paris. Intelligence newsletter 2/8/96 5

· sudan, eritrea, ethiopia, uganda, 96 cia sending military equipment to ethioia, eritrea, and uganda to support sudanese opposition groups preparing a joint offensive to topple the khartoum government. Much of the aid consists of basic items suitable for outfitting a guerrilla force. In april 96 john m. Deutch spent three days in addis ababa. The cia and the nsc have been driving force behind the tougher line. All three countries are supporting the sudan people's liberation army led by john garang, and eritrea is helping it and two other rebel groups launch a new offensive. more than 3000 sudanese rebels are marshaling in eritrea for a joint offensive aimed at cutting the road from khartoum to port sudan. Washington post 11/10/96 a34

· turkey, 95 a quiet visit by cia chief. On 22 july, after two days of official but unpublicized talks with prime minister tansu ciller and foreign minister erdal inonu, cia director john deutch left turkey. The topic of discussion was turkey's kurdish problem and the fighting between rival iraqi kurdish groups in northern iraq. This clearly means deutch and the cia were organizing the secret kurd meeting which took place recently in ireland. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 8/28/95 63

· germany, 53-57 u.s. gave food that was distributed via konrad adenauer's conservative social democratic party. In 11/53 his party won an absolute majority. Part of food allocated to the international rescue committee. Irc waged a propaganda battle and established a redefection commission william donovan used trip there to covertly fund politicians. Brandt received 100,000 deutchmarks -- $25,000. The irc urged the u.s. to do more for the refugees -- the ocb received the report. Chester, e.t. (1995). Covert network 124

· iraq, turkey, 96 dci deutch in testimony before the ssci said kurd faction leader massoud barzani is urgently asking for our assistance to make sure that he doesn't become too dependent on saddam hussein. Los angeles times 9/20/96

· 95 office of security swears by the lie detector or polygraph. Deutch says their reliance on the polygraph "is truly insane." He is thinking about cutting back on it to help "getting flexible minds to come in and stay." New york times 12/10/95 passim

· 95 secrecy, classification. Commission on protecting and reducing gvt secrecy, also called the moynihan commission after democratic senator daniel p. Moynihan who, several years ago, conceived the legislation that led to the recent establishment of the commission. Everyone on this bipartisan commission, including members from both houses of congress, the executive branch, and the private sector seems agrees "this government is shot through with willy-nilly applications of secrecy." The commission to investigate "all matters" related to classification and personal security; and to submit a report to congress within two years with recommendations for reform. In addition to moynihan, helms, deutch, combest, and faga, the commission has seven other members: rep. Lee hamilton (dem., Indiana), white house staff secretary john podesta, prof. Samuel huntington, former ambassador richard fox, former wall street journal reporter ellen hume, former nsc staffer alison fortier who is now with rockwell international, and businessman maurice sonnenberg. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 2/13/95 28

· secrecy, 96 dci deutch issued directive limiting distribution of cia's national intel daily (nid) to stem flow of leaks of info. Several hundred paper copies normally distributed. Action taken after a complaint by sod perry. Action taken because a number of newspaper reports in past few months were based on highly classified intel. Washington times 10/2/96 a7

· 96 dci deutch becoming most powerful cia chief ever. He has near veto authority over appointments of pentagon intel chiefs and other gvt agencies. Deutch only the second dci to hold cabinet rank. Goal to consolidate control over 28 separate and often feuding orgs. Deutch well-connected. Dci casey was first dci with cabinet rank. Intel community has some 100,000 people, that waste billions of dollars in redundant services. Five orgs buy or run spy satellites, while eight process and analyze photos. Time 5/6/96 43

· 95 cia chief mulls consolidating analysis of spy satellite pictures. every day, a dozen people representing individual orgs in intel community and decide which targets the satellites should focus on during next 24 hours. Equipment that disseminates photos "is not up to date." Our ability to collect, outstrips our ability to analyze. Dci deutch studying whether to consolidate units from 11 military and civilian agencies. Proposed national imagery office (nio), would gather more than 10,000 military and civilian personnel, including entire defense mapping agency, and cia's national photo interpretation center (npic). In 92 a central imagery office created that coordinates the multiagency demands of imagery collection. One goal to provide military commander more and more quickly. Hic added $2 million to cio's budget to finance a study of "all national and theater imagery collection platforms, all types of imagery products and all imagery exploitation software packages to better support targeting of precision weapons. Washington post 10/15/95 a3

· 95 corona symposium, 95 dwayne day of the space policy institute at george washington u. Has been instrumental in setting symposium on the first u.s. photoreconnaissance satellites. Co-sponsored by gwu and the cia's center for the study for intel, it brought together many of the people responsible for the corona/kh-4 spysat program. Degree of openness displayed by the speakers remarkable. Csi produced a collection of declassified documents and pictures relating to the creation of the corona program and use of the photographs taken by the satellites. These also served as a vehicle for the outing of the former codeword ruff and the name of the satellite photography compartmentation channel "talent-keyhole." 18 new photos released at symposium are much more interesting than initial four released earlier -- the n-1 pads at tyuratam, missile sites in the fsu, and the chinese nuclear test site a few days after a test are among them. Corona program, 12 years and more than 100 flights. Dci john deutch, explained his concept for a unified national imagery agency: it's to incorporate all requirements-generation, imagery interpretation, and product distribution. Nro continues to exist as the designer-to-requirements and builder of spysats, but nia controls the money. A high-priority use of the corona product was to identify and locate targets for the new icbm and slbm forces. Apparently geodesy at the time was in a very primitive state, and the relative location of points on different continents could be off by miles. Because there was no phd program in the us at the time, dod and cia helped set one up at up a ohio state using european faculty. Email 5/25/95 thomsona

· 95 dci deutch is continuing to support the unification of imagery management and integration of defense and intel space programs. Programs to be managed through a joint space management board. Dci deutch is also creating a security policy board to look at iw. Periscope vol. Xx, no. 5, 1

· 95 dci deutch's recent edict that nro start accounting for way it spends public funds. Those in nro responsible for its recent funding debacles should be dismissed. The small agency has squirreled away more than $1 billion of federal funds without bothering to tell its ostensible superiors in cia and defense department. This in wake of equally disturbing news that nro was building a $300 million headquarters complex in fairfax county, va., That is a third larger than needed. Money to pay for it came from ops funds rather than money authorized for construction. Editorial who watches the watchers? Space news, 10/2-8 95 18

· 95 dci john deutch has announced he is establishing a joint space management board which will integrate defense and intelligence space programs. Ap 6/21/95

· 96 defense secretary perry and dci deutch fired top two officials of the national reconnaissance office (nro) - nro director jeffrey k. Harris and deputy director jimmie d. Hill. They will be given other jobs within the intel community. Action followed deutch's grilling friday by sen. Arlen specter ( At a hearing of the senate select committee on intel. deutch refused to say how much the nro had secretly accumulated to spend on... Satellite programs, a figure believed to have grown to about $2 billion... Keith r. Hall was named as new nro deputy director. Currently deutch's executive director for intel community affairs and formerly deputy staff director of the senate intel committee, hall also will function as acting director until a new head of nro is named. Deutch also said he would make no major changes in nro's funding until he received recommendations from president's commission on future of intel community. Washington post 2/27/96 a17

· 95 cia must focus on intel community priorities such as weapons proliferation, terrorism or specific issues re particular countries to which do officers assigned. Intel will only be collected in response to requests from intel consumers. Comprehensive set of guidelines being issued to do officers who recruit agents to avoid past mistakes. Basic role of human intel is "stealing important secrets." Interview of dci deutch. jane's defence weekly 7/8/95 19-21

· latin america, 95 dci john deutch has sent a memo to all station chiefs in latin america asking them to make an argument for continued existence of their stations and to explain how they are carrying out the goals of policymakers. Cnn headlines news 6/24/95; mercury news wire services, 6/24/95

· 95 on 30 may, dci deutch called for greater cia-pentagon cooperation in intel collection and stressed that a flagship] project would be the establishment of a new national imagery office to replace the central imagery office, a joint pentagon-cia office. He has kept his promise and is studying a plan to centralize imagery intelligence currently dispersed among 11 military and civilian intel agencies, with the cia holding a dominant position. Proposed national imagery office (nio) would include all or parts of cia's cio, national photo interpretation center (npic) and national reconnaissance office (nro), along with pentagon's dma and defense airborne reconnaissance office (responsible for battlefield unmanned aerial vehicles), bringing together more than 10,000 military and civilian employees. Creation of nio is seen as a means of correcting current situation where imagery collection outstrips analysis. Deutch is supposed to make a decision this month re creation of nio. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 11/6/95 48

· ussr, 47-96 dci deutch to speak at a conference on verona program, a u.s. intel effort to decode soviet intel messages from 40s. Washington times 10/2/96 a7

· 93-96 cia plans to boost overseas deployment of intel officers, put more foreigners on the payroll as spies and heavily promote the use of covert action to combat the threat of terrorism -- dci deutch announced at a speech at georgetown university. He said cia had substantially increased the number of new sources on terrorism. A number of critics claim cia has done a poor job on intel on terrorism. Republican platform says clinton has underfunded, misutilized, and marginalized critical intel missions..." deutch claims since 93 the cia has helped apprehend six terrorists including two implicated in the world trade center bombing. Another five terrorists have been captured fy foreign governments with cia help. expenditures for cia's counter-terrorism center, where officials from 10 different intel agencies plot strategy and conduct analysis, have doubled since 92. Center has developed a particularly good understanding of the radical hezbollah. Cia creating a "new terrorism warning group" to provide advance notice of planned attacks against u.s. and allied personnel or facillities. Deutch said cia wanted to provide the president more options to prevent terrorists from carrying out ops and to retaliate directly against groups which we know are responsible for terrorist attacks. washington post 9/6/96 a21

· 95-96 "tremendous growth in terrorism" to keep cia afloat. Dci deutch's 1/16/96 testimony to the house select intel committee was a concentrated effort to justify deutch's cabinet level status as dci, "director of central intel," to flash up "buzz words" to keep cia in money and to reserve an intel field that pentagon won't take away from it. Cia has already lost special ops and human intel (humint) ops to department of defense, and is in process of losing imagery intel (imint). In bosnia, cia has clearly stated it is concentrating on "longer term" intel topics and analysis, leaving "counting the guns and troops" to the pentagon's dia and imint. But this orientation contradicts deutch's speech which declares that: "the cia will be paying its closest attention to developments in russia and china because these nations have the greatest military power for the foreseeable future." Wrong again! Cia has either missed boat again or is talking though its hat. Re russia and china. U.s. intel experts -- and hopefully members of house select intel committee -- know that cia will not be "paying its closest attention" to military developments in china and russia and shouldn't justify its budget on that basis. That's where the "buzz words" terrorism, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, organized crime and religious fanaticism come in, and the traditional "bogeymen": iran, iraq, north korea and libya. Intelligence - a computerized intelligence newsletter published in france 1/22/96 41

· 95 dci deutch said that international terrorism is likely to surge in the next decade. He also said that the cia is shifting resources into its counterterrorism program and is working to improve relations with fbi in order to better combat terrorism. Dci deutch made comments during testimony to hpsci. Dci deutch also said that the dci should have expanded jurisdiction over all aspects of the intel budget and intel agencies. Ap, reuter 12/19/95

· 96 dci deutch announced last month that he was boosting number of case officers sent abroad, putting more foreigners on his payroll as spies and giving the president more possibilities for covert action. "we want to increase options to act against terrorist groups directly, either to prevent them from carrying out ops or to retaliate against groups we know are responsible" for guerrilla attacks on u.s. interests, he said in 9/5/96 speech at georgetown u. Preparations for more u.s. covert action followed suicide bombings in israel in early 96 and two blasts in saudi arabia in the past year; and the mysterious destruction of twa flight 800. Deutch first raised issue in 1994, he said clinton's budget for counter-terrorist human intel -- as distinct from spying through satellites and other technical means -- had been sharply increased. "these investments have paid off." The cia has substantially increased the number of new sources reporting to us about terrorist groups. The gain in the past 18 months far exceeds previous achievements." Deutch identified the chief threats as the pro-iranian hizballah; hamas, the palestinian group; and egypt's islamic group. Robert gates, who headed the cia from 11/91 until 1/93, cited bipartisan backing for potential contribution of covert action in dealing with such threats as terrorism, global organized crime, narcotics cartels and curbing the spread of nuclear weapons. Stanley bedlington, who retired in 1994 as senior analyst at the counterterrorist center at cia hqs, said covert action was tough because guerrilla groups seemed to operate like a "floating crap game," without clear support of five alleged middle east state sponsors: iran, iraq, libya, syria and sudan. Wminnick reuter 10/29/96

· 96 how cia combats international terrorism. By steve macko, enn editor. dci deutch said principal threats are radical islamic fundamentalist groups, such as iranian-backed hezbollah, egyptian al-gama'a al-islamiya, hamas and others. U.s. intel community established counterterrorist center in 1986. Ctc reports directly to dci and brings all elements of intel community together to collect and analyze info from all over world. officers from ten different agencies are part of ctc - cia, nsa, dia, fbi, state and others. Deutch to increase intel efforts against terrorist threat. A four-point program includes: a national-level foreign terrorism warning group within ctc. Group is made up of experts to review intel from all sources and will provide warning of possible terrorist attacks. A significant number of cia ops case officers have been deployed overseas and assigned to ctc to work against foreign terrorism. Intel support for force protection expanded for military facilities such as support teams. There are seven such teams assisting u.s. military in balkans and in saudi arabia. More options will be given to president to preempt and disrupt and defeat any known terrorist plans. "we have emerged in last decade as first target of international terrorism for a host of political, economic, geopolitical reasons," said winston wiley, chief of cia's counterterrorist center. Enn study 10/1/96

· iran, 89-96 "since 1989, iran has murdered at least 48 regime opponents abroad, provided up to us$100 million annually to the lebanese hizballah...we see no indication that iran will moderate its behavior following parliamentary and presidential elections, respectively scheduled for march 1996 and mid-1997." "iran is now developing its nuclear infrastructure and the means to hide nuclear weapons development." From dci john deutch's "worldwide threat assessment brief to ssci" on 2/22/96. Iwr 2/24/96

· italy, bulgaria, ussr, 81-86 attempted assassination on the life of the pope -- cia did not know who behind the plot. In 84-85 cia began receiving info about the bulgarian and soviet role. Gates ordered a paper analyzing terrorism assessing the soviet role - paper titled "agca's attempt to kill the pope: the case for soviet involvement." Paper circulated widely inside cia and elicited a very negative reaction. Anne armstrong sent the dci a memo critical of the handling of the "papal plot." Gates commissioned an independent review. The paper on the assassination attempt was published in 5/85 -- we never did get additional info from cia sources, even after the collapse of the ussr. Ciabase comment the "cowey report," was a critical analysis of cia's april 85 report outlining soviet involvement in pope's assassination. Cia analysts noted calling paper the case for soviet involvement and marshalling evidence only for that side stacked the deck. "the paper deliberately skewed to make case for soviet complicity look more solid than it is." The deutch appointed director of ops, david cohen, was manager of "the case for soviet involvement." Gates, r. (1996). From the shadows 354-6

· jerusalem, 96 dci deutch is staying behind in jerusalem to discuss counterterrorism measures. CNN 3/14/96

· middle east, 96 clinton adm considering a more activist policy that could include preemptive strikes and expanded covert counter-terror ops. To some the main threat comes from a murky net of home-grown, privately-financed and largely independent groups a kind of international terrorists internet. net extremely difficult for u.s. intel agencies to locate and penetrate. dci deutch said cia drawing up list of military options "to act against terrorist groups directly either to prevent them from carrying out ops or to retaliate against groups we know are responsible for ops." A safe haven might be afghanistan. Yet given limited u.s. intel on these groups difficulties appear enormous. State department has designated five middle east countries as terrorism sponsors: iran, iraq, libya, syria and sudan. iran remains premier state sponsor of international terrorism per state's 1996 "patterns of global terrorism." Syria is a safe haven for nearly a dozen palestian, turkish, and lebanese opposition groups. Islamic extremists also operate in camps in lebanon's bekaa valley. In sudan u.s. trying to get president omar bashir to stop islamic extremist from using his country. Philip c. Wilcox, who heads state's counter-terrorism office says, the role of states in promoting terrorism is in sharp decline." israel has a militant policy against terrorism. Washington post 10/17/96 a25

· 95-96 per dci deutch as the threat of proliferation has increased, us intel to support counterproliferation have been expanded: assessing intentions and plans of proliferating nations; identifying nuclear weapons programs and clandestine transfer networks; supporting diplomatic, law enforcement, and military efforts to counter proliferation; providing support for multilateral initiatives and security regimes; and overcoming denial and deception practices set up by proliferators to conceal their programs. We also have: formed nonproliferation and arms control technology working group (npac/twg); worked on the dci-commissioned technical intel collection review (ticr) to identify future shortfalls in sensors against wmd and related delivery systems. Review addresses 94 nonproliferation review committee identification of technical and operational needs to increase warning times before foreign targets achieve actual operational wmd capability; identifying funding to maintain technical intel collection programs related to wmd and delivery system tests of proliferating nations; fostering development of new technologies with potential to improve our ability to detect wmd activities at significantly longer ranges than possible today. Cia has explored efficacy of high risk, high payoff counterproliferation-related research and development initiatives; establishing a relationship to enhance cooperation between cia and r&d components; redirecting and reorganizing intel activities to increase and sharpen the focus of counterproliferation-related efforts both analytically and operationally; and redirecting resources and activities toward assisting federal bureau of investigation and us customs service efforts to identify, target, and apprehend individuals engaged in trafficking and smuggling of nuclear materials worldwide." "additionally, the creation of jmip to coordinate joint, dod-wide programs, will provide intel and support to multiple dod customers. Deutch's statement to permanent subcommittee on investigations of senate committee on gvt affairs on 3/20/96" iwd 3/31/96

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