Veritas News Service LIVE Exclusive  – Part One – Tonight at 21:00 EDT.

It is important that you tune in tonight to hear how Doyel Shamley and Hour of the Time personnel were detained, harassed, handcuffed, and publicly humiliated on multiple occasions during our East Coast Conference tour.  No Miranda warnings were ever given over several interviews, and no one would directly answer our inquires as to why we were being detained. Be sure to listen in at 21:00 to hear exactly what happened from the people it happened to.  Learn how to deal with abuse of authority, and better understand your rights.  This type of blatant harassment is happening to the leaders of this movement trying to restore a Constitutional Republic.  If you are successful in your endeavors to further the cause of freedom you should be aware of the possible consequences, and what you can do to ensure your rights are protected.

At 22:00 we’ll be airing another brand new episode of David Christopher’s “A Healthier You”.  Tonight David will be discussing “Frying Cheerios” and the Parker Jensen case. Pop by David’s websites here.  Tell him we sent you if you decide you’d like to sign up for one of their awesome herbal heath courses.

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  1. Did they wear penis helmets too?

    I used to get harrassed by the county when I was younger. I lived in a neighborhood with a lot of crime. I always fit a description (yes white people fit a description and get harrassed too). I have been put in police cars, driven around the city and brought back and dropped off with no arrest, not being told what was going on or where we were going, no evidence that I did anything wrong, being searched multiple times by the same cop, and on an on.

    I will never forget when I was going to pick up a friend, 20 miles away from where I lived, which I didnt know the county police were at his house looking for him, and the officer said to me, I know where you live and he told me where. This was just from seeing me and my car without checking an ID or license plate.

    Just like Bill said on the broadcast I was listening to, I think yesterday. Protocol is that if you are not in a uniform, you are the enemy. Its no longer to protect and serve, its to enforce statutes.

    I guess they still think they are protecting and serving….you from yourself. The criminal and victim all in 1.

  2. Good discussion, Belly. Thank you.

    I hope HOTT is going to shout out the names and badge numbers of the cops involved. We really ought to keep a list of these guys and gals who pervert the law for their own entertainment.

    It’s things like this that ought to be front page news all over the country, calling enraged citizens to action.

  3. It once was that we were considered innocent until proven guilty. Then it changed to guilty until proven innocent. Now? It’s guilty until proven guilty.

  4. Thats a good one Mud. Guilty until Proven Guilty. They let you go because they can’t nail you even with everything they made up.

  5. Don’t waste good pee on thirsty pissants Doyel!

    Seems like every move they make now only goes to ensure that our cause is proven valid.


  6. Right on, Rob! The more they mess with you guys, the more they validate that HOTT is doing the right thing!!!!!!!

    Way to go, guys! I’m buying the beer tonight!

  7. Oops! I just hit that pesky donate button again and put another $40.00 in the HOTT coffers!

    … sorry, Feds, I dug deep into my pockets and couldn’t find none for you! Better luck next time!

  8. I am unsure why you would fly or travel by train knowing full well the TSA-Homeland-Security would interrupt your travel, as they do everyones travel.

    Knowing that, it is unknown to this poster why you would not have driven to the destination, exercising your right of free travel on the nations byways.

    Is that not dissimilar to knowing a building is on fire, electing to run in, then complaining that you got burned ?

    Unless of course this was a deliberate attempt to goad the powers that be into a situation where they would view your materials, question your intent, and investigate, and if not, then we must assume that your chosen method of travel was purely for speed and convenience, but even if that were so, is speed and convenience an adequate excuse knowing the possible rammifications?

    Since you are free, we all can assume their investigation didnt turn up anything illicit ot illegal. The system works, or no ?

    You do know that the government is working in partnership with, and with the permission of the transportation companies, and that any and all responsibility resides with the companies that are allowing them to interrupt travelers using their services.

    Wouldnt the transportation companies be the ones to blame here ?

    Wouldnt the appropriate course of action in a capitalist democratic republic be to vote by refusing to add federal reserve notes to their coffers.

    Is planning not part of your reparte’ ?

    Could one assume that this trip could have been planned better ?

    Why make a big deal out of it when you know full well the possible rammifications ?

    Unless of course it was planned that way, hoping for an incident that could be exploited for maximum effect… and donations… and extra radio show content to rile up the subscriber base.

    But hey, I am human and could have it all wrong.

    • Ok then, let’s just all admit defeat and cower in our homes waiting on the boots to kick in our doors.
      The system isn’t working as it should in a Constitutional Republic (specifically the US of A), as you’ll hear tonight. There was not one bit of interest in security on behalf of the agents involved, all of the attention was meant to harass.
      Just because you are willing to give up your rights doesn’t mean we all will be willing to do so. We followed all legal protocols to ensure easy travel and were still harassed. Soon enough they’ll be harassing even the “anonymous contributor”. One day you’ll try and stand up for your rights – that may be the day they cut you off at the knees, and no one will care.

      Seems like you could care less now. But hey, I am human and could have it wrong…


  9. Besides, haven’t the boots kicked in enough doors already? Haven’t they burned enough children alive and shot enough people to death over absolutely nothing?

    Apparently not.

    Apparently Americans just haven’t gotten their asses kicked hard enough to realize that something is very, very wrong in their own… er, um, well, it’s not their own anymore… here in this country.

    The boots won’t stop. They’ll come and get “your right of free travel on the nations byways”, too; soon enough.

    How do you suppose you will remain anonymous then?

  10. @anonymous contributor
    I think you are wrong because that’s just not the way HOTT operates and your assumptions about their lack of planning, improper planning, trying to incite an incident are exactly the opposite of how they do things and anyone who has listened to even a couple of broadcasts should know that.

  11. @Mudjack
    Mudjack – Anon is 100% correct! We must all make sure we’ve done nothing illegal, ensure we’re compliant with every requirement set out in the law and even go above and beyond those requirements to ensure our documents are all in order, and be very very sure we’ve met every demand of those who don’t give a rat’s fat ass about our constitutionally protected (yet- God given) rights! We must also demand that cops, TSA agents and border officials inspect our homes, cars, and belongings we carry with us to ensure we’re totally 100% compliant with the law. This is the only way we can be safe from our neighbors who would immediately shoot and/or stab us if we’re not sufficiently protected by the state. I’m scared of everyone – let the state protect me! .
    Fear is our biggest problem – I’m not scared, and I know you aren’t either. Knowledge trumps fear every time.
    I’ve got your back my friend the freedom fighter, and I know you’ve got mine. I’ve met you, know who you are, and what you stand for. The anons of this world will likely never know the comfort and security that brings.

  12. My local library bans this site from its public wi-fi.

    They are everywhere.

  13. Listen to yourselves. Then think long and hard.

    You have absolutely NO constitutional right to travel on someone elses conveyance without adhering to their legal rules and regulations. These are PRIVATE entities. Just like your car or truck is your PRIVATE property and anyone traveling in it with you must afhere to your rules, else they find aother travel arrangements, yes ?

    Do I agree with the way they treat people? Of course not. But that does not negate the known reality, does it.

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with your rights. What you perceive as harrassment, those private owners see as preventative measures. Whether or not the government forced them or convinced them is irrelevent. Fact remains they are allowed to do it with the current laws in place.

    Disagree? Then do not use them. Simple. Vote with you wallet by electing not to use their commercial travel services. Last time I checked, the government does not own the commercial travel servce companies.

    I refuse to fly. Period. Because I do not want me or my family to be oppressed, felt up, or have travel interrupted. I plan my trips. I drive. If everyone would do the same, they would chage their rules and regulations, or go out of business. What do you think they would choose ?

    By choosing to fly knowing the rammifications, you chose to be investigated and detained. We read about it everyday. So dont tell me this was a suprise.

    If anything it was done for convenience sake to save driving time or to create an incident you could “report”.

    Personal responsibility goes a long way.

  14. Rob :@Mudjack Fear is our biggest problem – I’m not scared, and I know you aren’t either. Knowledge trumps fear every time.


    I am not saying to be fearful. I am saying to know what you are getting into. You know they detain people for any reason they can think up, interrupt travel, especially with people carrying certain materials that are anti-establishment.

    Knowledge didnt stop them from investigating, detaining, and harrassing, did it ?

    Prevention and personal responsibility are just as important as all the other things you guys speak of and teach.

  15. sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you’re an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  16. @anonymous
    “Whether or not the government forced them or convinced them is irrelevent.”

    how is this irrelevant?

  17. @Stephen
    Indeed the first mishap occurred when Doyel was flying – but tune in tomorrow for the big shock. It’s not about the privately owned airlines protocols, it’s not about security, it’s about harassment.

  18. @anonymous contributor
    You have given up. You’re already bowing to every demand made of you – soon enough you’ll be stopped in your own car and be asked to give a blood or breath sample and you’ll gladly provide that too. Or maybe you’ll just refuse to drive as you have said you now refuse to fly because of the hassles.
    Anon – enjoy being a slave – any further discussion with you will be wasting my time.
    You are welcome to sit back and do nothing. We choose to fight back. When you choose to stand up and do the same, we can talk again.

  19. I certainly have not given up. I have adapted. Please realise the difference. In any battle, strategy adaptation is paramount to victory.

    I have chosen not participate in the oppression, sexual assault, harrassment process, and funding them, becasue I know it’s there. I use my head, and planned, thus adapted.

    I have chosen not to allow my loved ones to be oppressed, to be sexually assaulted, and to not fund them and their activities.

    Now if you guys want to voluntarily participate in and fund them, you are more a part OF the problem than a solution TO the problem, in my humble opinion.

    The path to righting the problems is not an all out war, steaming into the enemy encampments, then crying that you got shot.

    Doyle made a choice. He wanted to experience first hand and he knew full well what would happen to him.

    If you wanted to ride in my truck and I told you my rules, would you still decide to ride with my if you disagreed with my rules?

    Of course not, unless you wanted some content to broadcast or CHOSE to give in to them for convenience sake.

    The path to righting the problems is through consumer education, boycotting the services, cutting off their funding, and killing the legislation allowing it to happen in the first place.

  20. matt :@anonymous“Whether or not the government forced them or convinced them is irrelevent.”
    how is this irrelevant?

    Because its there and needs to be dealt with.

    Does not matter why it is there.

    It has to be gotten rid of.

    Participation in it is funding it, condoning it, and the insidious influence, people, and companies allowing it to happen.

  21. I see this as a total set up just to get some juicy broadcast content, to rile up listeners, and get some donations, the latter being exemplified by Mudjacks post.

    Of course you could always argue Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc abnout the latter like the government does =)

  22. I need to meet the MASTER HERBALIST. When I first found out about this site I heard this show and was expecting to hear Doyel and I didn’t even listen to it before. But since I first actually listened to it. It’s THE SHIT! David and Fawn 4 LIFE!!!! HAHA

  23. @anonymous contributor
    We have adapted too. We feel that the time has come where it is impossible to “adapt” any further and that we must act on our beliefs – we cannot be comfortable in letting previous freedoms go by the wayside. Your line in the sand will be crossed someday. You might be thankful that ours has already been crossed and we will not blindly accept the new rules and simply “adapt” forever.

  24. Thanks for a great show tonight, guys. Thanks for exposing this harassment so that the rest of us might be better prepared to make a decision about flying. Getting on an airplane for me is an absolute last resort, but for me that is nothing new.

    Yes, ignorance and fear are the biggest problems and is the enemy’s most potent weapon against us.

    I would almost agree with anonymous on one point: if we don’t like it we shouldn’t fly. Agreed — to a point. I’ve said this many times before, it is nothing new to me — I think that Americans would be doing themselves a favor if they exercised the big N-O and everyone stopped flying for a couple of days. It would ruin everything for them and they would have no choice but to see things our way and put everything back the way it was and stop all this bullshit. Boycott is an incredibly effective weapon against any enemy.

    But we all know that isn’t going to happen. There are too many people, like anonymous, for one example, who just don’t care about what is right and demand that we give in and do nothing about it. Just shut your mouth and take it and don’t get on an airplane if you don’t like it. Let the “PRIVATE entities” take a monopoly over all the airways so that no one else can use them and so that everyone is effectively pre-conditioned to do what they are told when they are told and to prepare — for when they finally move in and take over the roadways, too. Which of course they will.

    Notice the security officers are know-nothings and can’t make any decisions. They don’t even know what the Constitution IS, let alone what’s in it. I was in corporate security for many years. I can tell you this is the case all over the country. It is also one of the biggest reasons I am not in that line of work anymore. IDIOTS. The people doing that line of work simply do not know or care anything about anyone’s rights whatsoever — not even their own. Doyel is correct when he says that they are hired from the bottom of the barrel. They are stupid morons who do exactly what they are told. That is in fact why this sort of person is hired in the first place — because he is a lazy, raving moron who will do exactly as he is told. In fact many of them are there to take advantage of the fact that they get to harass people. They get off on it.

    As for me, personally, I always waited until an actual crime was committed or until something suspicious was going on and I had probable cause to stop someone before I tried to do so. I refused to take part in any of this kind of nonsense. I can honestly tell you, that this perception of security work and police work barely exists any longer in this country. It is being wiped out and it is being wiped out intentionally.

    Right on. This is all bullshit. Harassment. Right or wrong, whether what they are doing is “lawful” or not. People no longer possess the aptitude to understand what is happening and they are more than willing to go along to get along.

  25. Hmm, a strange anonymous bird just sang in my ear, and now I find myself donating twenty dollars to HOTT. What a coincidence!!!!

  26. Hey folks,

    Thanks for listening tonight. Always remember that if you have any personal gripes with either Doyel or myself, please call us and discuss your concerns. Doyel can be contacted at 928-333-2942 and you can call me at 613-733-4324. It seems that “anons” pop up once in a while who have a lot to say behind the anonymity of the internet, but, in almost every case, never call to speak with either Doyel or myself.

    Lotsa love,


  27. @anonymous
    your idea of adaptation, to me, is more descriptive of abdication. I cannot understand why you find it bothersome that HOTT and Doyle have brought this incident to light. Be an obedient vassal if you wish, perhaps you won’t be harmed.

  28. @Angelo
    Slap the flap on the back Jack! Right-a-right-on, let’s break dance together till the break’a dawn.

    Sorry – I’m really not familiar with gangsta speak. My only history with the dialect is through 80’s music videos. Nonetheless, you’re right in your reference. Don’t be scared unless you deserve it!

    Please don’t label this hip-hop happenin’ HOTT host as not snap-happy with the jig. Dog!

    I’ve done what I can.


  29. That statement makes absolutely no sense at all in context to what happened.

    You are funding them and their activities by purchasing tickets to fly, purchasing any airline products at their stores or while in flight, participating in their activities by your volutarily unopposed submission to them and their tactics, and worst of all you condone it ALL by said funding and active participation.

    Then you give me this stuff about your line in the sand has already been crossed”, you must act on your beliefs, you will not blindly accept the new rules, and you are not comfortable in letting previous freedoms go by the wayside ??

    huh?? what?? I am not understanding.

    If they crossed the line in the sane, why voluntarily fund, condone, and submit allowing them to cross it again ?

    If you must act on your beliefs, does your belief include funding, voluntary submission to them, and condoning their actions by participation ?

    Did you not blindly accept their rules ?

    If you are not comfortable in letting previous freedoms go by the wayside, why fund, participate, submit, and condone it in the first place ?

    All I see is massive contradictions with every comment you made.

  30. Oh not this chump again. Hey Anonymous. You keep talking and you’re gonna find out me and the illuminati have something in common. lol

  31. matt :@anonymousyour idea of adaptation, to me, is more descriptive of abdication. I cannot understand why you find it bothersome that HOTT and Doyle have brought this incident to light. Be an obedient vassal if you wish, perhaps you won’t be harmed.

    I do not find it bothersome at all. I find it hypocritical, greed based, contrived, and irrational.

    I agree 100% with the movement towards a constitutional restoration of the repiblic no matter how much some try to gain off it, use it, and bastardize it, but I certainly do not have to agree with the circumstances surrounding this broadcast.

  32. and what is wrong with being anonymous?

    Doesnt Doyle agree with that point and the importance of anonymity in many of his broadcasts, or is that just for people who agree with everything he says and does 100% of the time?

    Hasnt Bill often stated that our common bond is freedom. In order to be free you ahve to allow others to be free, because if you stop them you have stopped yourself.

    well, maybe … but only if you agree with us ?


  33. Anon you are a fool… you really want to sit here and spew Constitutional theory at HOTT? Are you really that dumb? You’ve got it all wrong.

    Your logic says that airlines are private property, and therefore they can do what they want to someone. BULLSH*T!!! Whether private or public property, you still have to respect the unalienable rights of others.

    Besides you really call an industry that receives tax-payer money private? You call an industry that sucks on the tit of our government private?

    Ever hear of Article 6 of the Constitution “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof”… do you know what that means????

    Or what about Article 1, Section 8 “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of
    the United States, or in any Department or Offi cer thereof.”… do you understand this?????

    Or how about the 10th Amendment… “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”… my guess is you don’t know this one either!

    You see we are a nation of laws, specific and defined. This crap with the TSA and many others are a violation of that law. As an American it is your duty to protect and defend the Constitution from such violations, yet you are a coward and hide behind your words.

    Why should anyone avoid flying when they are completely within the law? By not flying you are empowering them not hurting them… you really think a boycott will work?? Think again… the government will keep them afloat with your tax dollars, what are you gonna do then? Nothing! thats what because your solutions aren’t solution at all! Pull your head out of your A$$!!!!

    @anonymous contributor

  34. i love asserting my rights with local police. they hate it when you refuse to allow them to search you.

  35. I don’t blame him for posting anonymously–look at how he/she has been ridiculed for stating [valid] opinions. I doubt a member of Franklin’s Junto would have dismissed any other as a slave or a fool. Come on–name calling?

    On the other hand, I thought it was rude of the poster to suggest that Doyel decided to fly for any reason other than to arrive in PA in a timely manner. I don’t buy that for a second.

  36. Yes, as JoeGun said the airline industry is government subsidized so you would have to boycott paying taxes also.

    BTW anonymity has its place. It’s a useful tool or a degenerative crutch depending on if you want to hide under a rock or not.