VNS News Exclusive – 02/14/12 – Bottled Water Purity

Veritas News Service and CAJI Exclusive


by Mike Visockis

Bottled Water Purity

Many water studies talk about many specifics about the particulates, federal FDA/EPA, and state standards. As our fine President Obama would say, “Let me be clear,” this is not an article rating the best mineral content in bottled waters. This report is about making sure the water is free from contaminants.  When it comes down to it, the only way to remove the two most prevalent toxins in the tap water in almost all States, like fluoride and chromium-6, is to use reverse osmosis, desalination, or activated alumina defluoridation. If you want to see how these 18 major brands stack up, then read on.

Two of the best bottled water brands are Dasani and Aquafina because they are actually purified by reverse osmosis, which actually gets rid of the fine particle contaminants like fluoride and chromium-6. (3)  However, Arrowhead water is taken from underground springs from many different locations, including the possibility of municipal tap water. (4)

Fiji water does earn an honorable mention because it is a completely isolated aquifer on Mount Fiji, where they boast that that water never touches human hands. Evian also gets an honorable mention for its location as water that comes from a glacier that also gets filtered through the sand and soil in the mountain. These locations are ideal, are far off from industrial or municipal pollution sites, and it tastes a little better. However, these two brands are significantly more expensive than more local varieties that use reverse osmosis purification.

The obvious recommendation is to use an in-house reverse osmosis system in your house. That is the most economical way in the long run. That is if you own (relatively speaking) your house and you don’t plan on moving any time soon.

I will save you a lot of time and say that you shouldn’t bother with the Nestle waters like Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Pure Life (that one makes me laugh), Ozarka, Poland Spring, and Zephyrhills. These are basically filtered tap water.

DS Waters® drinking water products, regional brands including Abita Springs®, Alhambra®, Belmont Springs®, Crystal Springs®, Deep Rock ®, Hinckley Springs®, Kentwood Springs®, Sierra Springs® and Sparkletts®, and our national brands, Athena® Water and Nursery® Water  actually advertise on their site that they will add fluoride to some of their products. This includes artesian, spring, purified, and distilled water. Nowhere on their site do they mention that they use reverse osmosis or desalinization. (5)

Crystal Geyser does not use reverse osmosis or desalinization. They primarily use chlorine. Giant’s Acadia water even had traces of fluoride found in amounts equal to normal tap water. (2) Sam’s Choice, also sold at Wal-Mart, was one of the worst. Their brand had traces of cancer-causing trihalomethanes and bromodichloromethane.(2)

Basically, when it comes to bottled water, if it doesn’t say that it’s reverse osmosis water or desalinized, then it is just filtered tap water that you can do yourself at home. Remember, always read the fine print.


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  1. Nice write up mike. Thanks for taking the time to put this article together and post it here for us to read.

  2. I do not drink bottled water because of the toxins in the plastic. I get my reverse osmosis water from a store that sells reverse osmosis water systems. And I fill a 6 gallon glass jug with it. I also add minerals back into the water that reverse osmosis removes.

    • Jason,

      I’m curious, what process do you use to add minerals back to your water, and which minerals do you add? Thanks for the info.

      • In my 6 gallon glass container I add a teaspoon of Redmond Real Salt which contains over 50 trace minerals. I also add a teaspoon of Natural aluminum free baking soda to decrease the acidity of reverse osmosis water. And 2 times a day I add a teaspoon of BlackWater to my glass of water which contains over 77 trace mineral http://www.blackwaterdrink.com You can’t use certain metal pipes for reverse osmosis because it will leach minerals from the pipes causing damage. So what do you think the water will do in your bodies pipes. I think this clearly answers your question if you have anymore I would be glad to share what I know with you.

        P.S. Add the mineral salt and baking soda prior to filling your container with water so that it mixes well and you might also want to shake it very good. A glass 6 gallon container cost me $25, realsalt for 260z cost me $11, and the baking soda $3.

        • Here in canada we can’t legally buy colloidal mineral supplements if we could I would crush it to a fine powder and add it to my water supply.

        • One more thing on reverse osmosis’s leeching abilities. Your teeth are minerals. The hard material of the tooth is composed of calcium, phosphorus, and other mineral salts. If it can leech minerals from pipes is there a possibility of it leeching minerals from your teeth hmmm.

            • Now would it have to sit there uninterupted or is just having it pass through your mouth 5 to 10 times a day enough over many years enough to leech minerals from your teeth. I would think that would be similar just spread out over a longer period. What do you think?

  3. I have to travel a lot for my speaking engagements and seminars and getting something of quality to drink is always a headache. This article will help in that search! One thing I have gotten in the habit of doing is taking some herbal lemon essence that Herbal Eve makes and adding it to my water to give it a little flavor and it has many health benefits as well. I also am in the habit of taking jugs of water with me that are of known quality and purity so that I always have a same stash in my vehicle.


  4. A good alternative plastic water bottles are used glass juice containers prefferably one litre for when you are on the go.

      • I am in possession of, perhaps, the finest drinking glasses of all time, as you are likely aware since your Dad endorsed them as well.

        • HAHAHHAAHA – Those are bad ass! And if you ever got into a brawl, hurling 2 pounds of glass at someone will temper their spirit real quick.

  5. Some bottled water producers nowadays use ozone to purify their water, ozone does not remove fluoride but it will remove anthrax (Bacillus Antracis), ddt malathion and chlorine among others. If I had to buy I used to get distilled water because there isn’t a damn thing in it, but there are those that claim exclusive drinking of distilled water is bad for the body over a period of time so I switched to reverse osmosis which is the most neutral.

    Compounds from SOME plastics only leak into water or food when raised above a certain temperature, thats why you should never heat up or cook with any plastic to be safe.

    Or put gasoline in it(Except for high Density)

    • Hey Zack,

      It depends on the planned use for the water and distilled has many beneficial uses in steeping tinctures, concoctions and teas, as well as for making drawing poultices.

      I also read many reports done by universities about the plastic leeching into water and food and in fact it can drastically reduce the shelf-life of your food-storage plan. But the biggest culprit was temperature swings (another words huge changes from cold to hot over a large scale).

  6. Doyel,

    Very true, I have even heard of people using Distilled water to pull impurities and contaminates out of their bodies and plants for flushing, and I always use distilled for any kind of first aid or lab testing. it seems like the biggest problem for drinking is the lack of minerals but those are not hard to get from other sources. I like the Mylar bags for food storage(Thanks HOTT).

    • True indeed! I also sent you a package today that is loaded with stuff. Now, when are we going to do that speaking engagement at your lab?

  7. shoot anytime brother, maybe by summer. we could fill this place up quick, I’ll get the ball rolling on that and send you an email, I’ve been talking to a lot of small wineries about federal jurisdiction and they are extremely interested, just trying to get something started and sort through the bad eggs so we don’t get bogged down, some people have no balls and enjoy being slaves, you couldn’t wake those people up with a 2×4 if you wanted, until they loose everything the wool will not be pulled from their eyes.

  8. I drink Distilled water everyday. A lot of the distilled propaganda are myths put out by people selling their water filtration systems. People like the Christophers have been drinking distilled water for decades.

    I messed up my body really bad from drinking aquafina. I believe it is from the water leeching chemicals from the plastic that made the water extremely acidic. It dropped my body PH and I had a kidney stone. Not fun.

    So check your water and make sure the PH is at least 7.0. Below that will probably be to acidic.

    I can feel the acidic liquid when I urinate so I know when I’m drinking something that is to low in PH.

    • This gentleman sponsored some of Doyel’s broadcasts in the past. I can vouch for the top quality, American made distillers that he sells. Tell him the Hour of the time sent you. I’m sure he’ll remember us!



      • Just another personal note. I received one of these distillers as a gift from a family member in 2006 and it’s been used non stop since then. We had to replace the boiling chamber after about 4.5 years and he had affordable parts available for overnight shipping. I love our unit (I think it’s a 9C) and would recommend it to anyone. Keep in mind that it isn’t maintenance free and that you should have a PH meter and TDS meter if you own one of these just to be sure your machine is working properly. That’ll add another 50-100 bucks to your purchase. Well worth it though to be able to produce your own distilled water and be sure of the quality. We replace the water line feed filter every 1000 gallons as well – I think they’re about $30. For 2 people using the water for drinking, pets, washing veggies, cooking, coffee, tea, etc. this filter lasts about 1 year. The charcoal and cleaning chemicals cost about $10 per year.


  9. Distillers are the best single step filtration method and they are cheaper to maintain. You do not have to spend at least $100 dollars for a replacement carbon and particlulate filter every 3-6 months and spend another hundred dollars every 1-2 years on a replacement reverse osmosis membrane like the reverse osmosis systems. Also reverse osmosis systems waste alot of water as it rejects water that isn’t clean enough. As far as getting rid of flouride and heavy metals and other impurities goes Distillers are the way to go in the long run.

  10. On the subject of Bottle Water: If people are going to think for one second that just because the purified water industries are doing something good, think again. We all, should know, that the plastic that the purified water comes in is probably more harmful then the water. Numerous of studies have shown, that plastic tends to break off into particles into the water, due to the fact, that water basically eats anything it (when inside or around anything for a long period of time). Despite the fact, we everyday “People” don’t realize how long all these bottles of water have been sitting there. Purified water /or natural water in the wild, tend to form rivers and create minerals on the land, due to the fact that, it flows for long periods of time. You hear, the old saying “don’t shake the water bottle or it’ll be no good” and sometimes that has been proven to be right. To make sure your not getting old products, please consult with your friendly supermarket worker, he or she will be happy to assist you on fresh products from the truck. Be Safe and Be Healthy.

  11. Funny I was thinking about you guys posting an article about water the other day. And here it is, but one thing… Aquafina and Dasani are owned by Coca cola. lol I wouldnt trust what they say about their purification process one bit. If they do remove the fluoride and chlorine, etc.. I can bet they are adding something else that is hidden to replace it.

    I’d say distilled is the way to go.

    In rite aid and duane reade they sell this baby water called Nursery… On the front is an image of a baby with its eyes WIDE open and it clearly states *Fluoride added*…I think they put it there to test whether we would still buy it or not.
    And now, it is everywhere. Sheople sheople sheople.

    The thing with distilled water is this.. It cleanses your body of toxins And it has NO minerals in it. But why are we drinking water? To gain minerals or to feed our bodies… WATER?
    We should leave the minerals and nutrients to food and other supplements.
    I’d say distilled is the way to go.

  12. I go with distilled, too. You don’t want to add minerals to the water either as, in most cases, the minerals would be considered inorganic, which your body cannot process.

    In regards to leaching, distilled water “filters” the inorganic minerals you may have consumed while not touching the organic (such as from live foods).

    At least this is what I’ve read.

    I’ll say I’ve been using distilled water for years, since HOTT and Dr. Chrisopher first spoke on it, in addition to not drinking milk for 7+ years, and have not had one cavity. Likewise, my two sons have not either.

    • Really? I had no idea that the Christopher’s drank it as well. Was this on a broadcast or a lecture? I know that it is used for herbal remedies and I kow some who only drink it but i never had enough to push me to only drinking Distilled water. Both sides of the arguement have valid points but it seemed like nothing was actually “proven”. The thought of the water being “killed” always creeped me out yet I met someone who looked incredible for his age and he only drank distilled water. I have amalgum fillings as well, which I am just trying to figure out how to replace. I am so glad I was told of the health effects from that when I had my fillings done. What do you think about water from natural springs in the mountains? That is some of the best water I have EVER tasted.

      • I heard Christopher talking about it with a phone caller during a broadcast. Bragg said that pure water has no taste, nor should it.

      • The Christophers talk about only drinking steam distilled on their programs, in their books, at the school, on their websites, etc. Get your head out of the sand desperado!

        Also, the Braggs only drink distilled water. Paul Bragg (from braggs Apple Cider Vinegar) did a talk on water. He said the only water you should ever drink is distilled. He also said the propaganda about distilled water is BS.

        People say don’t drink distilled water because nothing can live in it, not even fish. The problem with that is, you are suppose to use only distilled water or RODI water for your freshwater and saltwater tanks.

        Why? Because any other water will kill the fish over time by putting in pollutants or deadly chemicals. The pollutants cause uncontrollable algae and other nuisance plants to over grow in the tank.

        They never tell you that.

  13. Excellent comments. I should have added that if you want to be sure you have quality water buy and maintain your own reverse osmosis/desalinization system, or get your water from a person who has one. That is the only way to be ultimately be sure.

  14. Paul C. Bragg, “the father of health science” and Jack Lalanne’s idol also condoned distilled water. He said the same as MK1 and Matt about it, that the internal body cannot absorb/break down hard minerals and that’s where plants come in. He also said that rainwater is technically distilled water, and that’s how God planned it. He wrote a short book called “The Shocking Truth About Water” and it’s a great read.

    Personally, I drink whatever is on sale. The water store down the street from me has some of the best water I’ve ever drank. When they opened up some 15 years ago, I had a chat with the proud new owner who told me the machine they use is the same thing hospitals use for kidney dialysis. The meter is visible to all and usually reads .004 ppm – this is 10 times more pure than the average name brand bottle water. Oh yeah, and it’s 25 cents a gallon…

    By the way, Coke makes Dasani and Pepsi makes Aquafina. I much prefer taking my chances with a Pepsi product. Besides, any company that decides to color their water bottles – think about it haha…

    Thanks much for another great article Mike, VERY educational 🙂


    • You are probably right about not needing minerals in water but if you put organic food grade minerals into your water it does not hurt one bit and is benificial. Also rainwater is not a reliable source of water because it does not rain everyday and people since the begining of time would have just drank water from a lake, stream, or from a well which is loaded with minerals. Also did you do research on water that has no minerals ability to leach minerals from metals. I am not saying your wrong or I am right, these are just points that make sense to me and if you could clear that up I would appreciate it.

      • Hey Jason,

        Actually yes I did do a tad bit of research, though I’m not a biochemist like Bragg was. Dr. Mercola, The WHO, the Army, a guy I exchanged words with who services Outback Steakhouse (Culligan I think?) and some other authorities that don’t come right to mind have warned that minerals are needed or health problems would ensue. The restaurant guy told me that without the added “resins” in the filter, garden/yard plants would die from lack of minerals. I didn’t challenge him because he was busy, I was asking and he took the time, but that sounded pretty funny to me…

        David Christopher put it this way. He said that the body is always producing calcium (and other essential minerals), sometimes to excess, and we can get build up that can actually be a hindrance. Distilled water can be an aid with that problem. He also said that the leaching of minerals by distilled water is not life or health threatening to humans – and… we ALSO get replenishing minerals from natural foods (when we EAT them). Christopher would quite probably contend that organic food grade minerals is “processed, dead food”. You should ask him some time…

        Paul Bragg went as far as to say that minerals in water is a significant contributor to hardening of the arteries. Great for the skin he said but very bad to ingest. The point of the rainwater is that it’s mainly the source of lakes and streams, collected by nature. I’ve heard that there are entire communities within the states that collect rainwater (water sheds) where piped supplies are non-existent. I highly recommend Bragg’s book, it would likely clear up dozens of questions you might have about this.

        After weighing out both sides of the issue, I believe that distilled water is the best water and minerals should be obtained from food sources, separate from water consumption. To me that makes more sense.



        • Ok I like your information but Bragg says “But if you drink lake, river, well or spring water, you are drink­ing un-distilled water, plus the inor­ganic min­er­als that the water has picked up. Some of this water is known as hard water, mean­ing it has high inor­ganic min­eral con­cen­tra­tions that can cause health prob­lems” I am a bit skeptical about this how can lake,river and well water be bad for your health this sounds bogus to me. Do you have any proof of this claim because he didn’t source it or prove this. food sources will not give you enough minerals in my research because plants do not produce minerals and our soil in is depleted of minerals from growing the same crop year after year in the same soil. You must supplement unless you grow your own produce in nutrient rich soil. The same is true with the early Israelites, as depicted in the Hebrew Bible and in the Christian New Testament.

          Many Bible stories take place around wells, such as the finding of a wife for Isaac in Genesis and Jesus’s talk with the Samaritan woman in the Gospels.

          Also Japanese people live longer than anyone on the planet and guess what they drink
          Approximately 78% of drinking water supply (actual record in the fiscal year 2004) is taken from rivers, lakes, marshes and so forth.

          Sorry Bragg is wrong minerals in water is not bad for us because the japanese live the longest in the world especially the Okinawa’s. It might cause some hardening but not enough.

          • Also |Japanese do not flouridate there water so my research tells me flouride is bad minerals are good. Now can you prove me wrong I would really appreciate it so I can get to the truth.

            • I am in the process of getting settled on that at the moment all I have is bleach and coffee filter and a pot to boil it.

              • I am looking for water purification tablets also but they are hard to find in my area because many places only carry them in the spring and summer

          • I think that before you go accusing Bragg of being wrong on his research, you had better do a little more research into what organic and inorganic minerals are.

            • I understand the difference between organic and inorganic. I am sorry if I offended by accusing my appologies. Inorganic minerals are in tap water and that is what the Japanese drink and they live the longest. I would appreciate if you or anyone else could prove that theory wrong.

              • You didn’t offend me, but you used a quote which specifically said inorganic minerals and that quote said it can cause health problems, which is all true. Also, I don’t believe you can use the mortality rates of Japanese and link it strictly to the type of water they consume.

                • Yes because I was showing him what Bragg said about it so that I could make my claim that it wasn’t right according to my research. My reason for that is because water is consumed in large amounts and is a significant part of there diet because they even cook there rice with it. I know I might be wrong but I do have some good points that need answering. Also I agree organic minerals are better that is obvious.

                • You made a great point I can’t really prove that it isn’t harmful but to be safe I will use Blackwater instead of rock salt which is plant based until I can get my hands on them coloidal minerals

          • Plants don’t produce minerals? Oh yes they do. Spinach for example, is rich in iron. Potatoes and beans are rich in sodium. Bananas are loaded with potassium. I think you need to do a little more research if you don’t think plants provide minerals.

            By the way, wells can have some really nasty water if not filtered. I don’t know a whole lot about Japanese culture but I do know they eat much healthier food than Americans. Very little meat and lots and lots of veggies. And they probably eat a lot less, which is much healthier. I do know that the Chinese people are fanatic about clean water, and again, almost no meat and lots of veggies. They cook in porcelain, not metal. Their boiling pots traditionally have a hole in the lid to release toxins when making herbal teas, soups, etc.

            From your reference:
            “Approximately 78% of drinking water supply (actual record in the fiscal year 2004) is taken from rivers, lakes, marshes and so forth. It is also supplied to each house AFTER FILTERING.” Your reference also cites “global warming” as the cause of reduced water quality in Japan, leading me to suspect the whole report as bogus propaganda.

            Have you ever drank straight well water? I have and it stinks and is full of sediments floating all around… On the other hand, I have distilled the very same water in something as simple as a soup pot – there’s a world of difference. People in the Bible days didn’t even know what bacteria is, so go figure buddy…

            If you want to drink mineral water, go for it and don’t believe what Bragg and Dr. Christopher say. I feel no need to prove anything to you Jay. If you want to learn more about it, read the book. I’m not doing any more research for you. It’s true that Bragg doesn’t give references. He was a pioneer in his field. You need to do YOUR OWN research instead of making excuses why you believe what you believe.


            • I was saying the whole time that I might be wrong I wasn’t meaning what I was saying as truth but I wanted people commenting to help prove what I was saying was wrong because I had alot of good points. Whatever you say have a nice day.

              • What I learned from Bill’s broadcasts was to never believe anyone until I could prove it MYSELF so why believe this without coming up with valid points against it to learn the real truth. The only thing I did wrong was say that Bragg was wrong my apologies again.

              • I meant to say that potatoes and beans have iodine, not sodium

                When you said Bragg is wrong about minerals in water being bad for you, it sure seems like you’re saying you have superior research. Saying you have research and actually having it are two different things. You said plants don’t produce minerals and then contradict yourself by saying rock salt is plant based – which it definitely isn’t. Is this what you mean by having a lot of good points?

                If you want to argue a point for the sake of arguing, at least be accurate in your research. If you want PROOF, look into it and find your own proof.

                Proof is an elusive concept…

                • Sorry for not believing you without being convinced. What is wrong with asking people for help with research. I don’t know about you but I want to live in a world where everyone is willing to help people out for the sake of doing no matter who it is. So if you don’t want to help me then don’t why do you keep critisizing me. If I ask someone to help me find answers to my questions that is my own doing and research but not a final product. I said I was wrong about saying Bragg was wrong I got excited when I came to the conclusion that it might not be so harmful. You are so right proof is elusive especially if you just get it from internet articles. This whole truth searching thing really takes alot out of me and I am getting tired of it but some thing still makes me want to continue it. I will apologize again if I offended you. I just found that so hard to believe with my current knowledge that it took alot of convincing. In this case I will just steer away just to be safe and ingest organic minerals.

      • There are countless numbers of them where I live, not all affiliated. Basically, just another mom and pop store. They usually have a dispenser or two near the entrance, for when they’re closed. The one nearest to me really has awesome water 🙂

  15. I wouldn’t drink rain water because of radiation and pollutants in the atmosphere.

    True, at one time, it may have been distilled.

    • True, but it can still be filtered, treated and even re-distilled. It can’t be more polluted than any other water source today. Despite whatever it might collect from the polluted atmosphere, it still undergoes the distillation process, and that was my point about distilled water in general, not just rainwater.

      I wouldn’t hesitate to use rainwater if that’s what was available to me. And not just for drinking but everything else as well. There may be a time in the near future when it will be the cleanest water (possibly the only clean water) available. And it’s free too. Like I said, I drink whatever water is on sale, just not from the tap. I’m planning to set up a small water shed and expand from there.


      • And lots of folks do that right to this day. In my personal opinion I think we get a little too crazy over health some times to the point of making life complex instead of how truly simple it is.

        • Absolutely correct! I haven’t been able to help myself from laughing about much of this discussion. In a catastrophic situation most people can’t even do a simple amount of water purification or even own an emergency water filter, but they are real quick to argue about what is the ideal water.

  16. Yes. Ideally lots of things should be certain ways (just look at society)but it is how we deal with these things. You can drink the best water ever but if your body is still releasing cortisol from the stress of having “the perfect drink” then you are ultimately harming yourself.

  17. I like my reverse osmosis remineralized water, but if it is a survival situation of course I would have to lower my standards and drink water from ditches and lakes. One form of filtering water I seen on the discovery channel was to dig a small hole next to the water source and let the soil or sand to most of the filtering, and then boil whatever you get from that. I live next to lake erie so there is an abundance of water here so I am not really worried and I can roll my collected water in large cylinder container back to my place. I just have to do more research if that would be adequate for lake erie water becuase it is some dirty ass water.

  18. Have you ever actually gone out and dug a water-hole, or just saw it on T.V.? That is kind of like all the people who tell me about using solar water-stills as part of their plan. I have only found two people besides me who have gone out and made one and we were all in agreement that there is a high probability you will die from dehydration just building it, let along the poor performance of them in the real world.

    • I actually dug a hole at the beach in the sand and it fills up with water enough to drink but it would probably be not enough to take back home. I also saw it on a survival show on the discovery channel. I know I need to do more research and find a better way. All I have at home now is a bag of coffee filters, bleach, matches to start a fire to boil water. Today I am going to go buy some more things I could use to filter water. Before that I am going to do a little research before I head out. Thanks.

  19. Get a filter as recommended on multiple broadcasts by me, some Iodine crystals or solution or Polar Pure, some ascorbic acid crystals, some 1 and 2 gallon Ziploc bags and be more prepared.

    Then, get away from the TV and put some skills to practice. For instance, go out in the wind and snow with the pack you mentioned previously (do not add anything to your pack before heading out) and see what it’s like to start a fire, how much wood it takes to melt snow and bring it to boil at YOUR elevation, how well you can transport said water, etc.


    • ok I will look for that I didn’t see your post before I made another one. I don’t like t.v. its video games I am trying to get away from. Upon you recieving my next donation can you send me that broadcast on which filter to get?

      • If that is the broadcast or broadcast series that you request, then yes. But I’m not going to start randomly replacing the items you send in via mail with other items, I am going to stick to the items you list so there is no confusion.

        Look to the Katadyn system of water filters, especially the Hiker Pro.

    • Your water freezes, your feet are cold, the sub zero wind (plus ice and snow) has sucked the moisture out of your lungs and your fire is dead. Plus add in fear of hypothermia, a little bit of nerve damage to one of my toes and worrying about frost bite. Thats what just happened to me and my buddy last weekend while we had great equipment. I do not want to imagine a bad day with no equipment in 10 degree weather. Its possible to LIVE but you might lose some fingers in the process. Haha. And there is always Primitive Living Skills, but winter is harsh.

      • Yeah, a couple of the conference folks are coming out for a week-long adventure real soon. To give you an idea of our weather, when I was headed out every morning last week it was -4 degrees and sheets of ice everywhere – HAHHHAAHA…then add to that winds of 30-40 MPH. They are definitely going to learn their equipment inside out and that one. Then yesterday we had a 40 degree swing in temperature and a drop into the negatives again with blowing snow almost due sideways. Hopefully we will get at least one sunny day for them, if for nothing else so they can dry out their wet equipment. It teaches you to more-so appreciate your preparations and what it is going to be like when that is normal daily life for the better part of North America soon.

  20. I just found a small micro hand pump filter. I am going to take a look at those at the store looks promising as well as some fruit and vegatable seeds.

    • Just make sure stuff is stored properly as well. My buddy broke his katadyn sucking water from a 2 inch hole and sucked up too much grit and blew the housing out from too much pressure. Haha. Luckily we had another. I have had iodine tablets completley ruin metal in my mini kits from being stored in my pocket. Maybe it was the heat???

      • I try to avoid the iodine tablets and just use crystals to make a solution. A small bottle of solution will treat 100’s of gallons.

        On storage you are completely correct, and in storage is where most people lose equipment through corrosion, pest infestation, time and temperature degredation, etc.

        Abuse can also lead to blown filter housings and properly cared for and utilized equipment can last a really long time. A Katadyn hiker pro served 10 people for 56 days over 500 miles of high Sierra’s terrain, and I still have that filter and it still works fine. The MSR filters tend to get very difficult to operate after only 40-50 quarts and require a lot of back-flushing, in fact it seems to get to the point of back-flushing after every use. You already know my opinion of the battery operated sterilization pens Desperado, so I won’t elaborate. Good points you make and really it comes down to using your equipment properly, getting out and testing it through use and accepting bad decisions and dumping crap that doesn’t work. That is why you have always made a good student (along with Team HOTT East-Coast Commander Powderpuff and Vice-Commander Balsac) because you get out and try the things you learn and modify them for YOUR situation and physical characteristics.


        • Thank you and I am going to be learning a VERY different approach coming from Eastern woodlands to desert and high mountains. Would like to do SAR but we will see. Your weather is crazy though. Haha. The balsac was waking me up at 3 am for extra wool socks. Haha. I had a crappy first night and his was the second. By day 3 we had had enough. I love it. All these things can teach you chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy, wild edibles, harvesting meat etc. I think an Eager Expedition is due..

          • Yeah, especially considering that what we call the desert, valley or shit-hole is still higher in elevation than your states highest peak – hahahahahaha.
            I am doing a few seminars this summer and fall out here, so it will be exciting to say the least. I have an all female one as well, so let Commander Powderpuff know.
            Some young folks down in the desert (the Tonto to be specific) were of course facinated with the fire at night. So, I got out my pocket flint, tore a piece of my t-shirt off, used some of the Pennyslvania Vaseline Balls and Fritos to teach them some various things instead of just sitting around dodging smoke. Needless to say they were hooked and there is nothing better than to get other peoples children all wound-up and bugging their parents wanting ziploc bags, cotton, stikers, string, etc. – hehehehehe.

      • One way I learned to make a filter last longer is to pre filter it through a sock or some coffee filters before using the pump filter.

    • I’d still recommend the “Love” model distiller from http://www.waterdistiller.com as your best bang for the buck. We get no compensation from the fine folks over there, but I do get some pleasure from sending people their way – so maybe that’s considered compensation! Turn down your speakers as it’s a super old school site and they seem to think that automatically playing music when you land on the page is a good idea! The distillers they offer are great though – and mine was made in USA to boot! If you can afford it, do consider upgrading to an all stainless steel model. You can buy distilled water for almost as cheap as you’ll be able to make it with one of these units, but that’ll do you no good if the grocery store shelves are bare when an emergency hits.

      • Thanks for the recommendation Rob. What kind of ppm do you get from your water? The plan from the link will make 1 gallon in 1 hour and very little water is lost in the process. The author got 12ppm distilled water from his 250ppm tap water without any filtering. It takes up space to set it up though. A counter top model would be nice too.

        • I just went to my distiller and tried to power on my PH and TDS meters and they are both dead. I’ll get some batteries tomorrow for them and reply back with some real world numbers for you soon – hopefully tomorrow. I used the meters about a month or so ago, but I don’t actively keep a log of results so I’ll recalibrate them both and let you know what I find.


            • Finally got some batteries…

              The tap water measures 6.9 PH and shows a TDS of 38 ppm.
              My final distilled water shows a 6.1 PH and TDS of 0 ppm.

              Technically PURE H2O should measure 7.0 but because the steam to produce distilled water reacts with CO2 in the air, it becomes slightly more acidic. A teeny bit of good quality baking soda will bring the PH to a more neutral level if that is important to you. I generally don’t worry about it myself.

              • Thanks Rob!

                Well it seems that your tap water is VERY clean water to begin with. This online poster says he measured Dasani at 26ppm haha.

                I want to correct something I said earlier on this subject. I said that my local water store’s meter read .004 ppm. I was there the other day and there’s no third zero after the decimal. The reading that day was jumping between .01 and .02 ppm, still pretty damn clean. It’s more than pure enough for a car battery.

                Thanks again,


                P.S. I found another interesting article about bottled water here. Talks about the pollution created by producing the plastic bottles and most bottled water is glorified tap water.