Veritas News Service and CAJI/IS Exclusive – 03/17/12 – The Strange Powers Of The Mind

Veritas News Service and CAJI/IS Exclusive


The Strange Powers of the Mind

By Art Smith

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein

The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Albert Einstein

“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?” Sun Tzu

Have you ever wondered about the limits of the human mind? Have you ever been curious about the way the brain works or about the existence of intuition, precognition, telepathy, and other strange powers of the human mind or if there is really such a thing? This article will look at the existence of psi phenomena in terms of some stories, studies, and the big picture.


In Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind, Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D. describes many striking stories of medical professionals using intuitive knowledge and hunches to treat and save their patients. One of them is about a famous neurosurgeon who never lost a patient. He confessed to the author that he would sit at his patients’ bedsides and wait until a white light appears around their heads and after it does he would know it’s safe to proceed with surgery and that the patient will be okay. This method worked remarkably well for him as evidenced by his track record but was at odds with his medical school training and teaching. He knew he couldn’t tell his students what he did, and because he didn’t want to lie to them he quit teaching, even though he loved it.1

Another story is that of a nurse’s assistant caring for premature babies. She was very good at what she does, and distressed babies thrived under her care in a surprising way that contradicted their diagnoses. When asked about the reason for this, she reluctantly explained she gets unexplainable hunches about when a baby hits trouble and has learned to listen to them. She had tried to talk to her supervisors about her hunches, but they didn’t want to hear it so she stopped talking about them.2 There are many other stories about people’s experiences with psi phenomena and their struggles to accept them in that book alone (I highly recommend it), many of them quite astonishing.

Some other curious things appear when one examines twins who have been raised apart and don’t even know of each other’s existence. An important point to keep in mind is that twins raised together will deliberately strive to establish their own separate identities and try to be different from each other. Twins raised apart don’t go through this and usually end up being more alike than twins raised together, sometimes to an astonishing extent.

Here is one remarkable story: “The Jim twins” were separated at four weeks and lived apart for 39 years. They were both named Jim, married a woman named Linda, divorced, and married a woman named Betty, but one of the Jims was in his third marriage. Both of them had childhood dogs named Troy. They named their sons James Allan and James Allen. They had both worked as firemen and sheriffs. They shared many other things: nail-biting, migraines, they smoked and drank the same brands, had the exact same weight and height. One of them styled their hair differently. They died from the same illness on the same day. Right before they met, they both independently built a circular white bench around a tree in their yards. One proposed explanation for the striking number of similarities is telepathy or coupled consciousness. Genetics cannot account for that amount of similarity, to the point that they share the names of their wives, children, and pets or at the very least it seems like a stretch. Coincidence doesn’t seem likely either.3

Other than our every-day intuitive hunches, it seems the most common type of anomalous experience is precognition of a traumatic event such as the death of a loved one. In many cases a person will dream of their loved one far away being hurt or dying only to wake up and realize that it really happened often at the exact time they dreamed about it. This also often happens to people who have never before had any type of anomalous experience.4

In Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, Dean Radin describes several examples of people having premonitions about 9/11. In one case, a woman driving by the Pentagon with her husband describes seeing it engulfed in smoke. She reportedly started smashing her hands on the dashboard and yelling (she was the passenger) and really believed it was on fire and felt like they’re in danger, but she said the experience lasted for a short time and then suddenly ended. Radin claims to have collected numerous stories such as this showing premonitions of 9/11.5

Some history and studies

Today bringing up the topic of precognition, psi, and psychic powers is likely to be met with disbelief and a smirk. Considering this, it is surprising to find out how far back the history of psi research goes. There is a lot of research already conducted showing results consistent with the existence of anomalous powers. Despite mainstream science’s continuous denials, smirks, and attacks, many researchers who have examined the studies carefully claim most are well conducted and rigorous, at and many times exceeding current scientific standards.

One example from the past is Upton Sinclair’s book Mental Radio, in which he describes his wife’s telepathic ability and successful picture-drawing experiments conducted to test it. The preface to the book was written by none other than Albert Einstein, who praised Sinclair for the dependability of his research and writing.6

Sigmund Freud was also deeply intrigued by the existence of telepathy, which he called “thought transference.” Freud was convinced of the existence of anomalous mental capacities and discussed that possibility in his correspondence with a few close associates; however, he urged them to keep it secret. At the end of his career he said if he could do it over again, he would devote his life to the study of “thought transference.”7

Of course, the history of psi research has also been infiltrated by many charlatans and frauds. One famous case is Madame Helena Blavatsky, who was declared to be “one of the most accomplished, ingenious and interesting impostors in history” by the American Society of Psychic Research.8

Entire books have been written about the different experiments testing psi abilities and what they mean, and it’s not possible to go into all the details here, but I will give the most basic overview of some types of experiments. One type is using a deck of so-called ESP cards containing simple shapes. After the deck is shuffled, one person is asked to randomly choose a card and mentally send the image to a distant person (in a different room or even further away so there’s no chance of him seeing the cards) who then has to perceive and report what card was picked. In another type of experiment one person imagines an object and draws it and then mentally sends that image to a distant person in a different room who has to reproduce the image sent and then the two pictures are judged for similarity. In another type of experiment one person is asked to relax in a room while another person in a different room sees a live feed of the first one on a closed-circuit monitor at random intervals. The person doing the observing is asked to stare intently and try to connect mentally with the one observed for the times when the monitor is turned on (not all the time). What is measured is the skin conductance of the person being observed, and it shows their skin conductance goes up corresponding to the time they are in fact in being observed. This is an unconscious reaction.9

In a presentiment experiment, a participant is asked to sit in front of a blank computer screen while the computer shows a random image from a group of images. There is a variation between calm photos showing neutral images such as landscapes and emotional photos which show erotic or violent scenes. Once again, the participant’s skin conductance is measured. The results showed that skin conductance would begin to rise a few seconds before an emotional picture appears, and once again this is an unconscious reaction.10

In his book Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, Dean Radin provides a great summary of these experiments and also many details about how they are conducted, and he addresses and responds to criticisms and allegations of fraud and provides statistical explanations and analyses to show that the results are significant. This is a quote from his book:

“Presentiment experiments provide a new form of evidence suggesting that we can consciously perceive our future. How far into the future we might be able to sense remains uncertain (as does the meaning of ‘the future’). Like most psi effects, the results in these studies are relatively small in magnitude, but they are consistent across many different types of tasks, measurements, and personality types. These effects even appear in experiments conducted for other purposes.

When you step back from the details of these studies, what you find is a spectacular body of converging evidence indicating that our understanding of time is seriously incomplete. These studies mean that some aspect of our minds can perceive the future. Not infer the future, or anticipate the future, or figure out the future. But actually perceive it.” (Entangled Minds, p. 179)

Global mind, consciousness shifts, and other oddities

Scientists who dare venture into exploring these effects are baffled by them. No one really knows why they happen, and they ask us to reexamine our view of the mind, the brain, and time itself. Some say our minds actually affect or create reality as opposed to perceiving it, at least as one possible explanation. When it comes to explaining the results, psychologists and researchers often turn to quantum physics, but that is an area that is hard for anyone who is not a physicist to really understand. Physicists often complain that quantum physics, as fascinating as it is for everyone, is often twisted, misunderstood, misrepresented, and used to promote various New Age ideas based on false assumptions.

Inevitably in this literature one comes across the idea of one global mind that we somehow share unconsciously and that explains all the curious effects we see. Some books just touch on this explanation in an attempt to explore different possibilities. Others really push this idea of a global mind, suggesting that really explains everything and that’s what it’s all about. For example, Dean Radin leans more heavily towards the idea of a global mind and mind-matter interaction in Entangled Minds, but he’s definitely not the only one.

When looking at many of the authors, websites, and even book titles dedicated to psi research, it becomes obvious that most of them are a part of a global think-tank trying to promote a global shift of consciousness, a new paradigm, and if you read between the lines and know what the buzz words mean, one world government. In many cases, these same people are the ones bringing us and funding the research and writing the books.

What does that tell us about all these studies, effects, and explanations? Can all of them be trusted if there is a possible agenda behind them? Are the effects there but the explanations, already speculative to begin with, not entirely true and/or used to promote an agenda? Why is all the research already done for the most part ignored or attacked by mainstream science while it still says “Show me the proof”? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I think anyone who understands these phenomena and isn’t trying to push any agenda, knows that these psi effects in real life are impossible to control and hard to understand because they come from the unconscious. Thus, it’s very dubious to try to use them to promote a global consciousness or shift, even with the best intentions. I think the best we can do at this point is acknowledge them, try to study them and find out what is happening, and we’re a long way from doing that.


This article barely scratches the surface of the fascinating subject of psi research. For the most part I was very fascinated and surprised by the stories and studies I read about and wanted to share at least a part of that. I think many of the extraordinary stories and study results speak strongly to the existence of psi abilities in the general population (not just a few special people with special powers), but we’re a long way from explaining why and how they occur. They are mostly buried, ignored, and denied as a possibility on the one hand or they are often used to promote a globalist agenda on the other. Of course, a person who is interested in finding the truth and investigating these phenomena doesn’t have to be confined by these two lines of thought. Also, not every book on the subject is promoting a globalist agenda, but many of them are and seem to veer off course and change direction when it comes to the explanations of the phenomena and what they mean. My favorite book on the subject so far is Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind because it seems truly open-minded both in researching the phenomena and the causes, and its main message is that these things should be talked about and not kept secret or shied away from.

If you want to read more interesting stories and studies, I recommend Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind and The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena.

If you want to read more details about the studies along with statistics, I recommend Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality.

If you want to see how psi research is used to promote global consciousness ideas, paradigm shifts, and a globalist agenda, check out the IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) website and the titles offered there. http://www.noetic.org/

While you’re there, take a look at the mission statement and also the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Consciousness Transformation Model



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  1. Great job on the article. Definitely, as you put it a topic that “…is likely to be met with disbelief and a smirk.” But its out there and sometimes the best thing to do is run with something to better your own understanding.

    I have been given books like the Holographic Universe and do love to read psychology on the unconscious theories. Mainly Freud, Fromm, and Jung so far but I hadn’t come across the books you had mentioned yet.

    Thanks for the hard work and keep it up.

  2. Good article! I believe as more and more groups push for an end of one groups way of life and for a “start” of a new-age, these techniques will be manipulated more and more to convince people of the need for one mindset to “cure” the world of it’s evils and bring about their desired paradigm shift.

  3. Good article.

    While the bulk of the “research” and experiences related to this particular study are pure bunk, it does have its amazing coincidences and unexplained phenomena and other gibberish to go along with it.

    The people who study this stuff and make all these incredible claims will really have something on the day when they can predict an actual event to the letter and save lives, make fortunes, grow crops, end war and plagues and help their fellow men in other ways with that information (of course, along with that will come the madmen who won’t want to do good with the information and their new-discovered abilities. Hmmmmm… perhaps it’s a good thing this stuff will most likely turn out to be bull).

    Meantime all this stuff is pretty much like religion. It all exists in and is supported by a negation. None of it can be proved or relied upon. It can only be “a hunch”, “a faith” or “a belief” or forced upon others and serves only to help mankind waste more time and resources on this nonsense, creating a whole new crop of useless tax-eaters or tax-exempt assholes to support (doing this stuff on your own time and on your own dime is OK however).

    People go around yapping about the existence of God and Gods. Only one problem: no proof.

    People go around yapping about the non-existence of God and Gods. Only one problem: no proof.

    The entire discussion is pointless and useless.

    But since everyone will go on and continue the discussion anyway, I might as well tell you the truth and be done with it…

    God does in fact exist in some ways about which there is no doubt of God’s existence…

    God is a cartoon character and all of his authors write their own script. God is a figment of the imagination, like our imaginary childhood friends. These are the ways in which we know God to be a true fact. He was made-up of men, by men, for men–to suit whatever purpose men could put to their invention; just like when Walt Dizzy invented Micky and Minnie Mouse. They were created to entertain us and fuck with our heads and make us believe things that simply are not true.

    And that’s just all there is to it. No one can offer on single shred of proof one way or another.

    The entire discussion is absolutely useless any way one looks at it. It’s just fun and entertainment in the first place–but can be extremely dangerous if one believes it.

    It is the same with the psychics. There’s no end to what they’re willing to make up to make us all feel special.


    I had a near-death experience. I was lying on a rubber raft in the back of my father’s pickup truck at the age of seven. My little brother was beside me on the raft and my mother and my little sister were in the cab of the truck beside my father. My father was driving and he was drunker than a skunk.

    Father was driving too fast and rear-ended the vehicle in front of him. The accident caused the truck to come to a screeching halt all-of-a-sudden, sending me flying forward through the air.

    My head struck the rear window of the truck cab, shattering it, while my left arm struck the metal frame surrounding the window and slipped down between the cab and the bed of the truck. I hung there, unconscious, like a limp, bloodied noodle.

    My mother grabbed my little sister out of the cab and my little brother from out of the bed of the truck. They were both unhurt and so, too was my mother. Once my mother had both children in her arms, she turned and ran away from the scene of the accident as quickly as she could. She was terrified. She had taken one look at me and thought sure I was dead.

    My father pulled himself together as quickly as he could and got out from behind the steering wheel and stood on the street, looking at me, wondering what to do. He started screaming and reached into the bed of the truck and gently worked my left arm from between the cab and the bed and raised my lifeless body up and out.

    I knew all these things were happening in the most minute detail. I knew, because I was outside of my body, viewing the entire scene from high above it.

    But I was not alone. God was with me. He was cradling me in his arms and talking to me.

    I was glad I was dead and with God. I wanted to stay with God and be dead. But God kept telling me I had to go back. “You have to go back because I have things I need you to do for me”, God said, with warmth and kindness.

    “But I don’t want to go back. The world is just full of rotten, mean, stupid people who are always doing rotten, mean, stupid things to each other. And they’re mean to me, too. I don’t want to be mean or have anyone be mean to me. I just want to play music. Can’t I just go to Heaven with you and learn how to play the guitar?”

    “No. You have to go back now. There’s work to be done and you are the only one who can do it. Now, go back down there and wake up and let your mother know that you’re all right and that everything is going to be all right and that I said so, OK?”


    I went back down there and woke up. When I woke up, I was in the cab of the truck, my left arm was resting up on a pillow in front of me and the first thing I saw was my father’s right leg. He had struck it on the dashboard in the accident and it seemed the whole thing had turned black and blue and was swollen. “Holy shit!”, thought I, “look at the size of that goddamn leg!” I wasn’t concerned about my father. It was obvious to me the ordeal was over and the truck was moving again. We were on our way to… somewhere. I didn’t know or care where.

    My head was feeling pretty thick, my left arm was a dull ache and I wasn’t much in the mood for moving around or talking, but I figured I’d better do what God told me and let my mother know that everything was going to be all right. I hadn’t seen her yet, but I knew she was right beside me. It took everything I had to raise my head up and look at her and give a little smile and say, “Mom, don’t worry. This is no big deal. Everything is going to be all right, OK?”

    “OK”, she said. Her eyes welled up with tears and I put my head down and passed out again.

    When next I awoke, we were in the parking lot of the hospital. Some nurses came out to the truck and put me in a wheelchair and rolled me in.

    All told, I spent only one night in the hospital and returned home the next day with a big cast on my left arm and a bandage wrapped around my head.

    I was not concerned about anything. After all, I had just met God and he told me that everything was going to be all right. How can a guy argue with that?

    Anyway, after it was all over, I was always wondering what things God wanted me to do for him while I was down here on earth and being denied his Heaven and his presence. The whole idea of his having me stay down here seemed like a complete waste of time to my mind and I told him that on occasion. He didn’t listen however. He’s kept me here for forty-seven years, so far–and I still don’t know what the fuck he’s talkin’ about.

    The only good thing I can figure that came out of that near-death experience, the one thing God wanted me to learn, was this…

    The broken arm really pissed me off. It really slowed down my wild and reckless ways for a while. One of the things I loved to do most in life at that tender age was smash things with a hammer. I was still pretty small at age seven and still had to use a hammer with both hands in order to be fully effective and I could not do that with my arm bound in a cast. I only understood that I would have to be patient and wait for the broken bone to mend before the cast could come off and I could go back to smashing things with a hammer for a living.

    The moral of the story is, this fine message from God that he wants me to pass on to you and that he wants everyone to know is not only that driving a motor vehicle and/or operating other motorized equipment while smashed out of your gourd is a really bad idea, but also this: if your hammer is small enough to swing with only one hand it means one of two things–you’ve either got one arm broken and mending in a cast–or–you haven’t got a big enough hammer in your hands.

    This and other fine God stories and morals to God stories are everywhere, if only people would look for them.


    I am also a “psychic”.

    Not long after that accident and my arm had healed up like new, I was with my father once again in a barroom. He was getting drunk and gambling at a table with some friends, when I noticed that one of his friends, I’ll call him, “Jim” was standing at the bar obviously having an argument with another man. I did not know the other man, but Jim was a good friend of the family and I took notice of the scene there because I had never before seen Jim angry and it surprised me.

    As the argument went on, I went over to my father and made him aware of what was happening. He took notice for a moment and then went back to his game without saying anything to me.

    It wasn’t too long after that the argument between Jim and the unknown fellow was over and Jim returned to his place beside my father at the gaming table. The unknown left the bar.

    A short while later, the unknown returned to the bar. He stood at the far end of the bar from the gaming table and ordered several drinks in rapid succession. He was shooting the drinks and he… well, he just didn’t look right to me and I got a really bad feeling from this guy… the look on his face and he turning every few seconds or so to glance directly at Jim and suddenly look away… his stance, his ignoring everyone else in the barroom… weird and spooky…

    “Dad, that guy just came back in the bar a few minutes ago and he looks really weird and scary.”

    “What guy? What the hell are you talking about?”

    “That guy Jim was mad at. He came back in here a few minutes ago and he is really acting weird.” At that, my father scanned the barroom with his half-drunk eyeballs and spotted the man. Father stared at him for a moment and then nudged Jim and pointed toward the man. They both took notice of the man and made some comments to each other.

    Then my father turned to me and said, “Listen, you stay away from that guy. He’s an asshole and he might try to start a fight with us or something, so keep clear in case the shit hits the fan, y’hear?”


    “Go the bar and get yourself a 7-Up and some jerky and sit in the corner over there for now.”

    “All right.” I did as father instructed and took my place in the corner near the gaming table, watching the stranger all the while. I didn’t trust him one bit. I saw him slam another drink, then walk away from the bar and into the rest room.

    I had a powerful feeling in my gut that something really bad was about to happen…

    I stopped eating my jerky and drinking my soda and just sat there waiting for… whatever was about to come…

    The man emerged from the rest room and walked quickly toward the gaming table in what seemed to me was a dream state and slow-motion picture. He stopped at the edge of the gaming table, his face calm and sure as he pulled a nickel-plated revolver from his right front pants pocket, pointed it directly at Jim’s chest and twice pulled the trigger. As the two loud explosions rang out into the barroom, I stood up from my chair and took in the entire scene in one big, slow gulp.

    Upon the first shot going off and my standing up, pretty much everyone in the room hit the floor, including the guys at the gaming table. My eyes were fixed on the man shooting the gun into Jim’s white T-shirted chest… the calm look on the man’s face, his checkered, short-sleeved shirt, his greased-back black hair, his loose, white T-shirt, his Khaki pants, black shoes and black leather belt, the the look on his face as he realized he had just killed a man, his seeming indifference as he let the revolver fall to his side and he turned and walked away–and no one stopped him.

    The next thing I noticed was the screaming and yelling and everyone gathering around Jim. I knew, though I didn’t know how I knew, Jim was dead and that nothing could be done for him no matter how many people screamed, “Jesus Christ all-mighty! Call a fuckin’ ambulance! Somebody call a fuckin’ ambulance!!!!!!!!”

    I walked toward the man with the gun, keeping a healthy distance. I wanted to see where he was going so that maybe I could tell the police, who I knew were to be arriving shortly, where he went and what he was driving. But by the time I got to the doorway of the barroom safely he was gone.

    The moral of this psychic story is, of course: you can warn people that they are in some grave and imminent danger–but it does not mean they are going to listen to you and choose to do something about it.

    It is also proof-positive of what I was telling God in my first story, as I was dead and being brought back to life, cradled in his very arms, that people are just mean bastards doing all manner of mean things to each other and that sometimes this place is just no fucking fun at all.

    One could argue that the guy who shot Jim was pissed of about being confronted by Jim in a barroom, in front of his friends, on the matter of owing Jim a debt and that when he refused to pay, Jim got angry and said, “Well, if you aint got the money to pay your debts–how is it that you’re in here getting drunk, asshole?!!!!!!!”

    But that isn’t what the guy was pissed off about. In fact he wasn’t really pissed off about anything in particular at all. He was just another one of those rotten assholes walking around in the world that likes doing mean things to people for no reason other than he just likes it…

    Which brings me to my third and final moral to this story: there are some mean sons-of-bitches out there in the world who like doing mean things to people for no particular reason at all other than they just like doing mean things to people — so watch out for those kinds of folks and, above all, watch your ass.


    These are just two examples of true “psychic” and “near-death” experiences that people love to talk about. The only thing that is really unique about either of these stories however is that they happened to me. Oh, I have an entire catalog of such stories, along with things I have seen and been told in my dreams and what-have-you that I could analyze and blow completely out of proportion and make some of you believe just about any fuckin’ thing I want you to believe…

    Which brings me to another moral to these stories…

    We all have powers. We can choose to use our powers to do good things or to do bad things. If you choose to use your powers, whatever they might be, to do good things, well, you’re my kind of person and I do hope to meet you someday and we can do some good things together.

    But if you choose to use your powers to do bad things, well, you’d better not try to do it to me–‘cos I’ll fuck you up good if you do. And there’s no mystery whatsoever about that, my friends.

    And, as I said before, in so many words, at the start of this note, if only I had the power to see these things coming with a little better timing, clarity and accuracy. Just think of the great things I could do with all of that!!!!!!! But, as it apparently must be, I am cursed to walk the earth with the rest of the schmucks only getting a glimpse of Heaven and of Reality while others, e.g., “scientists”, “the faithful” and the like get all the honey and get away with insulting the rest of us on how fucking stupid we all are.

    How fortunate for all of them and all of you–and how bloody sad for the rest of us that we’ll never “see the light” nor “walk on water” nor “believe”.

    What a fuckin’ bummer.

    “Every night and every morn, some to misery are born
    “Every morn and every night, some are born to sweet delight
    “Some are born to sweet delight
    “Some are born to endless night”
    — William Blake

    (See how pathetic I am? Here I am, a lyricist, singer and songwriter, cursed… er, um, blessed with the gift of the Muse — and I couldn’t even make up my own fuckin’ poem for my own fuckin’ note).

    Dear God,
    What, exactly, is it that I’m supposed to be doing down here?



    And, with these fine things in mind, y’all have yourself a fine weekend.

    We got some much needed rain here in the Mojave. Hope you’re enjoying yours as much as I’m enjoying mine.

  4. Now, here’s another very interesting “psychic” thing I saw in a dream, many, many (about twenty) years ago…

    I was standing near a crowded line of five or six hundred people who were waiting for… what? Near as I could tell, they were all standing in line, waiting to get onto the backs of some big, flat-bed trucks. I stood there indifferently for a moment, not knowing what this was all about, when all of a sudden…

    All the way to the front of the line a commotion had stirred up and some people were backing up away from the front of the line and a few horrific screams had rung out from some of the people there.

    Intrigued, I pushed my way to the front of the line. As I got nearer to the front, I saw a Muslim man dressed in typical Islamic garb, complete with headdress. He had a mad look on his bearded face and he was streaked from top to bottom with fresh, bright red blood. He was bearing an AK-47 and it too was colored with blood. The man was looking down at something on the ground in front of him.

    More intrigued, I pushed my way past the remainder of the crowd to the very front of the line. There, squirming at the man’s bloody feet, clutching a stuffed animal and screaming for her very life was a little girl in a colorful dress he had been beating to death with the butt of his rifle.

    He was in the process of crushing her skull when immediately, I went literally outside of myself. I screamed at the crowd of people, “What the fuck?!!!!!!! What in the fuck are all you insane, worthless motherfuckers doing? Don’t you see what is happening here?!!!!!!!”

    At that, I turned to the religious, fruitcake fucking lunatic with the rifle and went straight for him to kill him. Just as I got to him, I woke up, breathing frantically, drenched in cold sweat.

    Of course, there are several morals to this story: if you stand around watching something like this happen and do nothing about it–it means simply that you were born dead, i.e., stillborn.

    It also means that religion is bad for everyone–especially children–and that if I catch you trying to ram that shit down the throat of a child in my family and I catch you doing it–I might kill you. So, watch where you spew that filth.

    Last, it’s just better if you keep your religion to yourself and let it die with you when you die.

  5. Personally I think all the psi stuff is crap.

    And what did Einstien really do except come up with theory.

    • I hate when people say theory as if it is some sort of thing that can be disregarded. A scientific theory is a predictable hypothesis that can be falsified through testing. Einstein predicted a solar eclipse of the west coast of Africa down to almost the second it occurred and change the way that we view gravity.

      Right to your opinion=yes

      Right to discredit Einstein= NO

  6. Interesting article Art 🙂

    I’m surprised and glad to see this point of view expressed in a forum like this. The two might seem to be at odds with each other, considering the new age socialist agenda. There’s little that I could add to your examination, I think your points were communicated well.

    I’ve never heard of the books you referenced either, and I’ve been involved with this subject for the better part of my lifetime. For a more comprehensive introduction to this field of study, here is an online version of a book by Jeffrey Mishlove, which has been used as a textbook for the general scientific approach to this subject:

    You’ll find that the book is full of global socialist “psychics”, as you have suggested. Mishlove is an interesting figure in the world of parapsychology. To this day I’m unsure if he has a “globalist agenda”, but he doesn’t come across that way to me. I don’t share all of his beliefs either. He seems to be someone who is searching for the truth within these unexplained phenomena, and so am I.

    I did check out the IONS institute briefly. It was founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell…
    “Within two years of his expedition, Edgar Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973.”

    With all that said, I’ve found an interesting similarity between the truth movement and the new age movement. 20 or 30 years ago, those who would “smirk”, usually tended to smirk about both subjects. Today, a huge MAJORITY of those same one-time doubters accept BOTH perspectives without flinching, as if they knew it all along and it’s as natural as could be. Unfortunately, they still FAIL to see the slightest hint of a CONSPIRACY in either of these arenas – “What’s wrong with global government?”. Still sheeple…

    Thanks for the good read,


    New Age Festivals (Lucis Trust)

    • I’ve looked at the mission statement now and yes, I could see the obvious globalist agenda. This IONS group is a typical generic indoctrination program, designed to make one feel “special” and enlightened by the means of exoteric mystery school training. In a nutshell, it’s an introduction to freemasonry or “the great work”.

      It’s a bit disturbing that they’re trying to be associated with the school system. If they had something like that when I was in grade school, I would have definitely been all over that. It would have made me feel more “advanced” than the other sheeple kids…

      And by the way, I know that these concepts do work. But these watered down versions of the “training” will do little more than keep you spinning your wheels, waiting and waiting for “the answer” that never comes. The best thing to do is read and read with a discerning mind. I believe that eventually you will find your teachers.

      Or… you could also just avoid this crap entirely haha. A lot of responsibility comes with a new awareness. Take reading for example. These aren’t just meaningless symbols anymore…


    • Thanks a lot for the book, it’s very interesting.

      Check this out for example:

      “A study conducted by W. E. Cox indicates that precognition also operates on mass-awareness levels. Cox accumulated statistics on the numbers of passengers aboard 28 railroad trains which were involved in accidents. These figures were found to be significantly less than the number of passengers on the same trains one week before or a few days after the accident. People somehow avoided the accident-bound trains. There were also fewer passengers in damaged and derailed coaches than would have been expected according to the figures for non-accident days. Cox hypothesized that many potential passengers were aware of the oncoming tragedy, but not on a fully conscious level.”

      Also, I think this question came up already, and if not I’m sure it will, but it also talks about a guy using his psi abilities to win the lottery repeatedly until the government came after him, Mylan Ryzl in Czechoslovakia:

      “Ryzl used his psychic subjects to predict the winning numbers in the Czech public lottery. He was successful for weeks in a row winning the equivalent of several thousand dollars. However, Ryzl’s psychical research successes also proved to be detrimental to his safety. The Czechoslovakian regime became very interested in his work. He found himself constantly followed by secret agents. His manuscripts were stolen. Eventually he was asked, in rather forceful terms, to spy on his scientific colleagues in other countries.”

      • Nice citations, thanks!

        These 2 examples might suggest why no psychic has come forward to claim Randi’s “prize”. ‘Maybe’ it’s a train wreck waiting to happen…


  7. Obama slipped this one in Friday night and not a one news organization has talked about it and its major.


    It appears to give the President authority to declare martial law in peace time and force people to work for the government, not to mention take farmland etc. Basically Roosevelt’s old executive orders without the a shade of war in it.

    • Thanks for the reminder Jesse, I never finished posting the last news links I gathered on Friday so I will get the remaining up soon.

    • Dear lord, that’s a nasty piece of EO there. I’m still reading it, but by the time I came to Section 501, I was not under any more illusions of liberty in our lifetime.

      Update: just finished reading it before posting the above… inconceivable. That’s about the only word I could use to describe what I just read.

      • I think I need to repost this from the 15/16 March news to the top of the page – what a bunch of bullshit. I am glad that I have been getting rid of the dead-weight and have been surrounding myself with pro-active, go-getters. This is the time people like that are going to be needed close-by.


        • Doyel,

          Yeah, my wife & I got rid of the dead weight in our lives many years ago and have since been better for it. I recently re-listened to Bill’s “The World in 2010” and have felt that things are tightening down around us; it doesn’t feel like it will be too long now…

          • Just don’t let the pressure of something possibly being around the corner effect/affect your life. In my studies i have found numerous instances where it appeared something was right around the corner and nothing happened, resulting in many people having a sense of apathy when everything around them didn’t crumble.

  8. I suggest that anyone interested in this subject read FLIM-FLAM! by James Randi. I also suggest that you view Arthur C Clarke’s WORLD OF STRANGE POWERS, MYSTERIOUS WORLD & MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE. Yes I know that he was a Free Mason, but watch them with an open mind.

    • James Randi is a fraud too. He was virtually a nobody until he created himself as Uri Geller’s arch nemesis. He’s probably a freemason too. I’m not defending Geller or anyone, if it sounds like I am. But just because an ILLUSIONIST has a way to imitate the real thing, that doesn’t mean that EVERYBODY is faking it. Think about that.

      There are enough people in the world who have experienced legitimate psychic phenomena, and I’m one of them. It’s one thing to debunk 90% of all stage psychics. To claim that NONE of it is real is a scam in itself. But you believe whatever you like. Nobody needs to know what I know about psychic phenomena. Entering that realm is a choice that one makes. Skepticism is a healthy practice. Complete inner blindness is not.


  9. Thank you everyone for the comments. I know I’m going on a limb with this article and I appreciate HOTT publishing it.

    I’m not trying to push my religion on anyone and I’m not even talking about my religion. I know the existence of psi phenomena is an uncomfortable concept, including for many people who have psi experiences. I’ve read about many who have them and still go to all kinds of lengths to rationalize them away or who are so disturbed by them that they have psychological issues or withdraw from the world. I don’t think either response is correct.

    I myself have had some experience with this issue, which is what led to my researching it in the first place, but I know for people who don’t have that it might be hard to understand or accept.

    It’s possible some of the studies are bunk, but based on what I’ve read it’s hard to dismiss all of them as bunk. I guess you could always say all the studies are bunk and all the stories are lies, and everyone is free to choose to believe what they want. However, for people who have these experiences, I think they need to understand them so I don’t agree that it’s pointless to talk about this.

    Thanks once again for the feedback.

  10. Interesting article.

    I cannot speculate on any of the scientific studies, simply because I do not have the means to reproduce them; however, I can comment on my own experiences.

    On 9/10/01, I was in a local grocery store and noticed that every young toddler in earshot was screaming. All the adults started looking at each other, trying to figure out why 100 children were throwing a fit, crying or screaming. All I thought at that time is: “This is an evil day.”

    Fast forward a few hours later and my father and I (I was still at my parents’ home while in college at that time) exited our rooms at the exact same moment. We thought that somebody was trying to get into the house, so we walked the complete property looking for intruders. Not finding any, we sat down and decided to turn on the television… just in time to see plane number 2 strike the second tower.

    I’ve not told too many people about that day, nor my father & mother, simply because we just didn’t want to tell people. I know there are those who remain sceptical about experiences like this; however, reality does not depend on their belief or disbelief.

    The universe is a lot more interesting that we think it is =P.

  11. I was very emotionally driven for a long time in my life and didn’t want to let go of the nonsense either. Ever since I was a small child, I vowed to look under every rock on the planet and to do the one job that no one else could seem to finish. I would find the meaning of life.

    I became a philosopher, psychic, mystic, musician and sage before I was ten and set out on my course to find out once and for all what this world and our being here is really all about.

    Nothing was going to get in my way. There was no book I would not read, no idea I would not explore in order to get what I wanted.

    And nothing did get in my way. I made sure of it. If someone wanted to steal my time, my travels or my books away from me–I’d just steal it all back and continue–no matter what the cost.

    But at night, when all the world’s asleep, the questions run too deep for such a simple man.

    And apparently the questions run too deep for the complicated men as well. I mean, after all, here we are, with the most intelligent, college educated, well meaning people on the planet running our very world–and look at it–it’s a complete fuckin’ disaster area.

    If they’re so fuckin’ smart and I’m so fuckin’ dumb–why can’t they get it straight?

    This is why we hang on to our Bible, Koran and Talmud and other religious, “spiritual” and “psychic” garbage. These things are the mirror, the reflection of our confused inner self, that intelligent child who was hurt and neglected and made fun of and made not to question the world around him, but was instead smashed over the head with a Koran and forced to eat it. The child was easily broken and took the force feeding easily, trusting in his parents and teachers–who only meant the best for him.

    But, as we all have learned, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    They didn’t get their chance to break me. I slept through class, slipped through the cracks and kept my slate clean and clear. The only thing I took away from them is how to be a really good phony. The rest I threw in the trash.

    When we don’t have the answers ourselves we turn to the one thing that reflects our confused and wondering state of mind. We look to make sense of things that simply make no sense. We look to make sense of false ideas and false concepts. But there is no making sense of them. Not now, not ever. They make no sense and cannot make sense because of their nature, i.e., they are false.

    But everyone keeps on trying anyway.

    And that’s the key. That’s their big secret. That’s the “Mystery”.

    There is no “Mystery”. The whole thing’s a fraud, designed to keep everyone looking for two things in particular: absolutely nothing–and–themselves.

    This helps the powers that be in two ways: when you set off on a course to look for absolutely nothing and don’t even know it–inevitably you will find nothing and still not know it and you will keep looking. And when you do not know who or what you really are and are thoroghly confused about the matter–you will then fall for anything that goes. You will be thrown off the tracks of the true culprits in life and be kept from finding out that your friends are really your enemies and vice-versa. This keeps the doers of evil safe while they pursue their evil doings.

    The Bible, for example, makes no sense to people–because it makes no sense in fact. It wasn’t designed to make sense. It’s purpose is not to make sense of things–but quite the other way around. It talks of things that never happened and that can never be proved–in order to keep you busy wasting your life on absolutely nothing and doing the slave labor that keeps your masters safe and warm and lulled like babies. It was deliberately designed to confuse and exploit the raw emotion and confused thought and lead truth seekers astray, lead them to the corrals and into the slaughterhouses. It was designed to make people conform and not to think for themselves. And by creating other texts denoting things that cannot be done or proved, the powers that be can divide the masses into different sects and have them fighting with each other–instead of fighting their real enemies.

    Once an individual or a number of individuals, as in a community, a state or a nation are sufficiently confused and desperately seeking answers — there is no end to what they will do on a whim, on command. Desperate for anything, they will war against people who have done nothing to them, they will torture, burn and mutilate men, women and children–and even eat them.

    “The Strange Powers of the Mind” — indeed.

  12. Thank you for the article. It was very well written, and I enjoyed your flow of logic. Keep up the good work… Myself, I am open to having a sensible discussion of, say, “extra-mental” phenomena. Unlike UFO’s, the power of intuition is tangible, natural, and believable from a variety of perspectives.

    Regarding Quantum Mechanics: the only way we can perceive any of the “theoretical physics” concepts is through math, and math only. It’s kind of like looking at a radar screen, and watching blips of data interact as the radar arm (equation) completes cycle, only the radar screen is math. As a result of this, there are inevitable illusions that are created that can appear real, just by the very nature of the method we are using to view the data. We do not really know what those illusions are yet, because this is all so new to us. We are learning more and more every day, so much so that even Einstein’s theory is beginning to look like a small stepping stone… It is my humble theory that much of what lay-people think of as “theoretical physics” concepts, will ultimately amount to illusions created by the math.

    In truth, there is a tangible reality that exists out there, whether anyone believes in it or not, ever finds it or not, or if humans ever even can find it.

    • In truth, there is a tangible reality that exists right in front of us, under our very noses, whether anyone believes it or not, ever finds it or not, or if humans can even find it — or even find their own ass with both fucking hands.