VNS and CAJI/IS Exclusive – The Continuing Impact of Fukushima and How to Protect Yourself from Radiation



The Continuing Impact of Fukushima and

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation

By Art Smith

It has been more than 4 years since the disaster that crippled the nuclear reactor at Fukushima in Japan. President Obama and the authorities in charge assured us we are safe from radiation crossing the ocean. Many assumed they were correct and did not worry any further about the effects of radiation on them or their children despite the fact that radiation releases have not been stopped. Right now we keep hearing reports of different sea creatures dying en masse on the West Coast, which brings back thoughts of the disaster and its effects.

On one side of the debate are the official news outlets and authorities who told us not to worry and that everything is safe. Right now they are mostly quiet about radiation and Fukushima and confused about why there are so many sea creatures dying. On the other hand, alternative news sites and researchers like Leuren Moret tell us there is widespread radiation and already increased mortality in the US because of this disaster.1 Who do we trust? The best bet would be to purchase a radiation detector and measure the radiation ourselves. However, the more reliable ones are expensive at a few hundred dollars and the cheaper ones are not as reliable. Many people cannot afford to spend $500 on a radiation monitor. Once again, information, knowledge, and research can come to our rescue.

Michael Collins is an environmental journalist who has been posting articles and videos on Fukushima since a few days after the incident. He is measuring radiation with an Inspector Alert radiation detector (priced at about $500-$600) and offering to maintain websites (for free) for radiation reporting of anyone who is willing to purchase an Inspector and measure the radiation in their area. There are a few of these radiation stations operating throughout the US along with RadNet operated by the EPA. They show that there is indeed increased radiation in the US and not just on the West Coast. For anyone who wants to understand the gravity of the situation and what to do, go to enviroreporter.com and read the reports. He has many reports analyzing radiation in different US cities and demonstrations showing high radiation as well as useful protection tips: http://www.enviroreporter.com/

Christina Consolo or RadChick has also done extensive reporting on the effects of Fukushima, from mutations in plants to health and environmental effects. Her website and YouTube channel provide a lot of information that is easy to understand and learn from. It is a great resource for understanding the reality of the situation, even for beginners in the field of radiation research. http://climateviewer.com/radchick/

To best answer the question, who do we trust, we need to examine previous nuclear disasters, how the governments and authorities handled them, and the health effects on the population. In general we find that there is usually a time lag of at least a few years before the truth eventually comes out after the denial and diseases like cancer start appearing. We need to educate ourselves as fast as possible in order to keep ourselves and our families healthy.

How to protect yourself from radiation

In 1945 the US dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, unleashing radiation sickness, illness, death, and destruction. The Saint Francis Hospital in Nagasaki was located only a mile from the center of the blast, and Shinichiro Akizuki was its director as well as a medical doctor. He and his staff treated hundreds for radiation sickness after the explosion. Neither he nor his staff were ever sick from the radiation. He credits this to their daily consumption of miso soup and believes it protected them from the effects of radiation.2 This shows us what is possible if we are armed with knowledge and access to radiation-protective substances.

Michael Collins has many tips on his website about how to protect ourselves from radiation. One of his main strategies is avoiding exposure, not being scared or paranoid but cautious to the degree you feel comfortable with while realizing there might be contamination. He recommends avoiding potential sources of radiation like rain, snow, swimming and surfing in the Pacific, and eating seafood from the Pacific unless you can measure the radiation yourself with a reliable instrument and see that it’s safe. If you don’t have one, err on the side of caution. His approach is very practical and sensible. While it is hard to avoid the rain and snow completely, he recommends having good rain gear, drying off as soon as possible, washing/drying your rain gear, etc. 3,4 He also recommends having a HEPA air filter in your house to help improve air quality.5 He also recommends purchasing a radiation monitor for those who can afford it so they can test their environment and foods themselves.6 He also has a section devoted to measuring radiation in food called “Eat Me!”

Christina Consolo has talked extensively on the dangers of flying in radiation, which is dangerous. She documents sickness in pilots and celebrities and relates it to their frequent flying and increased exposure to radiation.7

Radiation can cause anything from acute radiation sickness to cancer, low-functioning immune system leading to various infections taking over, thyroid issues, heart disease, hemorrhages, birth defects, and others. Young children, infants, and embryos are the most at risk. Some early signs of radiation exposure include metallic taste in the mouth, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, nosebleeds and other bleeding, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and infections.8,9

A lot has been written about nutritional strategies for countering radiation, from foods to herbs to vitamins and supplements. Some foods, herbs, and supplements to counter radiation include aloe, bee pollen, calcium, chlorophyll, magnesium, garlic, fermented foods, potassium, selenium, Siberian ginseng, vitamins A, B complex, C, and E, bioflavonoids, zinc.10 Some of these, like vitamin C combined with bioflavonoids were shown to protect against lethal-dose radiation in animal studies, especially if given before and after the radiation. 11 Steven Schechter gives several strategies to protect against radiation in his book “Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs, and Vitamins.” They include maintaining an optimal diet, breathing fresh air regularly, drinking high-quality bottled or filtered water, eating organic foods when possible, having a small garden, thoroughly washing produce, avoiding processed and junk food, chewing food long enough to help it break down, decreasing use of toxic chemicals in your home, taking vacations, and blessing your food. 12

To improve one’s health in general, I highly recommend reading or reviewing the HealthWyze website for health information and considering what to implement to prevent and cure disease. Thomas Corriher has also written an article on protection from radiation: http://healthwyze.org/index.php/component/content/article/549-quick-tip-answering-questions-about-radiation-from-japan-and-potassium-iodide.html

He reminds us that potassium iodide protects only the thyroid and female reproductive organs, not the whole body. The article advises against drinking iodine and there is also an article describing the dangers of that.13 He also advises against taking seaweed due to issues with contamination and toxins. A few strategies he recommends is applying topical iodine, taking chlorophyll, apple pectin, flaxseed oil, vitamin C, and following the Budwig protocol. 14

After researching previous nuclear incidents as well as Fukushima, it is my conclusion the government and authorities cannot be trusted when they tell us there is no or little radiation and we are safe. A very sad example of this is the Japanese government passing laws against speaking about high radiation levels in Japan, and issuing propaganda messages saying radiation won’t harm those who smile. 15 Another sad example is government officials increasing the acceptable levels of radiation, hoping no one notices or questions them about it.

In the end we have to take it upon ourselves to be informed, to educate ourselves on the effects of radiation, and take measures to protect ourselves and our families. The first step is to research the effects of radiation, when they start showing up, as well as counteractive measures. What follows is a list of resources to help the reader get started on this journey. It is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a start in the right direction.

For further reading and research:



*RadChick on WAN: Fallout is More than You Think—Christina Consolo talks about the effects on Fukushima on her life and the loss of two of her best friends: “Fallout is NOT just what blows out of Fukushima, but the lives that it touches through illness and death. Fallout also means: the subsequent issues that arise out of an act or event…Thanks to Fukushima, we are all Hibakusha now, a Japanese word for ‘Explosion-affected people’ given to the victims of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.”


*RadChick website: http://climateviewer.com/radchick/

* SPIC Corporation and Medical Research 21 Inc. “Protect Yourself from Radiation.” This is a documentary with Japanese and Western doctors about the reality of the situation in Japan and how it applies to all of us. It discusses issues like government cover-up, personal responsibility, and what to do to protect ourselves. It speaks in detail about vitamin C used in radiation protection and is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in taking vitamin C for this reason because it discusses the studies and effective forms of vitamin C. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbm_MH3nSdM&list=PL8I51JUYH7lYP7kKyT4J18yUxbT8qHnXe&index=1

*Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman. “The Dangerous Myths of Fukushima, Exposing the No Harm Mantra.”


*Bobby1’s Blog: http://optimalprediction.com/wp/list-of-posts/

Investigative journalism on radiation including health effects, news, and graphs

*3.11 Surviving Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJOfOwGbAxI&index=11&list=PLDA0310690AE5014F

Excellent documentary on the Fukushima disaster

*Leuren Moret website—radiation and environmental research


*ENENews—radiation news aggregator



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“Unbelievable comment by Mr. Yamashita.”

The Modern Man: The Future According to Toffler – VNS and CAJI/IS Exclusive

The Modern Man: The Future According to Toffler

by Mike Visockis

VNS and CAJI/IS Exclusive

May 16, 2015


Why should we listen to any of the words of a man named Alvin Toffler? Born in 1928 this man has written several works on the future and how to implement change. He has taught many influential people at Cornell University. Now many of you have probably read about the Communist Manifesto and have come to realize how many of those planks have come to fruition. Just like that manifesto, Toffler has made more specific predictions in his book back in 1980 that we can see are coming true even today.

Ever since the 1960’s we have seen the increase of New Age ideas and the decrease of the prominence of moral people the world round. To say nothing about the Christian religion getting beheaded figuratively and literally. Toffler explains the changes that that he wants to see, “The tide … of the world today, creating a new environment … work, play, marry, raise children, or retire.” “Value systems splinter and crash, while lifeboats of family, church, and state are hurled madly about.”

His predictions read like a New York Times bestselling novel, however in reality it is disturbing and we can see it happening before our eyes. “Many of today’s changes are not independent … nor are they random.” That means these changes are planned out to be this way on purpose. These “trends are interconnected.” “They are in fact parts of a much larger phenomenon … the rise of a new civilization.”

These revolutionaries are here to “design a coherent, effective response.” Similar to the design of the Hegelian dialectic, Toffler explains what we are living out today is the end that justifies the means of a “large scale synthesis.” What this presents is a “new civilization.”

“Old ways of thinking … dogmas, and ideologies, no matter how cherished or how useful in the past, no longer fit the facts. The world that is fast emerging … new values and technologies, new geopolitical

relationships, new lifestyles, and modes of communication … new ideas and ideologies. We cannot cram the embryonic world of tomorrow into yesterday’s conventional cubby holes nor are the orthodox attitudes or moods appropriate.” (Toffler, p. 2)

The future will be full of “real dangers” like crises involving nuclear war, environmental hazards, racial conflict, regional violence, wars, economic, and technological disaster. This will involve “new relationships … new forms of family life … today’s greatest perils.” Do I need to mention Ferguson, Missouri or Baltimore, Maryland?

Speaking of the people in general, “in the very midst of birth and life … with intelligence … emergent civilization can be made more sane, sensible, and sustainable, more decent and more democratic than any we have ever known … are likely to be stormy and crisis ridden.” (p. 3)

There will be “costs of not changing” and it will happen “rapidly enough.” And in our modern time, “A third wave phase now beginning.” (p. 4) People and businesses being forced to pay for abortions and to do work for homosexuals.

He quotes Norbert Elias as saying that the civilizing process is “a wave of advancing integration over several centuries.”

Toffler says that this is not simply a new idea for a new millennium, but a “tool for organizing vast masses of info” so the “confusing becomes clear.” He says there will even be “in every field … innovations … that are truly revolutionary.” Remember what Bill Cooper explained on the air several times. The level of technology that is held in secret is 50 to 100 years more advanced than what is on the public domain. Which if true, it would be easy for those worthy people to dazzle us with new invention in a short period of time.

Toffler even confesses that most of these ideas started, “When I was a Marxist during my late teens and early twenties.” He explains that we are “in a time of exploding change – with personal lives being torn apart. The existing social order crumbling … new way of life emerging on the horizon … intellectual curiosity. It’s a matter of survival.” (p. 5)

He is not alone in his beliefs. These are the same ideas today that we can see in our leaders and politicians calling themselves Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives today. We are “engaged in … resisting – or creating – the new civilization.” (p. 8) Make no mistake, this is the hope and change that the Obama campaign was talking about way back in the 2008 election. In reality these are the same old Communist ideas from the days of Karl Marx.

In chapter one of his book The Third Wave Toffler explains the future super struggle. “A new civilization … blind men everywhere are trying to suppress it.” I bet you can guess who the blind people are referring to. This includes, “New family styles … new economy, new political conflicts … altered consciousness well.”

Speaking from the 1960’s, “The dawn of this new civilization [is the] key to understanding the years immediately ahead. It is a civilization with its own distinctive world outlook, its own way of dealing with time, space, logic, and causality.” It will be “Tearing our families apart, rocking our economy … shattering our values … affects everyone.”

“[Zbigniew] Brzezinski has told us ‘we face a technotronic age … superindustrial society’ … a new society can come into our lives.” Toeffler continues, “Humanity … quantum leap forward … deepest social upheaval restructuring of all time … building a remarkable new civilization from the ground up.”

This new civilization of the future will be, “Highly technological and anti-industrial,” including a “new way of life … renewable energy non-nuclear families … radically changed schools and corporations … new code of behavior for us.” The new order “challenges the old, will topple bureaucracies, reduce the role of the nation state, and give rise to the semi-autonomous economies … more democratic.” This means mob rule, not freedom or Constitutional.

This group really believes that they are doing something benevolent. “With some intelligent help from us – turns out to be the first truly humane civilization in recorded history.”

The author even call this future “The Revolutionary Premise … truly different way of life … let alone a totally new civilization.” The “people – fed on a steady diet of bad news, disaster movies, apocalyptic Bible stories, and nightmare scenarios issued by prestigious think tanks … there is no future.”

“Society is inevitable destined to self-destruct within our lifetime, there is nothing we can do about it.” It is a “revolutionary premise.” In the “decades immediately ahead … upheavals, turbulence … violence. These changes are cumulative – that they add up to a giant transformation in the way we live, work, play, and think. What is happening now is nothing less than a global revolution, a quantum jump in history.” This will look like nothing people have ever seen before.

“In short, the revolutionary premise liberates [unrestrained liberty] our intellect and our will.” (p. 9- 12)

“To say that the changes we face will be revolutionary, however, is not enough.” The idea of what these people in power want to do to us is to “control or channel them.” These people believe in “history as a succession of rolling waves of change … we can influence them.” (p. 13) Our message to the people who believe in freedom and our Constitutional republic is that we need to influence this world for the better or the enemies of freedom will have more control every passing day.

“After World War II … [the] Third Wave began to surge across the earth.” After “about 1955 … white collar and service workers outnumber blue collar workers for the first time.” “Introduction to the computer, commercial jet travel, the birth control pill …” has gained force in the United States.

“Today’s reactionaries, both left and right – wing, are fighting to preserve,” the old order. “It is this world that is threatened by history’s Third Wave of civilizational change.” (p. 14) Clearly freedom loving people are the enemy of this new civilization coming wave after wave.

Prominent 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike wrote in his book Morals and Dogma said his Communists in the future “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists.” It seems that they have been doing that very thing in America and there are doing in today. They have threatened us and have put Christianity under attack once more.

Alvin Toffler, “The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century.” 1980. Pgs. 2-14.

Do what thou wilt

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”  – Aleister Crowley

“Everything you see or think or say is awesome” – Lego Movie

Who Is Kent Hovind and Why Is He in Prison?

Who Is Kent Hovind and Why Is He in Prison?

By Art Smith



If you don’t already know about Kent Hovind, be sure to research him and listen to his speeches and debates. They are truly fascinating. Kent Hovind is a Baptist minister arguing for Creationism and he is very convincing. Dr. Hovind also spoke about the age of the earth (young earth), the flood, the dangers and implications of the wide promotion of the Evolution theory, dinosaurs, the new world order, and most recently Post-Tribulation Rapture theory. He has traveled extensively to different schools and universities and debated many professors. Many believe that his controversial views and his powerful delivery are the real reason he is in prison.

Dr. Hovind has been in prison for eight years now, and his case shows disturbing facts about how our courts currently operate. No matter what your religion or beliefs on creation versus evolution, his sentencing seems much harsher than any wrongdoing he allegedly has committed and it points to much bigger issues. His original sentence is nearing its end, but now Dr. Hovind is facing new charges that may keep him in prison for the rest of his life. Dr. Hovind maintains he is innocent and that he hasn’t broken any laws and that contrary to what many believe he is not a tax protestor and is willing to pay any taxes he is shown he owes.1

Dr. Hovind founded Creation Science Evangelism in 1989. It is a ministry dedicated to providing evidence against evolution and showing links between true science and the Bible. He was very successful, giving 900 speeches and debates per year in schools, universities, and churches as well as appearing on radio and television. 2 His troubles started in the mid-1990s when he started receiving letters from the IRS regarding the financing of his ministry. Dr. Hovind did not incorporate his ministry with a 503(c) tax exempt status and had contractors and volunteers working in his ministry, not employees. In order to get answers to questions about ministry and taxes, he wrote an IRS agent, an attorney, and a personal accountant (per IRS instructions), and asked them to look over the finances and operations of his ministry. They all wrote back saying everything is fine and he is not breaking any laws. He sent that documentation back to the IRS and didn’t hear from them again until 2004 when they raided his ministry, stole money, and took many of his documents and records. According to Dr. Hovind they did all of this without any prior recent letters showing what law he is breaking.3In 2005 he had a Grand Jury convened against him but he was not allowed to testify or participate. He again asked what law he was breaking and got no response. A year later in 2006 they stormed the property with a SWAT team. 4

On the next day Dr. Hovind did a radio broadcast. He prayed for himself in handling the situation and for the agents who raided him, and was charged with threatening an IRS agent because of that prayer. He claims his prayer was in no way threatening. He said something to the effect of, “God, I want you to handle these folks who came against me, I don’t know what they want, I can’t handle them, they are way too powerful for me, I turn them over to you, you judge them as you see fit.” He was later charged with 3 years in prison for this prayer for threatening an IRS agent in the performance of his duty. They arrested Dr. Hovind and his wife and they were arraigned in front of a Magistrate for three charges:

1)   Twelve counts of not withholding taxes from employees, (According to Dr. Hovind, they didn’t have employees)

2)   Forty-five counts of structuring (According to Dr. Hovind, they told him “you withdrew money out of your bank in amounts less than $10,000”),

3)   Threatening an IRS agent (the “threatening” prayer).

In regard to the structuring charge, Kent Hovind claims he had never heard the term before. They were making deposits less than $10,000 once every 12 days in the operation of their ministry, not hiding any money. 5

Transactions of $10,000 or more get reported by the banks to the government, but making a cash deposit of less than $10,000 in an attempt to avoid that scrutiny, is called structuring and may be considered a felony. It is meant to catch drug dealers and other criminals. However, it is being applied to citizens in arbitrary ways that have nothing to do with crime or drugs and can lead to the seizure of bank accounts and more. For more details, refer to “‘Structuring:’ who can get away with it, and who can’t” and “The federal ‘structuring’ laws are smurfin’ ridiculous,” two great articles that explain structuring in detail. 6, 7

Kent Hovind was sentenced to ten years in prison, of which he has served 99 months. His wife, Jo Hovind, was sentenced to nine months in prison and has served her sentence. 8 He was supposed to be released to house arrest in February 2015 and complete release in July 2015, but that is now in question because there are new charges against him that may keep him in prison for the rest of his life. The new charges against Kent Hovind have to do with the church property real estate, which the government has forfeited. He filed paperwork with intent to notify the potential buyer of lis pendens or suit pending, and for this he is charged with five counts of mail fraud, each of which carries a 20-year sentence, up to 100 years total! 9

There are many more issues with this case that speak of gross injustice but going over each one is beyond the scope of this article. One of them is that Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers allegedly said that Kent Hovind’s crimes are “worse than rape” when it is obvious he did not hurt anyone or rape anyone and that is not at all what the trial was about. There were witnesses who heard her say those words, yet they were later removed from official court transcripts. Dr. Hovind paid $6000 to get those transcripts, and he had to wait 16 months to get them when it usually takes two months. This same judge will preside over the case again in the coming court date on March 2, 2015. 10 Two juries were dismissed before a third one finally convicted Kent Hovind and his wife. Kent Hovind is hoping his case from 2006 will be overturned and his reputation restored. He maintains he is innocent of all charges and that he was never shown what laws he has broken and he believes he was unjustly imprisoned and that his case needs to be overturned. 11

In my opinion Kent Hovind is innocent. I believe he was set up on trumped up or even bogus charges because of his Creationist message and the fact that he was very convincing and dangerous to the Evolutionist worldview that is promoted so heavily. I believe at least some of the charges that are being applied against him, such as structuring, can be applied to almost anyone and they are currently used against other innocent citizens who operate legitimate businesses, have committed no crime, and are just depositing money into their bank accounts. I believe George Lujack is absolutely correct and said it best when he says that Kent Hovind is a “prisoner of a cultural religious war.” 12

There are several ways we can help Dr. Hovind. He would like to bring attention and publicity to his case, and he gets joy in the fact that new people continue to learn about him and his work while he is in prison and unable to pursue it. He is also seeking legal help and advice but so far refusing to compromise and also wants to preserve his reputation and that of his ministry. His website is http://www.2peter3.com/. On it you can read Kent’s blog, read court documents and transcripts, sign a petition to release him, or donate to his legal fund. A great way to keep up to date on the case is through Rudy Davis’ YouTube channel, LoneStar1776. It has many phone calls with Kent from prison and information about his case. Another great website is freekenthovind.com. There are many interviews and videos on YouTube with Kent Hovind speaking in detail about his case and his work. If you haven’t seen at least some of them, spend some time on them and consider ways you can support him in his fight for justice and freedom.



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Total Resistance

Total Resistance

Major H. von Dach Bern



1. Basic Rules of Terror
If you resist political indoctrination and the enemy realizes that he is failing in his attempts to “convert” you to his ideology, he will attempt to obtain obedience through fear. He will try to create the fear by terror. The enemy has developed terror techniques which have proven very effective. You therefore must be prepared. If you are acquainted with these techniques you can resist them more easily.

These terror measures are:

a) Surveillance of telephone and letters through censorship.
b) Establishment of an agent and informer net.
c) Arbitrary arrests.
d) No public trials except “show trials.”
e) Arbitrary sentences.
f) Lengthy prison sentences out of proportion to the offense.

You Can Trust The Communists (to be Communists)

You Can Trust The Communists

(to be Communists)


Power Moves Involved in the Overthrown of an Unfriendly Government

Power Moves Involved in the Overthrow

of an Unfriendly Government


November 05, 2014

RIP friend.


There are numerous folks throughout the years who have worked behind the scenes as well to keep the broadcast going, let’s remember some of them as well because many have since passed on while others have just gotten older.  Many of these taken from his scrapbook, some wrote Veritas, some you’ve heard on the broacast and some were just nice…




























































Also, what would today be without a research offer for you to improve your understanding of the issues at hand…

One Year In Hell

Independence Day 2014





When the action at Lexington on the morning of the 19th was known at Dan vers, the minute men there, under the lead of Captain Gideon Foster, made that memorable march — or run, rather — of sixteen miles in four hours, and struck Percy’s flying column at West Cambridge. Brave but incautious in flanking the red-coats, they were flanked themselves and badly pinched, leaving seven dead, two wounded, and one missing. Among those who escaped was Levi Preston, afterwards known as Captain Levi Preston.

When I was about twenty-one and Captain Preston about ninety-one, I “interviewed” him as to what he did and thought sixty-seven years before, on April 19, 1775; and now, fifty-two years later, I make my report — a little belated perhaps, but not too late I trust for the morning papers!

At that time, of course, I knew all about the American Revolution — far more than I do now! And if I now know anything truly, it is chiefly owing to what I have since forgotten of the histories of that event then popular.

With an assurance passing even that of the modern interviewer — if that were possible —

I began: “Captain Preston, why did you go to the Concord Fight, the 19th of April, 1775?”

The old man, bowed beneath the weight of years, raised himself upright, and turning to me said: “Why did I go?”

“Yes,” I replied; “my histories tell me that you men of the Revolution took up arms against ‘intolerable oppressions.'” “What were they? Oppressions? I did n’t feel them.” “What, were you not oppressed by the Stamp Act?”

“I never saw one of those stamps, and always understood that Governor Bernard put them all in Castle William. I am certain I never paid a penny for one of them.”

“Well, what then about the tea-tax?”

“Tea-tax! I never drank a drop of the stuff; the boys threw it all overboard.”

“Then I suppose you had been reading Harrington or Sidney and Locke about the eternal principles of liberty.”

“Never heard of ’em. We read only the Bible, the Catechism, Watts’s Psalms and Hymns, and the Almanack.”

“Well, then, what was the matter? and what did you mean in going to the fight?”

“Young man, what we meant in going for those red-coats was this: we always had governed ourselves, and we always meant to. They didn’t mean we should.”

CAJI/IS and VNS Exclusive – 19Jun14 – The Damaging Effects of Fluoride and How to Avoid Them

CAJI/IS and VNS Exclusive

The Damaging Effects of Fluoride and How to Avoid Them
By Art Smith

“I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly twenty years research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine. Any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically."
Charles Elliot Perkins

Fluoride is all around us: It is in our tap water, most toothpastes and mouth rinses, added to infant formula and the main ingredient of many psychotropic medications. While the government and the ADA assure us that it is safe in the amounts we consume, we need to look closer at the effects it has on us as it builds up in our bodies. Fluoride can cause many health problems from fluorosis, cancer and arthritis to decreased mental functioning, apathy, and lethargy. This article will examine some of these health effects and some ways to neutralize and avoid them.

How Fluoride Affects the Body

Fluorine is a common mineral, but it is highly toxic in most forms. Fluoride compounds are waste products in the mining, fertilizer production, and smelting industries . It is sold as rat poison and used in pesticides. Fluoride toothpastes come with a warning label that it is dangerous if swallowed. The United States is one of 22 countries that have signed treaties promising not to dump fluoride compounds into oceans, lakes, or rivers due to concerns for contamination yet it is supposed to be safe enough to drink in our tap water. The fluoride compounds found in tap water have been linked to higher incidence of birth defects, lower IQ in children, cancer, immunosuppression, dental and skeletal fluorosis, and neurological problems. Fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland, which can lead to neurological problems. The fluorides can react with lead and pipe joints and also lead to higher concentration of lead in the water (1). Fluoride compounds originating from industrial wastes also contain other toxic elements like mercury, arsenic, lead, kerosene, and radioactive elements.
No human studies on the effects of fluoride consumption and exposure have been conducted in the US. However, fluoride exposure is increased in some parts of China and many studies on the effects of fluoride have been conducted there. In 2012 a meta-analysis study was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and China Medical University. It was published in Environmental Health Perspectives in the July 20, 2012 issue. The analysis showed that children in high-fluoride areas had lower IQ scores than children who lived in low-fluoride areas. Senior author and adjunct professor of environmental health at HSPH, Philippe Grandejan, has this to say (2):

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain. The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.”

Fluorides can also wreak havoc on the thyroid gland, leading to hypothyroidism, especially when there is not enough iodine in the diet. Iodine deficiency is widespread so this applies for many. Prior to the 1970s doctors prescribed fluoride for hyperthyroidism in order to weaken the thyroid. It was effective even at 2 mg per day. Today most people consume between 2-10 mg per day from tap water, non-stick cookware, sodas, pharmaceuticals, and processed foods. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include mood swings, cold sensitivity, weight gain, depression, heavy or irregular menstrual periods, constipation, fatigue, dry skin, brittle hair, skin, and fingernails, and hair loss. There are ways to treat and cure hypothyroidism naturally, but it is important to remember that ingesting iodine orally, even in small amounts and special formulas, is toxic to the body and leads to lasting health problems and can even turn deadly. (3) For more on hypothyroidism and the dangers of ingesting iodine, refer to the HealthWyze article on hypothyroidism: http://healthwyze.org/index.php/component/content/article/211-how-to-cure-hypothyroidism-naturally.html

How Fluoride Affects the Mind

It is claimed that fluoride was used by the NAZIs to subdue their prisoners and make them apathetic. Charles Elliot Perkins was a researcher in chemistry, biochemistry, and physiology. He was in Germany after the end of World War II and put in charge of the Farben facilities. He was informed that the German General Staff had adopted the plan of using sodium fluoride to make their prisoners easier to control and weaken their will to resist. Perkins believed that fluoride affects the hippocampus to produce these effects. In 1987 Harley Rivers Dickinson, an Australian politician, talked about the dangers of fluoridation in "Address in Reply to the Governor's speech in Parliament." Here is an excerpt:
At the end of the Second World War, the United States Government sent Charles Eliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, to take charge of the vast Farben chemical plants in Germany. While there he was told of a scheme which had been worked out by them during the war and adopted by the German General Staff. This was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water. In this scheme sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. Both the Germans and the Russians added sodium fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners-of-war to make them stupid and docile (4).

Sources of Fluoride

Fluoride is in the municipal water supply of most major cities in the United States; 67% of the water supply in the United States is fluoridated. One of three types of fluoride additives is added to the water: fluorosilicate acid, sodium fluoride, or sodium fluorosilicate (5). It is difficult to avoid fluoride in the water if living in a major city that uses fluoridation. Common water filters sold at stores such as Brita and Pur do not remove fluoride. The different brands of bottled water sold at stores vary in quality, but often use deceptive marketing and are often not much better than tap water. Boiling water does not remove the fluoride. To be able to remove the fluoride completely often requires purchasing an (often expensive) filtration system like reverse osmosis, activated alumina defluoridation or distillation system.

From the other beverages, tea is quite high in fluoride because tea leaves have an affinity for it. Other products high in fluoride include soda, baby food, coffee (especially decaf), canned fish, canned grains, and processed and fast food. Anything cooked or prepared in fluoridated water, like vegetables or baby formula, will take up even more fluoride. People living close to industrial plants producing industrial fluoride (such as coal-fired power plants, aluminum smelters, phosphate fertilizer plants, plastics factories) are at higher risk for fluoride exposure and toxicity. (6)

Bone broth and other products that require separating meat from bone (like chicken nuggets) are also high in fluoride because it concentrates in bones. The only way to have bone broth with low or no fluoride is if the animals were raised with fluoride-free water, which is not very likely. Of course, most toothpastes now contain fluoride as do many medications from antibiotics to depression and anxiety medications. Despite its dangers, fluoride is not required to be listed on the label of any products. (7)

How to Cope with the Effects of Fluoride

For anyone concerned with the effects of fluoride, it is wise to eliminate as many fluoride sources as possible starting with fluoridated toothpaste and processed foods and sodas. Obtaining fluoride-free water is important but may be difficult. However, one can do a lot of good to their overall health by switching to a more natural and healthy diet.
There are also a few supplements that have been shown to counteract the effects of fluoride, at least on the brain. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric has been found to attenuate neurotoxicity caused by fluoride. A study by Chhavi Sharma, Pooja Suhalka, Piyu Sukhwal, Neha Jaiswal, and Maheep Bhatnagar showed that neurotoxicity caused by fluoride in mice can be counteracted with curcumin (8). Curcumin is an Indian herb extracted from curry powder. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Another study with rats focused on the effects of selenium on fluoride neurotoxicity. It was conducted by Qian, Miao, Li, and Zhang. The study showed that selenium supplementation can antagonize the toxic effects of fluoride on the rat hippocampus (9).
As mentioned before, iodine can counteract the damaging effects of fluoride on the thyroid gland, but it has to be applied on the skin to avoid overdose and dangerous side effects. In that case iodine as sold in most pharmacies and used in first aid kits is used to paint a small patch somewhere on the body. There is an “iodine patch test” to determine if a person is deficient in iodine and the same method can be continued to supplement topically until the deficiency is corrected. For more on fluoride and iodine and the patch test, refer to the HealthWyze article on the subject quoted above (10).

We are told that fluoride is good for our teeth, even though there are many studies putting that into question. We don’t hear often about the damaging effects of fluoride on our body and mind, and definitely not from our dentists, doctors, or associations in charge of our health. It is up to people interested in maintaining their health and intelligence and those of their children to look for different sources of information and decide on the best course of action for their well-being.

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May 6th

CAJI/IS and VNS Exclusive – The Endgame Coming Soon to Your School?


The Endgame Coming Soon to Your School
Chuck Frank

Microsoft, is one of the leading video game makers and the creator of the Xbox. Presently, Bill Gates’ goal is to bring into the public school classroom “educational” versions of new video games that make them “perfect” companions for standardized testing, but one must ask the question, what truly is the ideal companion for testing? Is it a screen that you can be looking at for hours on end or an inspired and colorful teacher who captures the attention of the student in ways that go far beyond a video game? If Bill Gates and the rest of the entrepreneurs out there can make a buck off of a video game in a classroom they will absolutely do it even if it does not lead to higher intelligence and proven technology for a future career.

Though video games can be tolerable because they come with colorful visuals and seem to respond directly to inputs, they are not personalized teachers. Video games are provocative, but beautiful and transfixing, yet they are also isolating and can become boring. And even if a student does well in testing through this medium, it does not necessarily mean that the student is becoming smarter and can accomplish tasks more efficiently in real life.

Also, it has been noted again and again that increasing student scores rarely correlates to intelligence. In 2012 researchers from Western University published results from a survey of 100,000 people arguing that standardized intelligence tests were poor measures of cognitive ability.” Then, add this to the fact that test scores nationwide are in decline while
some schools in America are already gearing up to bring in educational games into the classroom. Will it benefit or will educational game theory add to an even further learning decline among other numerous problems that are already facing educators and students?

Let’s compare a flight simulator to flying an airplane. The software needed to realistically simulate flying a Boeing 777 is readily available. Microsoft Flight Simulator, a self-described “ideal complement to formal flight training and real-world flying,” lets people adjust complicated controls to fly a jetliner through different weather and landing conditions. Yet, jumping straight from software to successfully landing an airplane, would be extremely difficult because mastering the feel of a jetliner takes a lot of hands-on training, said NBC News aviation expert Bob Hager in a conversation with NBC News’ Lester Holt.

Now, put that into the context of bringing similar game learning concepts into a classroom that is already experiencing major problems. It could become a really hard landing.

In my opinion, what is missing most in the classroom are teachers who are sensitive, encouraging, inspirational, and who can impart the desire and the need to learn basic skills that will be extremely valuable later on in life. Still, the proper curriculum is also a huge part of the equation. This is something that still needs to be fine tuned. Not everybody is going to be an astronaut and go to college.

Finally, when looking at all of the variables that are present in education, introducing experimental learning skills via video games into an already new and untried, nationalized (Common Core) educational system, in my opinion, has all of the elements of being a very risky proposition and a total failure.