News 26Jan11-PM

Undercover mother: Who was Karen Sullivan?




Sent in by Jeff and Travis



4th Annual Tactical Vehicles Summit




Graduates of Jesuit Institutions Well Represented in the 112th U.S. Congress and Obama Administration


“Ten percent of the 112th U.S. Congress are Jesuit college and university alumni/ae.”


Gun bill clears Wyoming Senate



3 Supreme Court Justices Skip Obama Speech


Look at some of the comments made by SCOTUS justices.


Anti-Tax Video Humor That Helps Undermine the Establishment



Utah lawmakers propose M1911 as official state gun



Sway of N.R.A. Stymies Firearms Research, Scientists Say


Sounds like Rosenberg is gunning for a grant (no pun intended).


Rahm Emanuel back on the ballot as case goes to Illinois supreme court. Not a surprise.

Hey, what do you know, a Zionist gets his way again,


Strange Formation In Bartlett: What Is It?



With Gun Control, Canadian Criminals Are Making A Killing



Veteran crisis: Newest war vets become homeless at alarming rate



$170 million mock city rises at Marine base-slightly updated



Justice Department seeks to have all web surfing tracked



Obama and his imbalanced ledger



Jobless Rise in 20 States as Workers Still Laid Off



The REAL Unemployment Rate Is 22%



Israel Strikes Back



70 Trillion cubic feet of New Arctic Ice



Bergen County, N.J. To Fight Snow With Pickle Juice Mix Instead Of Salt


Don’t eat the green snow.


GOP invokes 1700s doctrine in health care fight



Rep. Dennis Kucinich sues cafeteria over olive pit in sandwich



Mutant mosquitoes: Malaysia release of genetically modified insects sparks fears of uncontrollable new species




  1. Re, sent in by Jeff and Travis which deals with 9/11. Thanks for posting that. Have come across Jeff’s research quite a lot over the last 6-12 months, especially when dealing with the Pentagon, which confirms yet again that a 757 did indeed hit the Pentagon, as described by the witnesses and backed up by aircraft wreckage, radar, flight recording data, DNA, generator damage, building damage etc, etc etc. Funnily enough, Rumsfeld was the first to mention a ‘missile’ (he stayed Secretary of Defense for how long?) and with all other ‘conspiracy theorists’/agents who followed him, the common theme between them ALL is that ‘no 757 hit the Pentagon’. (ie, it was a missile, it was a global hawke, it was a skywarrior, it was a hologram, it was a fly over, etc etc. Anything! Anything – EXCEPT that it was a commercial airliner as the evidence and witnesses suggest). When you speak with REAL pilots, they do NOT support Pilot’s for 9/11 Truth or CIT (Citizen’s Investigation Team) ridiculous ‘theories’ or any other ‘no planers’ theories at all because they are based on lies, propagated by such delightful people such as John Lear. And that is the truth.. Jeff Shure was actually a ‘no planer for many years but eventually realized his errors and has made a concerted effort to rectify them as any honest researcher would do. If anyone wants to dispute any of this feel free as I’ve been on to this disinfo for many many years. Sorry, but had to get that off my chest..Cheers, Cam.

  2. @Cams2

    I’ve never heard about Jeff Shure; however, I do know that something is wrong in Fairy Land with the official story of 9/11. Since I had intimate knowledge of the Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing and can see the lies spun by the FBI et al., it is not easy to tow the party line about the Twin Towers in 2001.

    Given the probable FBI involvement in the 1993 attempt to bring down the Twin Towers, it is not inconveivable that they were involved again (either explicitly, or implicitly through informants); thus, they would have to work to cover up their involvement or spin information to present a message they had concocted prior to this event.

  3. Hi Steve. 9/11 was one of the biggest crimes in history and there is no doubt that we have been lied to. How a 47 story building (174m tall) can fall a near free fall speed after not being hit by an aircraft speaks for itself (WTC7).. The FBI were indeed busted instructing the ’93 WTC bombers to use real explosives so it’s no secret. Yep, Oklahoma, JFK, Waco, Ruby Ridge etc etc.
    Was just trying to expel some clear disinformation that has lead many people down the garden path into fairyland.. PS , Oops, my bad, it’s Jeff Hill ( his screen name is Shure)

  4. The ‘9/11 truth movement’ if full of jackasses running around in circles with bogus opinions regarding the existence of planes and the like; Alex Jones types that feed you a little genuine information and then fill you full of bullshit so that every time you talk about these things you will discredit yourself. By process of association this serves to discredit everyone else who can discern between truth and fiction – It’s not about the planes. The planes were the magician waving his one hand around and while everybody was focusing on that hand, the other hand blew up the towers.
    How it took place and the connections between the relevant parties can easily be found but some people are better served by muddying the waters between fact and fiction and other people just like to be entertained by nonsense.
    The only relevant issue is who benefited (Besides the evidence that intelligence agencies were able but unwilling to do their job). Not a bunch of bullshit about the actual attack but rather the ideals, laws, wars and riches that it created. This event would not be orchestrated by people who would receive no benefit.

  5. Since we know a wide range of people/companies who benefit (ie multiple governments and politicians, the Military Industrial Complex, Intel agencies, security industry, weapons manufacturers, energy companies, building companies, the illegal drug trade, population control freaks, globalists, atheists, socialists, the Illuminazis etc etc etc and have done so for many years thanks to Bill Cooper, it does get a tad frustrating when the perpetrators are still getting away with it in 2011 after all these freaking decades. As far as I’m concerned William Greer murdered JFK with the aid of Div 5 of the FBI, the CIA, the Office of Naval Intel and the Secret Service way back in 1963 which was all part of a masonic ritual happening on the 33rd parallel and I believe knowing WHO did it and proving it and exposing the con artists IS (or at least was) actually very important! Some people actually demand evidence and won’t quit until you can prove it to them. I no longer have any time for these sheople but sometimes good people need to be reminded to get out of fantasy land once in a while. As I mentioned, I just had to get it off my chest after all these years. That is all. Apart from that I do actually agree 🙂 My advice to nearly all I meet is to become as independent in life as you can can so as to remain as free and happy as possible. There really aren’t any excuses in this information age that we live in. Thank you HOTT…Cam

  6. I did not mean to infer that the facts regarding the attack were irrelevant, just the nonsense speculation that distracks from the relevant issues.