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Executive Order– Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council




FAA under pressure to open US skies to drones


Key points:

“The obvious risks have not deterred the civilian demand for pilotless planes.”…..I don’t remember ever wanting to be in a drone craft.

“There is a tremendous pressure and need to fly unmanned aircraft in (civilian) airspace,” Hank Krakowski, FAA’s head of air traffic operations, told European aviation officials recently.”…..Who’s applying the pressure?

“Planes entering these areas are not required to have collision warning systems or even transponders.”…So how do they tell the difference from my Dad who flies radio airplanes?  And will this such activity be more regulated?

“A bill approved by the Senate gives FAA a year to come up with a plan; a House version extends the deadline until Sept. 30, 2013, but directs the transportation secretary to give unmanned aircraft permission to fly before the plan is complete, if that can be done safely.”…Fly before the plan is completed?  What?  Don’t need permission to do something, get used to having it in place and then complaining if the plan is denied?  Is this how they push things down our throats?


MSNBC Works with Alex Jones to Discredit Tea Party Movement



Democrat Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk



Government to Use Direct Deposit, Stop Printing Checks




BP Refuses to Allow Scientists to Test Oil Spill Samples



The History of Flag Day



A Tavern in 1791



Solar lightbulb to shine on developing world




  1. I loved the Etheridge video. If that skank had grabbed me like that I would have pummeled him to the ground, held him down, called a cop and had him arrested for battery.

    This kind if thing shows the true colors of Americans these days.

    America, you’re really weak and stupid.

    Keep lying down and taking it. You deserve it.

  2. You are exactly right, he should have had his head stomped in like any other crack-head on the street.

  3. What’s worse, did you see his attitude? He thought he had every right to (congress)man-handle that person.

    It’s f**kng elitist scumbags like him that need to be taught the finer points of law when they assault somebody, namely, that I, along with everybody else, have the right to defend myself.

    However, given his Eminence was in his home territory, the reality of the situation is, had that student fought back, he would now be sitting in jail, charged with assault. Given what I’ve personally experienced of the corrupt (so-called) Justice system, he would have been charged, as well.

  4. I think Mr. Congressman would have had his hands full with this one. Walking up and grabbing someone like that is pretty clear cut, plus the attacked has a witness and has it on digital as well.

    Hopefully the fool this happened to has done everything he can to see to it Etheridge pays up. But likely not.

  5. @ Government to Use Direct Deposit, Stop Printing Checks

    They started doing this where I work at, a couple of months ago. Also, not too long ago, they did away with most employees’ paper time-cards for hand scans.

  6. @Ted,
    When I worked with & around these idiots, I noticed that they tend to take care of each other, regardless of any criminal acts, actual or alleged, committed.
    Uncle Ted (Stevens) proved this for my state.

  7. Question: Since the United States of America is the name of our country and the United States is the Constitutional name of our capital (federal district that use to be in Philadelphia but is known today as Washington, D.C.), why does everyone salute the United States flag while pledging allegiance to THE FLAG FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Isn’t that the ultimate brainwashing? Do you know what the flag for the United States of America really is? Do you seriously believe the U.S. flag is the SAME AS the flag for the United States of America? Have you ever read the “Buck Act”? If so, you will learn that the UNITED STATES HAS TERRITORIES WITH the states (Art. 1 Section 8 Paragraph 17) of the United States of America that they have defined as United States “states” with names like AK,AL,CO, etc. (How is the address on your FEDERAL income tax stated? Does it, for example, say AZ or Arizona? Don’t they tell you NOT TO MESS WITH THIS ADDRESS? Now you know why, right? ARE YOU FEELING LIKE A SUCKER YET?) THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE states of the United States of America with names like Alaska, Alabama, Colorado, etc.

  8. Correction in my last comment: “TERRITORIES WITH” should be “TERRITORIES WITHIN”.

  9. http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2010/06/19/citywide_infrared_scans_could_spur_energy_savings

    “In an effort to spur a citywide move toward energy efficiency, Boston officials plan to use infrared scans to raise awareness of how much heat is escaping from the city’s homes and businesses.’

    ‘The infrared scans, which will cover every square foot of Boston, will be the first of their kind in a major American city, according to Nelson. Infrared cameras will capture the images from aircraft and at street level.”

  10. Wtf is wrong with Obama wearing that headwrap? I dont like his socialism any more than you but this christian fundamentalist bs is why i dont take this site serious anymore.

  11. Obama will change his appearance depending on his audience; he betrays everyone. You can see that with his betrayal in politics and business, but not religion? His contradictions are conditioning for the sheep to accept one world government and religion.